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Thursday, August 19, 2010

An evening wish

Hello every puggy. Winston heres. While I was outs in the garden hanging with my sisters Tika and Kizzy. I was deep in thoughts. I mean really deep in thoughts. So deep that the girls were calling my name and I did not even hear them. See how concerned they looks about my deep thought.

So Kizzy came overs and asked what was ups. So I told her. Then she told me that if I made a wish maybe that thought would transpire into something goods. I didn't know how I would make a wish so she whispered in my ear what I needed to do.

Hmmm this would involve Mum! So tonights when Mum announced we would go for a walks I took the opportunity to gets Mum to helps me.

At the start of the walks I was so excited that I had a tumble and made a face plant in the gravel path. Mum only saw the end of the fall so she missed me doing the face plants but she knew I had fallen on my face cuz my face and nose was all dusty and dirty. See the dust on my nose? Mum managed to dust off my face but I need a face wash to gets my nose clean! Don't worry though..... I's ok, I didn't hurts myself.

It was at that moment as I was getting my face dusted off that I spied what I was lookings for. A Dandelion!!!!! Yup Kizzy saids that if I wanted to makes a wish I needed to find a dandelion loaded with seed spores. And guess whats..... there was one right theres beside me. So, I asked Mum to picks it and hold it so I could blow on it and send the spores flying aways.

I blew on it really hard then closed my eyes and made my wish. (okay Mum says it was more like I snarfed on it but whatever!). Now all I have to do is waits and see what happens. I can't tells you what my wish is until it happens so you will all just have to sit tight and wait it out with me.

On the way back to the car we watched the sun goes down. It looked so pretty. This is the beach that I really want to takes Tuni to when she comes to visit me. Isn't the sun set Bee-U-Tee-Ful?

Good night fellow bloggers.
Winston Wilbur


  1. Hi Winston! I can't wait until your wish comes true! I wish upon stars all the time but only some of my wishes come true!

    Stubby xoxo

    Pee-s: Tuni is going to love that beach!

  2. Whatever your wish is, we hope it comes true!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  3. Good luck, Winston! I hope your secret wish will come true!

  4. Anonymous16:13

    Winston, sorry you did the face plant dude...but we're buzzing with curiosity here about your wish. Can't wait to find out what it was!!

    LOVE the sunset!!

  5. Oh I really luvs the sunset Winston. So what did you wish fors? You can tell lil old me!

    I went to the first Bellingham pug meet up todays! I was fun, but I can't wait to have you there with me. They were too crazy puppys (not really puppys they were like 1yr) running Sequoia arounds. She is too fats to keep up with them BOL!


    PS Oh Mom says if you haven't been to this park we can help. Our GPS got us lost it was a little confusing. Ok Bye!

  6. hi winston!

    oh what a beautiful evening!

    we are so excited to see photos of you and tuni together!

    m & e


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