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Monday, July 12, 2010

Wind Warning = A Kite

Today there was a "wind warning" in the forecast.

(NO NOT WIND AS IN FARTS! Sheesh..... go away Tika and Kizzy!)

We packed up the kite and headed to an area called Steveston.
Before I show you pictures, let us talk about this "kite". Mum wanted a kite for soooooo long. One day when she was downtown she stumbled across a kite store. She went in and came out with a kite. The kite is for beginners, which is what Mum is. Trust me I know this as she has dragged me out to the field by our house on a non-windy day to try and get the kite up!!!!

Here is the kite.

Told you it was for beginners (more like kids, but don't tell Mum that!)

So here we are flying the kite. Mum managed to get it up in the air after tripping on something on the ground and 2 attempts, but presto there it is high in the sky.

Here is Mum flying the kite

So high up in the sky

Dad had a turn, look how he can fly a kite laying downs!

Mum called me over to have a turns

She told me to holds on real tights

Look at me I am flying the kite too. Now Mum could you get something a little more masculine, I can't be seen flying a ladybird kite!

I also got a chance to play some chuck-it

Then I watched Dad reel in the kite

It is coming downs now, time to go homes

I stopped at the watering hole for some drinky before getting back in the car.

Here is the video Mum managed to gets when we were reeling the kite back in.

Heading homes for dinner


  1. Winston om my when I saw that farting pug picture I thoughts hmmmm he farts alot like me!!!

    You looks cute with your ball. I wish I could plays chuck it, but Im a little lady so I will just watchs you play.


  2. Oh how fun!! Mom says it's been ages since she's flown a kite.

  3. Mom says she used to love flying kites, but hasn't done it in ages! You look like you all had a ton of fun :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  4. Anonymous03:15

    OK Winston, When Momma first saw the "wind warning" sign, she nearly squirted tea through her nose she laughed so hard! So 'high five' to Tika and Kizzy!!
    Your kite flying looks like it wass a lot of fun. And we LOVE your new look to your blog!

  5. BOL! Momma thought that farting pug picture was kinda appropriate for most of us. But the kite post was a most pleasant surprise! Yay for momma finally getting her kite.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  6. I sense a common thread here, Mom's waxing poetic about how they USED to fly kites. Sounds like some people better get out there and start having some fun again. What do you say ladies?

  7. Oh, and how could I forget? Thanks for giving Murphy and Duke such a warm welcome!

  8. Winston! You are CUTE! (My Mom made me write that but okay, you are.) Thanks for visiting my blog, can't wait to read yours!

    Your friend,
    Vito (and Gina)

  9. Hi Winston
    That is soooo cool you all got to fly kytes.
    My mommy loves to do that too. And I also have my very own kyte.
    I thought for a minute that your kyte was the WARNING FARTING DOG sign
    tee hee hee
    I loved all your photos
    thank you for sharing
    Happy Days

  10. Hee Hee.. for a second.. Anakin and I's thought 'dat was Izzy flying arounds in her LadybugPug suits..SNORTS!!

    Oh, you all looked likes yous had soooo much funs!!!



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