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Monday, November 01, 2010


Hi everypuggy,

Better lates than never I always says. But really thanks Mum for taking longs time to post my pumpkin carving pictures. Well there they ares. Mum says it is cuz of her Birthday that the blogging has been neglected.

PFT whatevers, better change your birfday from Halloween to some other day, Mum!

Anyways here they are.......

The pumpkin

The initial cut

The insides looks gross. Kinda smells funny toos!

I thinks I would rather have a liver snack right now!

Smells funny, nothing like livers!

Close ups

Here it is in the darks!

Hope you alls had a spooktacular Halloween.

Oh and thanks to Wilma for hosting her Halloween Party it was a blast.

Spook outs!
Winston Wilburs


  1. oooooh!
    that is the cutest pumpkin i have ever seen!
    wonderful job winston and lise!
    i am soooo glad you shared it with us!
    m & e

  2. Looks just like you! Did you see our pumpkins on our blog? Hu-mom carved ours. You did a great job on yours. Just the size for a Puggie!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. DUDE...that is such a cute pumpkin!!! He has EARS!

    Mom says we were both ROBBED in the PetSmart contest! Our costumes were both waaay cooler than that stoooopid snouted dog's spider costume that won!

    We hope mom had a happy birthday and you had a great halloween!!!


  4. Hi Winston! Oh pleaser tell your Mom happy birfday from both us girls and our Mom.

    We likes you pumpkin! Does it have ears? hee hee looks cute. We just put googly eyes on our lil pumpkin and called it good.


  5. Anonymous10:57

    Hi sorry i have been so out of it lately.

    I love your pumpkin and i like the idea of just slicing the top off too! :) I hope your mummy's had a great birthday!!

  6. Winston, please tell your momma that I hope she had a wonderful birthday!!!

    And I love your pumpkin. It's the perfect size and you look VERY cute with it! I hope you still got a liver treat.


  7. Heeheee! What a nice pumpkin!!


  8. Hi Winston! That's a mighty cool look pumpkin! It looks all spooky when it's lit up and sitting in the dark.

    We have two pumpkins that we haven't carved yet. Mom said we could eat the seeds but that the flesh would taste good. I guess the squirrels will like the pumpkin and maybe even share it with the chipmunks!

    Stubby xoxo

  9. That is one of the cutest little pumpkins we ever saw!!!
    Have a fun day!
    Joan and Jane Austen Eyre

  10. Hey 'dere Winstons!!

    Super cool pumpkin!! Glad yous had a great halloween!!

    Anakin Man

  11. Winston
    That is the cutest little pumpkin ever!! It is so adorable and looks so happy.
    I love it all lit up, and I love his ears.
    We never got mine carved- not yet.
    Tell your mom happy birthday


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