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Friday, April 15, 2011

General Annual Meeting of FHC

Welcome to the Annual Meeting
of the FHC for boys

Hello's boys. 
It is Winston your chairpug heres.

It has been a while since we gots together at the clubhouse.

Tonights meeting agenda is as follows.....
New Members
Let's all give a warms welcome to our 2 newest members.....
Peyton and Webster from
A day in the life of pugs
we are very excited to have them as members.
There Momma was quoted as sayings....
 "they pee on every fire hydrant we pass during walks!"

Let's talk "Retreat"
As our last year retreat at Pug Lake was such a big hit, I am starting to plan our summer 2011 retreat which will takes place in August.

Anyone withs suggestions as to where we should meets for campings and fishings and other boy stuffs let me knows. We will try to accomodates all members in regards to activities.
I need all suggestions to me no later thans the last week of June.

New Clubhouse Location
I think it is times to look at moving the clubhouse.
The Sunflower Sisters have discovered our location and have bugged it twice nows.
We needs a more remote locations.

I thinks sometings along the lines of this is a good locations....

Anyones knows a good location please mention it to me and we can takes a looks at its.

Sunflower Sisters 
 Speaking of the girls club.....
if anyone knows anytings about stuffs they have got planned
let's discuss it sooner than later!
It is times to gets our spy gear outs!

Our member, Sluggo, has connections....
Sluggo... the FHC really appreciates any info yous can gets us,
as you have connections with their leader.

Opening for Assistant/Secretary
Oh one more tings... I am looking for an assistant/secretary.
Any member interested in the position please submit an applications to me.

Well that about wraps ups this meeting tonights.
Until our next meetings.....

Keep marking em fellows!

Good night everyones.

 Winston Wilbur


  1. Hola Boys!
    We want to join what do we need to do??
    Bechos,hmp, No we mean High Five
    SpongeBob & Licko

  2. Hi there Winston, it's Sluggo here. I am so glad you called a meeting. Them girls is really starting to grow in numbers, and that can only mean trouble. Alls I know right now is that they are plannin' a big welcome party for all the new girls. I will put my sleuthing skills into play and keep you posted as to any new developments. You are right! A new location is definitely in order. Someplace those girls will never find us. I will start researching locations right away.
    Oh boy, am I ever excited about our retreat! Maybe we could do some hiking this year too. You know, hone our skills for invading the Sunflower Camp.
    I think we need someone who doesn't live with any Sunflower Sisters. They are way too sneaky, and will find a way to crack our code. I just know it.
    Welcome to our new members, Peyton and Webster. Do you know if Archie is joining? Do you think his Mom will let him go on one of our adventures at such a young age? We will take good care of him.
    Until later, mark 'em when you see 'em

  3. Peyton and Webster say THANK YOU for the welcome into the club ... they are excited to be part of an all boys club!

  4. Me is up for 'dis yes!!
    Okay - me likes 'da location ... far away from 'dem spying flower heads - hu hu's

    Me sissy's especially's are 'da biggest nosey bodies-

    Me will tinks of some tactics too to keep 'dem spying eyes out and together us guys will stategize!! hu hu's

    Anakin Man


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