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Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Fun at the Beach

Hi Everypuggy,

Winston heres.

This past weekend was busy for me.

On Saturday it was cloudy with a bit of sun so
Mum thoughts that it was a good day for chuck-it at the beach.

Here's some of my pictures from Saturday.

Throw the ball already!!

Here I am running to gets it

Bring it backs to Mum to throw agains!

Action shots of me fetchings. Looks at the dust I stirred ups!


 Holding onto it, dirt, sand, mud and all!

 Running to the river to grab a drinks

Gotta wash outs the dirt and gets a drink!

Playing with Mum. Don't lets it go into the river Mum!!!

 I bust in between Mum and Dad as we takes a break on a log.

Ready to plays some more Mum!

Oh no! It is floating out into the rivers!!!

Um Mum a little helps here, I don't wanna get wets!

A very serious looks as Mum rescues my ball

Posing on the beach with Mum

Stop to take a breaks in this cool fort! 

 Well that is it for today. Time to heads to the car.

The next day Mum tooks me with her for a walk with her friends and it poured with rains! That didn't stop us though.
All the attention was on me as they watched me plays more chuck-it on the beach!
Unfortunately Mum forgots her camera.

Todays was sunny most of the day so Mum tooks me to checks out a new dog park in our areas so we could see if it would be suitables for a pug meet ups.
We walked the trail and checked outs the play area.
Again Mum forgots camera!!!

I guess you can figure that I am pretty tireds tonights.
Yup, gonna get in to my bed and close my eyes!
The added bonus....
Mum just tooks my blanket outta the warming machines!

(She saids my stuffs needed washings on account she almost gagged
when she picked up my pillow and smelled its! 
That oughta teach her for sniffing arounds in my stuffs! BOL)

Goodnights everypuggy

Winston Wilburs


  1. What a fun day at the beach you had, Winston! And yeah, I can understand you not wanting to get your toesies wet to retrieve your ball. Good thing your momma got it for you! Enjoy the warmoutathewashingsmachine blankie!

  2. Hi Winston
    Your beach trip looked like so much fun, and I am soooo jealous.
    I love to run after the balls , so I woulda had a lot of fun on your beach.
    I cannot believe you do not get so cold out in the rain,,, well.. I shiver and shake and don't much like the cold,,, that is why I have so many clothes...
    I loved the photo of you drinking from the river

  3. Winston oooooh these are some very good pictures of you. Mom really thought the one of you drinkings from the river was so cutes....of course I was like duh Mom its Winston.


    PS I go to the vet again this week for some new stuffs Mom is hoping its just ear infections we will keep you posted.

  4. Hi Winston!

    Daisy and I love these shots of you at the beach!
    You look like you had so much fun!

    We hope you have a fun filled week!

    -Dana & Daisy

  5. Great action shots Winston! It looks like you had a super duper day of chuck-it at the beach.

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  6. Look at all the sand! Me would LOVE to dig in that sand!! Nice pictures of yous chasing the ball though and my hairy sister Bob says she would run right into the river for a swim!
    Kisses Nellie (and Bob)

  7. You always have so much fun at the beach, Winston! I've never played chuck-it but it looks like a great time. I'm going to ask Momma to take me to the beach this summer so that I can dig in the sand!


  8. Hi Winston, mommy says you are so cute especially in the throw the ball already picture! She says she wants to gobble you up!


  9. Winston, you sure know how to have a good time!


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