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Friday, April 08, 2011

Photo Shoot Fun

The other days Mum and I went for a walks on the beach.
She decided to stops and take some pictures of my handsome self.

This setting is "sepia"
I thinks it makes me looked super old fashioned.... like 1800's.
(Mum gots mad cuz I wasn't looking at the cameras)

There you go Mum... happy nows, I am looking at the cameras!

Hey what is that in the sand?
(again Mum gots mad cuz I wouldn't looks at camera)

Ok Mum how is this!
Now I looks at camera and gives you
a big **RASPBERRY**

(you can biggify picture to gets a closer looks!)

Well that sure ended the photo shoot real quicks!
Mum gaves up after I refused to looks at her and "smiles".

Until next times......
keep smiling!
Winston Wilburs


  1. You are too funny, Winston! Your mum is going to take Tika and Kizzy to the beach for the next photo shoot if you don't start cooperating.

    I keep refusing to look at the camera when Momma points it at me. Maybe she will stop taking pictures of me one day but I doubt it because I am just too cute!


  2. I love that first shot Winston. You look like you are pondering something very serious.

  3. Heehee! you stuck your tongue out!!


  4. Heee, Winston! That's one sure fire way to end a photo shoot! But hey, wait, doesn't photo shooting come with treats? It does for Puglet! If you didn't get treats out of this you was robbed! :)

  5. Tell you a secret .... Me does that too! Me also closes my eyes just at the last minute so in all my pictures, me has my eyes closed!!!

  6. Hi Winston! It is so nice to meet you! You sure are adorable! Ellen ... mom to Zoe, Peyton, Webster and Liberty

  7. well there hello i am kristina the photographer whose looking for cute doggies and kitties for my portfolio let me tell you what a handsome puggy you are Winston nice to meet you i sent your momma an email explaining what i'm trying to do so .. let me know ok =0] i don't have my official website yet but i have my blog where i put all my photographs if you want to check it out i am officially start with my shoots sometime this week so … looking forward for your answer thanks

  8. Hee hee Winston you look very dashing in your photos! I like that you take pictures from all angles. I usually sleep through my photos shoots :)

    Many hugs to you
    Tuni woons

  9. Eeeee! Your "raspberry" face is SOOOO handsome, Winston!

  10. Winston,,, your always so handsome and charming. Your mama has a magical camera to have so many colors and all.. I love them all,,but its really your charm.

  11. lol winston!
    i love your photo shoot and your cute little raspberry!
    it made my day!
    a & m


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