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Monday, April 04, 2011

Will Not, Cling On and Crop Circles!

Well this mornings started outs as usual in our house. 

Mum gots up went downstairs and put on coffees.

The girls followed Mum as she then proceeded to the basement for litter box cleaning.

I was up in beds lounging away nice and comfy and warms.

I could hears Mum down in the basement talking to Tika and Kizzy.

"there you go girls all clean now"
"Oh good girl Tika"

then it kinda went down hills from theres.

I then heards
"um, Tika what is wrongs?"
"Oh my, that is not goods, hang on Tika"

Then I heards a thumps
Then I heards Mum yellling
"Tika come backs here"

Then a crash, more thumps

The door to Dad's ManCave slammed against the wall.

I then heards "Kizzy move outta the ways"

This going ons got me curious so...
I dragged my pug butt outta beds and down to the hallways to my nice comfy dog bed.

I snuggled in to hears more.

Next things was Kizzy came flying ups the stairs.

I asked her...  what is happening down theres?

She replied...
Tika got a huge "will not" while she was in the box, Mum was panicking cuz Tika ran away as Mum was trying to help Tika so she didn't gets a "cling on". Then Tika ran into the "ManCave" and Mum was freaking cuz she didn't wants Tika making "crop circles" on the carpets.

Ok I thoughts.....
I have no ideas what "will not" means, is that the opposites of "will call"?

As for "cling on" I know that they are fiction peoples from Star Trek 

but what was going on downstairs sounded more likes "twillight zones"!

Crop circles... Sorry but there is no ways Tika can make those.... 
we don't have corn fields in the basements.

After the scuttle down there silenced I heard Mum come ups the stairs. Tika bounded ups ahead of Mum, all happy and flicking her tails.

Mum was a mess! 

Hair all messed ups, clothes all disheveled, a huge paper towels in her hand withs some poop in its. A big scratch on her arms.

I said.... Um, Mum what happened?

Mum just saids.....
"Oh nothing Winston, I am just fines. Oh thank yous for getting up outta your bed and coming down to make sure I was ok".

Then she muttered something likes.....
Imagine the effort that would take and OMP the blankets would loose the warmth!

Wow, how did Mum knows that's what I was thinking!
Wow she is amazing!

Winston Wilburs


  1. Oh Winston, your poor Mum. That sounds like a real rugged way to start the day. Reminded my Mom of the morning years back when me and Brigitte ( pre Sluggo) went out first thing and all of a sudden she noticed us eating something. It was baby bunny remains. She said maybe she will let me tell the story on the blog. It was quite a morning!

  2. That sounded like an eventful morning!
    Maddy and Owen

  3. HAHAHAHAA! Mom totally understands your mom's language! She explained to to me using the term "dingleberry" and "poop tracks". We have a man cave in our house too, but I avoid it at ALL costs because it smells like ham, feet, and like someone ran a marathon wearing a shirt made of cheese! NOT cool.

    We hope mom's day got better. Sounds like she was a hot buttered MESS this morning!


  4. There's always something going on at your house, Winston. It sounds like such a fun place.

    My momma is always a hot mess in the morning and she only has me to take care of. Clearly your mum is much more cut out to handle a crowd so Momma will just have to stick with little ole me!


  5. WOW! Sounds like Tika is a CFH! This ism exactly what me would do!!!

  6. Anonymous13:16

    I've never heard of these terms but they are great!
    Sometimes if I go to bed right after being outside, I leave pug buttons on the sheets.
    My cousins are shih tzu/bichons and when they get furry they often have dey-go's - kind of like Tika's cling-ons.



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