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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday at the Beach

Hello Everypuggy!

Happy Easter!

Today the weather held off as far as rains and strong wind.It was cloudy with suns today, so after my liverlicious egg hunt, we went on a short road trips. I went to Belcarra Provincial Park. Here are the pictures from my visit. I luved the beach and gots loads of attention from the kids that were on the dock.

Yeah Beach time!

Brrr a little chilly at first!

Looks what I discovered!

seaweed! okay maybe not yummy! Very salty.

Fetching my stick.

Hey were did the rock go! Mum stop throwing rocks they are just sinkings!

Posing with style!

Dad and I head down to the dock

Sitting on the dock just chillin!

Hurry up Mum! I gotta see what the view is likes on the top pier

Taking a peek at the view! WOW super cools

On the pier hanging with Mum
(note: I kinda gots into trouble here. I tried to eat the goose poop that I discovered under the bench)

On last pose on the beach, before we headed homes.

Hope you all hads a good Easter weekend. I sure did!

On that notes, you all must check out this picture of my luvs, Tuni.
Sequoia posted it on her Sundays with Sequoia.

Isn't Tuni just the cutest thing you have ever seens?
We all luved this picture we had to spread the word.

The bad news is Mum leaves for Mexico on Tuesday, so I won't be able to blogs until she is back 1 week laters.

(another notes: I am totally growly mads as I will miss Tuni Tuesday!)


  1. Winston -
    Hey man! You looks like you had such fun at the beach! Don't worry 'bouts the goose poops...we all eat...well I should say...Izzy eats Bunny poops! We will miss hearing from you for a week, but I'm sure you'll all have fun with your Dad! Hey, you girlfriend Tuni is cute! Did you see my woman? Did you see her little green eggie in her mouth? Ahhh...I'm in puggie loves! Tell your Mommy to have a safe trip and tell her that you'll keep an eye on things so your daddy doesn't man-cave the house! Ha Ha!
    Your Buddy,

  2. Hi Winston! You always get to do the coolest things. I don't like the water but I would like to go to the beach. It looks like you found Tweedles starfish friend at the beach, too.

    You sure do know how to pose for pictures. I guess it's easy to do when you're so handsome. Tuni is going to love those pics. And yes, she is the cutest thing ever wearing her bunny ears.

    Big bummer that your mum is going to Mexico. My mom wants to go but Dad is busy working.

    Stubby xoxo

  3. Winston, we can't tells you enough how much we love your chubbiness!! Oh My Pug, when you sit down and all you flubber goes up around you neck, we just melt. In fact, you kinda look like a gianter version of Stella. Anyhoo, that starfish was beautiful. You're whole day looked like a lotta fun.

    So, what the Pug is your mom goin' to Mexico fur anyways? Maybe she could pass thru California and drop ya off at our house?! We haves a beach you can play at!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  4. Wow! The beach looks like sooo much fun! My mom is nuts about the beach, but I have never even been! You are so lucky! Stay safe and have lots of fun. Pee-S don't worry, your mom will be back before you know it! Love, Arlo.

  5. Anonymous03:22

    What great pictures! You're so lucky to get to go to the beach and play. But dood, it's going to be lonely without your mom for a whole week! We think you should trash the house to show your displeasure.

  6. Winston - what fun it looks like you were having on the beach. That starfish is pretty cool.

    Hope your mom has a safe and fun trip to Mexico!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  7. Hi Winston,
    Looks like great fun. Mom and Dad scoped out a lake nearby whwere dogs are aloud, so hopefully we'll be taking walks on the beach soon!

  8. Winston,
    What a fun trip to the beach! And I do LOVE that picture of Tuni! She is just too cute to handle!!!

    I will miss you while your Mum is gone. Wish her a safe trip for me, ok?!


  9. Winston I am so glad youn liked my bunny ear puctures. I was a littles worried they maybe too funny on me. But you are so sweets to luv thems.

    The beach looks so nice...I prefers not to get wet thoughs but I wouldn't minds watching from a blanket in the sand of you having funs!

    And about the worrys sometimes they just don't gets it tasty yummys like a rare exotic foods.

    Hope you have a goods week even if your Mom is leaving. I will be here when you blogs again!

    Pug hugs,

  10. Hi Winston!

    Penny and I hope you had a great
    Easter! Your photos are great!
    Looks like you had a super
    fun time at the beach!

    Tell your mom to have a fun time
    in Mexico! Blog with you soon!

    -Dana & Penny

  11. Hi Winston! I have never gone to the beach before! There seems to be lots of fun things to discover!!! Hope you had a good easter

  12. What a nice day you all had! I took my girls to the lake the other day. Gidget almost got the duck poop!

  13. Anonymous09:25

    Oh wow, you had a lot of fun at the beach! I love to throw rocks for Gus and Indy too.. lol no fighting over them or waiting for neither of them to bring it back.

    I hope your mommy has fun in Mexico!!


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