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Friday, April 02, 2010

Happy Good (birthday) Friday

Hello everypuggy and everykitty.

Happy Good Friday.

Today we are all postings as it is Good Friday.

(Feline Friday will continue in two weeks from today, as Mum is abandoning us for a week!!!!!!)

First the exciting news. Yesterday was Kizzy and Tika's birthday. They turned 11, and it ain't no April Fool's joke either! BOL

Kizzy woke up early very excited. Mum took her outs in the front of the house on her harness for a birthday walk.

Tika went outside too and then came in to lounge in her tree. It was a low key birthday yesterday.

Last night Mum got this picture of Kizzy hugging the heater. We turns it on at night, upstairs, so we don't have the furnace on all night. Kizzy luvs and I mean luvs the heater!!!

Happy (belated posts) Birthday Girls! Tonight we have cakes! YEAH!

So this morning is what Mum's says is a Statutory Holiday. She had to correct me as I thought she meant Saturday holiday which is every weekends.
Today is Good Friday so Mum stays home from work to be with us..... but still gets paid for it! YEAH!

Here is me lounging, right after I got up to see Tuni and Sequoia's (whatevers) bunny ear pictures.

I went back to bed to thinks about Easter and Jesus. I wouldn't get back outta beds for my morning wee wee! 

Kizzy came in and walked right on top of me and I still did not gets up!
She just looked up at Mum and meowed...... I give up Mum I can't get him outta beds!

Tika came in and thought wow what a great idea Winstons has, I think I will join him.

What can we say, it is Good Friday. A day to lounge ins and contemplate about Jesus and what he did for us.

Now where was I?.... Oh yah, Jesus was nailed to a cross and......



  1. You craZy Kitties HAPPY BELATED B-DAY!!! Oh Kizzy and Tika... We are a bit snobby when it comes to the felines...but you two are so darn CUTE!!! Before Mommy got us she had Kitties. Her childhood Kitty was named Pepper. He was a gray and white tabby. She said he was as big as us. And as cute as us. WHATEVER! Hey Winston, what do you have to say about all this? Anyways, Daddy had Kitties too, but Izzy doesn't get along much with them. Go figure. Mommy said she likes the picture with Tika's tongue sticking out. She said it reminds her of mine. Oh and Winston's girlfriends too. Hee Hee. Us puggies are softening up to the felines. Hope you all have a great day together!
    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  2. Winston, you are extremely brave for laying in bed with a cat (alien)! How nice to have your mom home with you.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  3. Winston I like you post! My Mom had to work todays (even though she works at a Catholic hospital) but says she has to go to churchs tonight with Dad. So I am blogging earlys. I am glads you likes my bunny ears (they were from last yr new ones to come!).

    "Scooooot over Tuni woons"

    Hey girls...its Sequoia here happy belated birthdays girls!!!!! Love the pictures!

  4. Hi Winston
    It was nice of you to all share the bloggy today on Good Friday,

    We wish Happy Birhtday wishes too.
    11 years old is still young- we can tell by the cuteness in the photos. And young enough to stick the tongue out.
    I don't sleep in the same bed as my kitty brothers and sister,
    I hope you have sweet dreams reminising on thankfulness.


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