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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feline Friday 5th Edition - Health Issues

Hello Everykitty,

TIka heres. Well we have hads a crazy weeks. We both wents to the VET in Mondays. I gots my teeth cleaned! I gots my blood checked and yearly exam and I scored a perfect A for a perfect princess.

When I gots home I was a little groggy so I settled downs with the remote and channel surfed just like Dad does.

The not so good news is my sister Kizzy. She isn't well right nows. She gots her blood checked and she has very high thyroid levels, she has Hyperthyroid disease. Mum thoughts something wasn't right cuz she says that some of Kizzy's habits have changed slightly. Mums been stressing all weeks.

After lots of phone calls Mum says, now Kizzy has to goes to a "kitty spa" for 6 days to gets special treatments.
Dr Karen (our cat vet) told us not to worrys that Kizzy will be just fine after her treatment.
Kizzy will be going to Northwest Nuclear Medicine.
After her treatment she will no longer have the high thyroid and will be fine for the rest of her life.
I wanted to go with Kizzy to the "spa" but Mum says no, only Kizzy can goes. Mum says it is expensive.

I talked to Winston abouts this. I am super worried. I have never been apart from Kizzy for my whole life and now she will be gones for 6 days!!! She leaves on this Wednesday! What am I goings to do?

WInston told me nots to worry. That he will be heres and Kizzy will be backs in no time.
I can't believe I am saying this buts...... sometimes Winstons can be a great pug brother.

Anywho, Kizzy is lounging right nows so I thinks I will go and joins her.
I will keep you posted on the week to come.
I just have to gets Mum to stop stressing! otherwise she will starts to loose her hair soon!


  1. Drat! Mom has CRS (can't remember s*%t) quite often. One of other bloggie friends has a kitteh that had to go nuclear and was just fine. She'll try to remember and let cha know. Unless you guys already know.

    Hope Kizzy feels better and don't worry too much Winston little buddy!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  2. Oh Poor Kizzy! We are's so sorry to hear this. Winston...You takes good cares of your Mommy and be a good puggie brother to your sister Tika while Kizzy is away (which we know you will be's)

    Kizzy - Don't you worry your little kitty self...You will be fine! Pack your little suit case and bring some snacks and enjoy your trips. You will be rounds so many wonderfuls peeps that will be theres all for YOU! They will wait on you hand and PAW! Take full advantage of this!!! It will be fun - O. Tay? Trust us little miss!

    Mum - You will be fine too! Your little baby will be in purrfect hands!!! And when she gets back she will be's alls betters!! Your hubby and your puggie and other kitty will help you through its.

    Winston - Step up your games and be a big little bro to you big sis Tika while Kizzy's away! Tell lots of Jokes (it works for my Mommy)!

    Tika - You are going to miss your sis, but distance makes the heart grow fonder and you will have stories to share when she gets back!!!
    You guys we all be O.Tays!!!
    Love, Josie Izzy and Anakin

  3. Ah, poor Kizzy! I know you will miss her a lot, but it is great that she will get cured and not need to take medicines!

  4. We are sure that Kizzy will be just fine, but we will say some prayers for her anyway.

    Hope Kizzy feels better soon!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  5. Oh Tika,
    I'm so sorry to hear your sis is ill. Sounds like her stay at the spa will be the best cuz she'll be all better when she gets home. You are lucky to have Winston to help you through this tough time. Just stay with Kizzy as much as you can before she goes Remember, she will be without you too. I know it is very hard,but you must stay strong.

    Pee S
    Thanks for the shout out about Wils Wednesday Wisdom. I just saw it!!

  6. Kizzy, you poor girl! I will be thinking of you while you are away getting ALL BETTER!

    Now Winston, you HAVE to be nice to Tika while Kizzy is gone... ok? I know you will be!

    And a big HUG for your mum. It is so stressful when our babies are sick!!!!


  7. Hi Tika its Sequoia. I am so sorry to hear Kizzy has to go to a spa for 6 days. We are all sending her "hurrys up and get bett er vibes". Even Tuni is sending them. On a better note I likes all your pictures!

  8. Anonymous11:11

    I am sure Kizzie will be just fine at the spa :)
    Don't worry too much..


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