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Saturday, April 17, 2010

A sexy celebration of life with whip cream. I officially declare..... Sexy Whip Cream Day

Hi everypuggy,

I am sads today.

But I ask you this......
Is she really no longer with us?
Her little heart has ceased to beat but I know that her pug body served as just a shell.
Her spirit and her soul is everywhere around us and always will be.
Although we can not physically see or touch her any longer, she is, without a doubt, still amongst us.

We cry and feel sads. It is hard to smiles. It is hard knowing that we won't be able to physically sees her again.
She would want us to continue to smiles, and right now this seems so hard to do.

But.... She is still with us in spirit and is asking us one thing.....
Celebrate her memory.

So with this I request and declare that this Sunday April 18th to be "Sexy Whip Cream Day", Penny style of course!
Go on.... get your pawrents to leash you up get to a Starbucks (or your closest coffee shop). Order that Venti Mocha full of calories and tastiness and ask for extra whip cream. Sit down and enjoy the whip cream as it touches your lips and creates happiness in your mouth. Then paws to think of Penny and celebrate her life.

 Make sure you posts about it afterwards, take pictures!

Sexy Beefy Penny Pug
June 30, 2004 - April 16, 2010

Dana.... our deepest condolences during this time of your loss.
We are all here for you.

Winston xoxo


  1. Hi Winston! What a great tribute to sexy Penny. You are so smart to declar tomorrow sexy whip cream day and I'm definitely going to Starbucks tomorrow. I can't wait to get a big cup of whip cream and eat it in Penny's honor.

    I miss Penny but I know she's still with us, looking over us, and laughing with us. We will see her again one day and all have whip cream together!

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Winston -
    Our heart breaks...but with friends like you to help bear this burden of grief... it helps it to heel a little faster. What a kind and caring Post. We will be joining in tomorrow by celebrating Penny and having her favorite - Whippey Cream. What a thoughtful and wonderful tribute we can all do for our dear friend Penny.
    Big hugs,
    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  3. What a great idea Winston. She would be happy to know that we are celebrating her properly. Now I am confused, today is Saturday 17th tomorrow Sunday 18th, when should I go? Mom just told dad that we are going to starbucks tomorrow for breakfast. There is an outdoors sitting area and we will take pictures and post about it. Thank you for the idea

  4. Opps, mum is so upset over this news of Penny that she didn't notice the typo in the posts. Coco you are correct it should be the 18th. Sunday the 18th!

  5. Winston
    What a special tribute to our friend.
    You idea is awsome.
    Thank you for helping all our hearts heal.
    Thank you for helping me put all this into perspective, you are so right. I feel Penny- she is everywhere.

  6. Anonymous14:21

    Oh how sad! We're sending purrs and condolences to you Winston, for the loss of your friend. And Momma promises to honor her with a whipped cream laden mocha tomorrow. Although we never knew Penny. . . any pug who loves whipped cream HAS to be a wonderful pug.

  7. Great tribute, Winston! She was a great beefy,sexy pug gal! Always full of surprises! Will niss her so much.

  8. Thank you Winston,
    Your words make our hearts a little lighter.We will definitely participate in the celebration of Penny tomorrow.

  9. We are very sorry to hear about Penny's passing. Hopefully we can get Mom to take us to get some whip tomorrow.



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