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Sunday, April 25, 2010

I celebrates Earth Day, every day (this ones for you Stubby!)

Hello everypuggy,

Winston here. I am dedicating this posts to my friend Stubby.
This is how we participate in Earth Day, everyday, at my house.

Kizzy and I checks out the new laundry detergent Mum is trying outs. It is called Attitude.
Ecco friendly, biodegradables, made in Canada, and all that other positive earth friendly stuffs.
Mum says it is quite goods..... I will let you know what I thinks after my blankets are washed this weekend.

Here is where we keeps the new garbage can and recycling stuffs.
In the carport.

Notes about our Garbage:  The city picks up limited items for recycle.
The new garbage can is special.... the system is now automated. The truck picks up the can with a mechanical arms (Tika always growls when she hears the truck coming!)
Mum had a choice of Smalls, Medium or Larges. Mum choose Smalls. She says not only do we gets a discount in property taxes but it encourages us to make less garbage.
If it don't fits in the can they won't picks it up!

Here is Kizzy and me helping Mum sorts the recycle stuffs

Here is the recycle truck picking ups

For stuffs that the city won't picks up. Well, Mum and me takes that to the City's recycling centre.
The location is so close, only 5 minutes by car!
Here I am helpings with sorting the returnable drinking containers, and gathering ups the plastic bags.
We gets money backs for returning the drinking containers! WhoHoo more money for treats and toys!!!!

(notes here: some of the bags are the ones Mum used for her luggage packing when she went to Mexico, see.... we now recycle thems)

Here we are at the City's recycle location. We can recycle lots heres. Paint cans, batteries, old appliances, electronics, plastics of all kinds, paper and tons more stuffs.

Just finished dropping of the plastic bags

There is even an area for composting.
Here I am dropping off our yard clippings

Coming soons, the city will be supplying our townhouse complex with yard waste containers for weekly pick ups.
Mum is super excited as we won't needs to takes it to the centre ourselves!

So after all that work Mum tooks me to the beach.

I played "stick fetch" in the water

Here I am chillin outs. Looks at my sandy pugger nose!

Mum couldn't resist this pic, looks at my ear!
I waited for her to wash her hands and when she came outs I had somehow flipped my ear backs!

Well I am super tireds after all that activity.
Until next times.....


  1. Hi sweet eco puggy Winston!

    I see you are such a great helpers with all the stuff you do with your Mom. Mom says we get to do more 'green' stuff when we moves to WA.

    Oh and I loves your flipped ear!

    Pug Hugs,

  2. Oh Winston!!! You are such a terrific little helper! What a man you are! And we can't forget that Tika too. Good job guys. Stubby will be so proud. All that hard work. Good thing your Mommy tooks you to the beaches. And Tuni will just loves that lil ear of yours!!! Too cute!

    xoxoxo Josie Izzy Anakin

  3. You are very green! I like to help with the recycling too. Whenever Mom has an empty peanut butter jar or yogurt container, I lick it clean so it is ready for the recycling bin.


  4. You go Winston, looks like Canada has it way more together than this hick town my parents moved us to.

  5. Hi Winston! I can't believe you dedicated your post to me. Thanks buddy, I really appreciate it!

    I love how you guys are so green. Mom can't wait to hear about the new laundry detergent.

    We have the automated garbage trucks too. They come by and a big arm grabs the cans. I think it's cool that you pay less property taxes based on the size of your recycling containers. That's a great idea!

    So whatever the city doesn't pick up you take to the recycling center so that everything gets recycled, right? And you even get money back for recycling the drink containers which is awesome.

    I'm so glad you got to play in the water after working so hard to recycle all your stuff. You deserved it! Keep it green Winston!

    Stubby xoxo

  6. Hi Winston!
    You are doing SUCH a good job of taking care of the planet!!!

    PS I love that little picture you put of me on your sidebar! We truly are pugners in crime! Now go get yourself into some trouble today. I think I'll go chew on the couch...


  7. Anonymous14:34

    That is neat! We have 2 garbage cans but only need both when my roommate is home. Usually my and my husband only need one if for our weekly garbage.
    Thankfully we started this thing last year where we no longer need to sort our recyling! Love that part, dump it all in the bin. :)

  8. Hi Winston!

    It looks like you had a very
    productive Earth Day! I love your
    photos from the beach too!

    I hope you have a great week!



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