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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ugh! travel accessories, bathing suit..... um luggage! OH NO!

Hello everypuggy,

Mum skipped off to Walmart yesterday and came homes with lots of stuffs. Look at all the bags!

After the groceries were put aways she showed Kizzy and me what was in the rest of the bags. Looks at all this cool stuffs. So smalls. Mum says it takes up less rooms. I don't get it, we have lots of rooms in the bathroom we don't usually gets little stuffs.

Now Mum is talking about going to SwimCo to buy a bathing suit. At first I thoughts that was weird as the beach isn't quite warms enough yets

and then..... tonight she brought outs this!

I know what this all means now! HELP ME!

She says it is only for 7 days. But it is 7 days too long with just Dad in the house.

She is counting down with my auntie, my cousin Penny-Poodle's Mum, something about 8 more sleeps!
I thought maybe I should gets in touch with Penny-Poodle..... see whats is going on at her end.

This is a picture of my cousin Penny-Poodle

whats am I going to do?

Here is a picture of me lounging.

Do I looked stressed? I am totally stressed right nows!


  1. Winston -

    We know how you feel. Mommy had to go to SC to attend her best friends wedding a couple years ago. We were totally left alone with Daddy. He didn't even wash our food bowls. He just kept redistributing our food into the same dirty bowls. What are we cats? (no offence Kizzy and Tika)Hee Hee
    Mommy kept calling all the time and wanting Daddy to send her pix of us to make sure we were still alive. Daddy turned the house into a man cave. He ordered Pizza, watched MythBusters and SyFy. He even had Izzy and Josie playing guitar hero. I'm sure you'll have fun with your Daddy. But you could always just stuff yourself into your Mommys suit case.
    Your friends,
    Anakin, Izzy, And Josie

  2. HI Winston! Arlo's mom here...I am soo jealous of your mom! A swimsuit, travel stuff and a suitcase? Sounds Like a VACATION! Lucky Mom! lol. Love, Arlo's mom.
    P.S.-Arlo says hi!

  3. Winston, we can tell you look totally stressed out. Where could you mom be going with her travel bag and a swim suit? Oh no! And without you??

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  4. Oh Winston...I understands how you feels. Dad leaves all the time and when Mom leaves...I freak outs! I mean I freaks out even if she leaves the room (yeah not the same thing but I NEED Mom around 24/7).

    I was thinkings maybe you grab your swim suite and your teef brush and tags along? I mean who wouldn't want you on their vacations right?

    I hopes everything goes oks. Many pug hugs my stressed out pugger!


  5. Hey Winston, Once, my Mom & Dad went out for a long time with alot of bags and stuff.I was so mad, I woke up Grammy really early, she let me out, then I came in and peed right on the floor. I did it right in front of her while she was looking at me. Grammy doesn't watch us over night anymore and Mom and Dad won't send us to a doggie hotel. They haven't had a vacation in a long time.

  6. Hi Winston, I think your mom going on vacation is okay -- so long as you get something back from her for all the abuse, er, daddy time, you'll be enduring. I really think you should be allowed to go with her, however. And, well, I just hope Stubby doesn't see your mom's pictures -- plastic bags from Walmart???? What about all those nice reusable bags? *gets off Stubby's soapbox*

  7. Hi Winston! Mom left the room when she saw all those plastic bags - yikes! Does your mom have some nice reusable ones? If not, please tell your mom they are available in all the stores here and my guess is they are available everywhere in Canada. If not, I can send you an email with websites that sell nice ones.

    As for the vacation, I'm stressed out just looking at that suitcase. If there were one item in the house that I could hide permanently it would be the suitcase. Everytime it comes out it means trouble. I feel your pain but at least you'll have your dad around.

    Stubby xoxo

    Pee-s: How nice of dw to be on my soapbox!

  8. hi winston!
    ohhh your mom is going to have fun and miss you like crazy.
    the great thing about vacations is that pawrents always bring you back gifties!
    she will be back in no time!
    m & e

  9. Oh no! Dads just aren't as good at pet care as moms. I hope you all survive and we wish your mom a good trip!

    Steve and Kat

  10. I am going fir the holidays soon and that's why I was surfing around to find out the related traveling stuff and found your Blog. I really enjoyed reading your post and moreover I loved the picture of pets as they are so very cute. :)


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