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Monday, March 08, 2010

Tika the cat, a princess at that!

Ok today this post is all about Moi!

There will be no Winston today. I am sorry to say but he has been too much of a blog hog lately. Tuni this and Tuni that! Look at me in my Canadian flag, oh hello all my pugger friends.... well I say PFT! MY TURN FATSO!

Look at me.... aren't I pretty. I am a true princess. Yup that is what Mum calls Moi! My name is Tika. My middle name is Daisy. Mum gave me that name as I like to smell the Daisies. I can be heard being called.... Tika, TIKA DAISY! (when I am in troubles), Tikachu (after pikachu from pokeman), Tik-a-cat, calico kitten, Girls (when Mum is calling both me and my sister). My favourite name is "Mum's little princess".

I looks so much like Jane that if freaks Mum out. Check out Jane and see for yourself! Isn't she pretty too! I feel like we are twins.

My favourite thing is to cuddle. Yup I am a true lap cat. I walk around the house just looking and waiting for a lap to form, then bingo! I jump up onto it. I also like to sleep wrapped around Mum's neck, this is very cozy too! I also luvs the catnip. And I know how to use my charm to gets it too!

I am very sensitive (Mum says it is a calico thing.... yah whatever). I don't like change (what cat does!) and I don't like to be dirty. I am a neat freak compared to my sloppy sister who is always wearing her food and doesn't cover up her poop in the litter box. We have 3 litter boxes. Yup your read right..... 3. Even though there are only 2 of us felines, I require 3 boxes. It helps me deal with the stress of a tiny little turd from my sister in one box, I have 2 other boxes to choose from. One box I always use for poops (red one) the other 2 is for..... well, you know. If Mum doesn't get to cleaning it every day well I sure lets her know.... I then use the bathtub as my litter box. MOL! Mum does not think this is funnies that is when she uses my full name.... TIKA DAISY!

I am indoors only. I do likes to go out but only in the yard and if Mum is with me. I do make a break for it when the door is open. Mum always laughs as I run down the walkway to the driveway then I stop and low ride. I get freaked out when I realize that I am actually outside. All I have to do is crouch and meow like crazy and Mum comes to get me to carry me back inside. See I told you I was a princess!

I do fight with my sister I won't lie abouts that. She is a tough cookie and beats the heck outta me every time. I get an A for effort and persistence though. Mum won't helps me out when I start the fight, she says "it serves you right!". Ok whatever MUM..... if I just use my princess charm.... Mum comes running every time!

I will be 11 in April. Yup I am in the double digits. I sure don't look it though. I can play and run just like a kitten. I can outrun Winston (tubby) in a flash! Don't get me wrong I do luvs my pug brother, I do enjoy cuddling near him at nights, but well.... he is a dog and dogs are smelly and dirty and I am a cat.... a princess at that!

BOL Hi Tuni thought I would slip this in.......Hi Every puggy!

Hey get outta here Winston, this is my spotlight! MUM! a little help here. Ah that is better, yup Mum is wrapped around my little paw!

I hope you all enjoyed my cuteness today! (get lost Winston you are bugging me)

Tika Daisy, AKA princess


  1. Anonymous10:52

    Oh Tika you are a very pretty kitty!! :)

    Poor Winston... lol

  2. Hi Tike! Its Sequoia here and I agree with all the Tuni this and that goings on over here on your blog. I thinks I like Kittys and you and I shoulds be friends! I thinks its funny you poop in the bath tub....I poop in the kitchen hehehe.


    Its Tuni here and I wanted to says hi Winst...

    Move its Tuni!

    Anyways Tika keep up the cute posts!


  3. Hellllooo Tika. Is that your alien name? Most cats (aliens) change their name when they land on earth. Hmmm... I'll be keeping my eye on you. I happen to like Mr. Winston.

    Ms. Stella

  4. Hi Tika
    My goodness- you do look like Jane.
    And you are a princess? I have never met a real princess.
    I love the way you handles your cat boxes and how you tell your brother to get lost.
    This is your day- so you go ahead and MEOW.
    Thank you for taking me on a little walkie with you

  5. Tika, you are a very pretty kitty! We have 3 kitties here in our house - you and Einstein sound alot alike, she is always looking for a lap to sit on.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  6. Tika, it was interesting to read all about you. You are pretty! I am a dilute calico, and I am a little bit sensitive, too. And my brother Harley is always chasing me all around!

  7. Hi Tika!

    Penny and I love your photos.
    We think it's Ok for cats (and dogs)
    to be so spoiled they need to be carried back inside the house.

    After all, this is what humans have
    arms for right? At least this is what Penny thinks.

    We hope you have a great week!

    -Dana & Penny

  8. It sounds like you have your mom quite trained. I don't like to cuddle but you make it look appealing!



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