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Thursday, March 18, 2010

1st Edition - Feline Fridays..... Yoga with Dentures?!@!*

Now a hilarious picture of me with new teeth.

So this week I plotted out my plan on how to get rid of the beige guy so we could get on the computer. I schemed that Tika would lure him into the bathroom with claims of treats being discovered on the floor. I would then slam the door shut locking him inside.

The trick went according to plan until Tika forgot to exit the bathroom when I gave the command, now she is locked in there with Winston and I am left to post this edition on my own.

So here goes....

Pictures taken last weekend of us enjoying the sunny afternoon in the garden. We did a bit of Yoga.

Tika doing her version of "downward facing cat". This is done by placing front paws on the wood edge and stretching back legs out. Tail must remain pointing down.

Here is me doing a modified "pidgeon" pose
This pose can be tricky but the idea here is to stretch the back of the neck by tilting head back while keeping paws on the ground and body straight. Tail points downward.

Here Tika is doing the "Warrior Pose" There are 3 modifications to this one, here Tika is doing number 2. Tail is arrow straight, in line with body. Body is crouched low to the ground. Head stays in line with the body.

Me doing the "downward facing cat" again, for this one, stretching out back legs and tail points downward.

To end the session I do my meditation. Here I am in deep meditation.
The key is to completely relax and let your mind focus on  food  opps I mean purring and the breath.

That is it for yoga pictures.

Now I better get off here and figure out how to get those two outta the bathroom before I gets into trouble big time!!!!!


  1. You cats look much better at yoga than when my mom does it with the Wii Fit!


  2. Winston, you're so funny! And brave. When is your mom going to get rid of those cats (aliens)?


  3. That garden looks like the perfect spot to do some relaxing yoga!

  4. I hope Tika surrives in a locked bathroom with Winston. I loves your yoga pictures.



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