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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A surprise!

Hello everypuggy. A special hello to my pug luv Tuni, I hopes you are feeling betters. I have been worried sicks abouts you!

Ok let me tells you about this surprise.

Yesterday Mum came home from work with this.

I gots super excited when she uncovered it.
I could not wait to see what the surprise was.

Meet Mr. Fish

He is the newest addition to our house. Mum said she inherited him from work. The story goes that one of the owner's sons wanted all employees to have a fish at their work area. He came into the office with two fish to present the idea. The owner's oldest son said no way it was a ridiculous idea. So the work place was stuck with two fish in these jars with rocks. One fish became a member of my Mum's dept. Eventually the fish landed up on Mum's desk. Mum found it hard to find time to remember to clean fish and have him fed by someone when she isn't there on Monday. So, Mum decided Mr. Fish would be better off at our house.

Last night Mum placed Mr. Fish on her dresser. She thought this would be a great place for him because I would be able to see him from the bed. Kizzy got a little too interested and Mum then said she would had to cover the jar for the night. She said something about not trusting Kizzy. I thinks I understand what she means. I found myself tied up the other day after my nap! Anyway later about that back, to Mr. Fish.

This morning Mum and I went to Petsmart. Mum decided Mr. Fish needed a bigger home but more importantly... one with a lid, a very secure lid!

Here I am in the cars heading there.

I helped Mum pick out the new tank, which then lead to accessories!

Naturally I was very popular with everyone at Petsmart!

Mum only wents to get a cheap tank but ended up with all of this!

I had to wait on the porch while Mum unloaded all the stuffs!

So this is his new home. He really likes it.

I luv Mr. Fish. I told Mum he should be mines because he is Blues, my favourite colour, and because he is a boy. Mum gots a little mad and told me he is to be shared not everything is for me! Whatever!

At first I thought the surprise was a new guinea pig. Mum luvs Guinea pigs. But then I saw it was a fish. We have had fishes before. Come to thinks of it, I could have sworn Mum said that when the last fish died that was it, no more fish or small animals, our house was full enough. I reminded Mum of this and she just saids that she tooks the fish because it needed a proper homes and it doesn't shed so she was ok with it.

Mum is rights about the shedding part. Mr Fish never leaves the water. Mum says thank goodness fish don't sheds. She couldn't imagine having to redecorate the house so the carpet, tiles, bedding and blankets is blue. We just finally finished decorating with beige. Come to thinks of it..... I wonder why Mum choose  beige anyways? I wouldn't mind blue, blues would be better!

So enjoys the pictures of my new fish. Next post I will fills you all in on what happened when I woke ups tied up!!

PeeS: I did get somethings good outta going to Petsmart. Look what I got! Hey Tuni it is carry outs beef flavour! I likes them too!


  1. Love the fish! Beautiful blue! We have a betta fish also but no cats inside. He is by the kitchen sink so I can see him every time I'm in the kitchen. He is a good fish!

  2. Hey Winston,

    Nice fish. I thought at first you was gonna get to eat it. But I guess starin' at it isn't so bad either.

    Can't wait to hear why you were tied up after your nap. Did this have anything to do with Ms. Tuni....


  3. Dearest Winston,

    I am feelings ok right nows, I am just waiting for my results, ugh. So you have a new fishie...I have never seens fishies before he looks nice. Now you have a pal on your sides when the kitty cats try any of those tricks on yous again.

    PeeSss I am postings some fun stuffs tuesdays so keep your big brown eyes out!


  4. Hi Winston! Mr. Fish looks so cool. We don't have any fish but Mom wants a snake (Dad said no). I'm going to be an only pug forever and I'm okay with that.

    You looked very sleepy at PetSmart. Shopping is so tiring, isn't it?

    Stubby xoxo

  5. Hi Winston
    Your so lucky to have a fishie!
    I would love to sit and watch it swim , but I might get dizzy.
    Do you?
    Who tied you up?
    tell me!

  6. hi mr. fish!
    welcome to your new home!
    you are so lucky to have gone home with winston's mom!
    we love the new home she and winston so lovingly picked out for you!
    what a pretty blue color you are!
    m & e

  7. Does your fish eat Iams? (We saw some Iams on the belt at Petsmart!)

    I bet Mr. Fish is very happy to have a new, bigger tank. Mom has always wondered what Wilbur would think about a fish, but hasn't tested it.



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