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"I am a happy pug therefore.... I am a smiling pug"! My mum is called Smilingpug... after me! Because of her love of animals and nature, she is a Buddhist and a vegetarian (thank god). She is most inspired by the Dalai Lama. We live on the West Coast of Canada and I share my home with my two older feline sisters Tika and Kizzy and my NEW little brother Sam Cooper who... is all the way from MidSouth Pug Rescue in Tennessee!! I am 11 and I don't walk to well anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't get around! Welcome to my blog.

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Saturday, March 06, 2010

What a week..... Gold Medal, Big Trouble, My Own Shelves and Boring Books!

Hello everypuggy

Well after the excitement of last Sundays hockey game, I can finally relax. It was super tense in my livingroom, Dad was very into it and Mum gots us all into it with our flag. There was lots of celebrating after we won but whoa what a game it was! Here are some pictures.

Me cheering on the team

Kizzy and Tika look out into the yard, they could hear all the yelling and cheering from people outside.

Tika checking out the flag.

When it went into overtimes, it was too much to handle. I had to ease the stress by chewing on my chew bone that my pug luv Tuni sent to me. (Tuni, this chewy... It is one of my favs!)

So now that the Olympics is over, things are back to normal...... Well sort of. I did get into troubles last night.

See this?

Take a close looks. Notice anything missing? I gots this at Christmas from my grandpugma. She brought it back from Nova Scotia. I was playing with its and I kinda chewed off the eye. Mum and Dad gots mad and tooks it away from me, the lobster not the eye, you see I swallowed the eye before I could spit it out.
Mum said something about "doing a Pearl". She did not panic and she thanks Pearl for her calmness. She said if "Pearl can consume bigger things and lick toads a little eye should pass right through me". 

So this is the looks I gave Mum after my wee wee walk todays! I am kinda embarrassed about her actions. After I poops she gets right in there to inspect it! holy smokes Mum please the neighbours are watching!

(I interrupt this post to let everyone know that the eye has not come out yet but it has not been 24 hours. I am sure he will be fine. [I just keep telling myself that to calm me down])

I also gots into trouble the other night when Braveheart was on TV. I don't like animals on TV even cartoon ones. When they come on I go into protection mode. Someone must protect the family from these intruders! Mum doesn't see it this way. I actually broke our old TV when I lunged at a dog on the screen and slammed the TV back against the wall. No one was impressed with the fact I had saved them from the intruder! TV's are now higher off the ground than before.... I wonder why! Anyways there were lots of horses on the screen and I gots mad at them. Here are pictures from that night.

I can no longer reach the TV from the ground, so I sit on my stool and rest my bum on the bed to get as close as I can. You can't see my stool but it is there, it helps me to get up on the beds as the bed is high for me. Lots of sudden lurching, barking and growling was taking place and Dad gots mad because he couldn't here the TV over my noise. Eventually the TV was turned off!

The one good thing to report is I have been given my own spot in the house to display my stuffs. In our stairwell we have shelves and Mum said I can show off my things on these shelves. I am super glads about this as I have lots of stuff to show off. Right now this is what I am displaying......

See my valentine cards!!! I only have two shelves so I have to watch my space and probably rotate stuffs but the good news is this is my area and I don't have to share with Tika and Kizzy! YEAH!

Mum has allowed me to keeps my picture of Tuni on our hall entry table right above my bed so everyone can see it right away. We loves seeing her picture as we walks thru the door.

The other day Mum gots an email from Happy Tails - Lost Souls: Found. They stumbled across MY our blog and emailed Mum to ask her if she wanted to submit stories about Tika and Kizzy (we missed the cut off for the pug stories, PFT I am a tad upset over this! Everything is really all about me!). Mum loves books and is really into the library and reading (BORINGS for me).

She checked out their site and is super excited about the release of the pug book! Ok this is one book that may not be BORINGS!

I wonder if Tuni will have a story in that book? 
Well that is it for now, off to the beach we go it is super sunnys today. Mum.... get my chuck-it, let's go!


  1. Hi Winston!!!

    Well I am super happys you got your own shelfs! I don't even have ones. And your tushy was cute while you were barkings at the tv. I don't barks at the tv because I can't see that fars, but Sequoia is just likes you crazys.

    I or my Mom has never herad of the book with the stories but she will interested in them now because of your post.

    Pug hugs,

  2. You ate the eye?!?!?!? I'm not one to judge. I am the Rock Eater after all. =) The momma is shaking her head and mumbling something about pugs and 2 year olds. I don't get it. I'm sure you'll pass the eye just fine. Tell your momma not to worry to much.


  3. Hi Winston,
    I am happy to hear that all the celebration is calming down, and you can get to decorating your own special shelves. I do not have any shelves yet, but I told mommy that if Winston has some, well I should too.
    You must be so strong to pounce on the tv and knock it. Wow, I am impressed!
    Oh yes, I think the lobster eye might exit tomorrow.
    I swallowed a light bulb from a Christmas tree and it finally came out after i ate 10 pieces of white bread.

  4. Hi Winston! You have been so busy lately! I'm so glad the Olympics are over because they were so tense. That hockey game was out of control and congrats to Canada for winning the gold.

    I don't eat my stuffies but I can understand how other pugs do. I sure hope that lobster eye passes soon or else you will be headed to the vet. I can't believe your Mom said you were doing a Pearl. Poor Pearl is so famous for doing bad stuff isn't she?

    Mom finally took my Valentine's Day cards down today. I wish I had my own shelves like you. that's so cool that you get to display all your stuff. And of course the pic of your pug love Tuni is front and center.

    I can't reach the tv anymore either but I know what you mean about animals on tv. I bark at doggies on tv and Mom yells at me despite the fact that I am protecting her. That's my job just like that's your job. Why don't our parents appreciate the work we do? What would they do without us?

    Stubby xoxo

  5. Hi Winston, we enjoyed catchin' up on your blog!

    Meh, what do they expect us to do when dangerous animals come on the t.v? Sit back and let our family be in danger? As if! I barks and hop up on the t.v. as much as I can. But then mom busts out the squirt bottle and tells me to knock it off.

    Tells your mom not to worry about the little ole eye ball. I eats rocks and sometimes it take a day or so for 'em to work their way out. It's not always pleasant on my bung hole, but I guess it's better than being stuck. Mom does the same thing when I poo. What's with them checking it in public???


  6. Anonymous04:14

    Hi Winston!

    We enjoyed your post today. I wouldn't worry too much about that eye. . . our cousin Molly used to eat big rocks from the driveway, and aluminum foil and stuffs and she would be OK.

    We think it's funny that you bark at the TV!

    jane & Alice

    Pee Ess -- Canadian hockey ROCKS! Momma grew up cheering on the Vancouver Canucks.

  7. Oh Winston! I am so proud of you for eating something naughty! I tell you, all our moms want to do is ruin our fun!

    I think that little eye should pass through in the next day or 2. Did you know that one time when I was only about 6 months old, I ate a pile of sequins from Momma's sewing drawer?!! I pooped sparkly sequins for WEEKS!! hehehe! Sometimes things just take a while to pass. Don't you worry. :)


  8. It looks like you were a great Canadian cheerleader!



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