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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Boys Retreat to Pug Lake - Sept. 10-12th

Hello fellow Fire Hydrants Members

It is times for our first boys club retreat.
September 10-12th

I have reserved us some cabins up at Pug Lake. There are lots of cabins situated alongs the lake. Each cabin sleeps 3 pugs.

I will organize a bus to gets up there. We can all meets at our clubhouse at 17:00 hours on September 10th. The bus will pick us ups from there.

There will be a ton of activities to keeps us busy

Rock Climbing



Bring alongs your fishing rod and your life jackets

There will also be "campfire time".

This is our time at the end of each night to sit arounds and discuss how we can bust into the sunflower girls clubhouse.

As you all knows they have beefed up security.

Pack your bags and come join the fun.

Please RSVP with me so I knows how many cabins to confirm. Let me know if you have a cabin buddy preference.

Your Chairpug,
Winston Wilburs

{oh DRAT, I forgot to activate the spy filters!!!!!}


  1. Oh,oh,oh Winston, It's Sluggo. Wilma is still sleeping, of course. I will be there most definitely. I can bunk with anybody. Wilma and Brigitte snore so loud I can sleep through anything. I am going to distract Wilma from reading about this trip. The only thing is, we have to keep them other sisters from telling her. I can't wait!!!! This is gonna be so much fun!

  2. Hi Winston! Count me in! I can't wait until next weekend because it sounds like you have an awesome retreat planned for us boys. Let me know if you want me to bring some Popeyes.

    Stubby xoxo

  3. Hey Winston! Two boys here that would love to camp preference if we share a cabin or not...just want to get away from the 3 sisters at home. Take us now!
    Licks you laters,
    George and Toby (The Slimmer Pug Boys)

  4. Wisnton, I would like to RSVP please.

    Don't worry, I won't make a peep! And I definitely won't eavesdrop at all. Nope, I would never. I just want to come along for that gorgeous scenery!!!!

    ***activates spy filter***

    Girls, I'm in.

  5. Hello's 'deres Winston!! 'dis is just what me's needs!! 'dis is goin' to be so much funs!! Yeah, me's be yous roommate!! We's can talks 'bout our Washing Mashing sisters!! Hu Hu's!!

    Let me's knows what I's can brings!!

    Yous Buddy,
    Anakin Man

  6. hi winston!

    oh i am so excited!

    i cannot wait for our camping trip!

    i will bring mini meatloaves for everyone!

    thank you for setting this up for all of us!


  7. hi winston!

    oh my gosh!

    i am so excited! i am baking mini meat loaves for everyone!

    thank you for setting up this wonderful trip!




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