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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Retreat Recap of Chaos

Hi Everypuggy,
Yup I am backs from my weekend retreat at Pug Lake with the boys. It was a great time. Us boys had a big par-tay until somethings happened!

We gots there Friday nights and settled into our cabins. We had a huge campfire then hit the hay. The next day was spent on the lake fishing and swimming and waterskiing. Lots of funs. Then sometime in the afternoon I noticed that Arpel had disappeared! Us boys kept getting the sense we were being watched!

On Saturday evening I heard rustling outside my cabin I was sharing with Anakin. I opened the door and aimed my camera and clicked a picture. Later when I looked at my pictures..... I saw this!

No wonder we felt like we was being watched!!!!! GIRLS!!! See them????
Sequoia, Wilma, Josie pretending to be a chicken!, and look Jane from casbah kitten and my sister..... Kizzy!!!!!!

Hey who is that in the left corner?
Looks like Arpel!
 WHAT!!!! hey wait a minutes....

Look closely at this photo....

If you remove the hat, sunglasses and mustache......

Oh I gets it now.... Arpel! rearrange those letters...... what do you gets?
and this Arpel told me he was from Oklahoma!! That is where Pearl is from.

Well when Sluggo came up to the lake with Murphy and Duke
they managed to gets their paws on this

Unfortunately those girls out smarted us and managed to sneak up to the lake!


See her.... Arpel AKA Pearl in the back with the walkie talkie, and look who is in the helicopter aboves.....

Well after they gots the map back and we chased them outta of the lake area we spent times de-stressing.

I was a bit frazzled when I gots home. I am feeling more calms now but I tell yous...... boys we needs to start planning to gets that map backs. Oh and we need to relocates our clubhouse due to security reasons.....

Any ideas?



  1. Dood! I knews I didnt trust dat Arpel! i's gonna braincloud us's some new security measures.


  2. We should plan a secret attack on their next meeting!

    Bough, Otis, Bucky and Brodie

  3. I plead the 5th.

    *zips lips*

  4. oh my gosh!
    what a caper filled weekend i tell ya!
    it was so fun!
    thank you for hosting winston!


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