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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wednesday Words

Mum says I am cute but.... SPOILED! What!! I don't think so Mum. What do you think?

[Mum's note: Notice he is laying in MY spot on our leather couch, he is wrapped in MY blanket and the pillow is balanced on the glass coffee table in order for him to have somewhere to rest his cute head. Nope.... not spoiled at all!]

Hey stop with the flashy thing will you..... I can't sleep over here. Mum, you just woke me ups!
PFT I am not spoiled, cute maybe.... but spoiled.... NO WAY!

(oh thanks for  getting me that pillow Mum)

Winston Wilburs


  1. are not spoiled...that is what we call in this house "normals."
    Much licks and Luvs,
    The Slimmer Puggums

  2. Winston.....oh Winston yous not spoiled! You just doing what us pugs loves to do....relax. And your doing it well....very cute!


  3. Anonymous15:01

    ha ha ha! Dude, you are SERIOUSLY spoiled!

    jane whispers :: make the most of it!::


  4. Ohh Winston, my mommie is laughing her head off at your post! I don't think were spoiled, I mean my mommie does the exact same thing for me. Gives me her blanket and pillows so I have somewhere to put my head...were not uncivilized for pugsakes!

  5. Well of course you are spoiled! Just look where you are sleeping!! We have to sleep in our doggy beds or it is no treats for us after dinner.
    -Baby and Lucy

  6. Winston
    Whatever it is,,,, you deserve that special treatment.
    Remember this,,, SPOILED means LOVED
    so,, see ,,, its a good thing..
    I am spoiled and that is the way it should be,,, so it should be for you too.
    Don't worry. Be happy


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