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Monday, September 27, 2010

Super Tired Pug!

Hello everypuggy. Today we are soooo tireds. I gots back from Seattle late last nights. For those who don't know, we went down to America to the Pug N Brew Seattle Pug Rescue fundraiser event with my luvs and her sister.

I gots to stay in hotels and boy did I have funs! Mum said I was so hyper that nights. I was tearing down the hotel hallway and running around the room playing with my toys. I gots to sleep on a big fluffy bed with Mum. Mum hads to put a stool beside the beds so I could get up on the bed BOL.

After the border, we stopped at Barnes & Noble to gets coffee and of course Mum had to looks at the books!!

I was not happy when I found outs that Mum forgots to pack my treats! This is what my face looked likes when she told me the bad news.

So when we gots to the Hotel, we unloaded our bags then went back outs to Petsmart. We met Tuni and Sequoia theres and we went shoppings. Looks at this huge tub of liver treats Mum scored!!! You can't gets this in Canada and the price was amazings. Mum luvs the Petsmarts in America!

Mum grabbed dinner than we went back to hotels to settle ins.

Mum..... call me some room service now. Let's stay here in Daisy style.

Lounging watching TV

in the morning Mum opened the curtains and I felt the need to bark at every single person that I could see from the window. We looked onto the parking lot and many of the guests were loading up their cars. Well I had to growl and bark at each one until Mum closed the curtains again!

We then went off to Tuni and Sequoia's house where I stayed with the girls while the Peeps went to brunch. Shesh Mum is still talkings about the buffet breakfast at the restaurant. I told Mum we have heard enough already but she came back with..... "hey you always talk about Tuni all the time...... I can talk about the buffet all the time". Mum luved the buffet, she says America does the best buffets.

We then all gots into one vehicle and drove to Seattles.

Here are the pics from the Pug N Brew

Pug Puppy!

Cool huh? This guy wasn't gonna let nothing stop him!

Oks so this lady comes over and is all excited cuz her pug is big like me! It got even weirder when she called her pug over to sits for a picture..... his name is also Winston!!!!! and he was tall likes me and weighed the same as me!

another pug puppy!!!!

Tuni and Me just chillin

Me and Sequoia, she was talking to mes about her luvs Anakins.
She is totally in luvs with the dude!

Fast forward to today where Mum keeps finding all three of us (me and my sisters) sleeping all day long!

Today I is super tireds from the excitements of the weekend. I don't know why Kizzy and Tika are so tireds today. It isn't like they came with us!!

When I gots home I found them on the cat tree looking super guiltys.

They would not looks me in the eye when I asked what they did on the weekends. They just said they did nothing importants.

Whatever it was they are exhausted too. I hopes it is nothing to do with the Sunflower Sisters. The last things I need is them joining that girls club and helping them spy. Hmmm, I better looks into this some more.



  1. Great post Winston! I am glad you got to see your love!


  2. Anonymous03:04

    Wow Winston, that was quite an adventure! Staying in a hotel and everything too. Be sure to take a nice LONG nap today.

  3. What a wonderful time to be had by all. So glad you got to meet Sequoia and Tuni! Love the pics~

  4. I know nothing of your sisters whereabouts over the weekend. I am sure they were perfectly behaved felines.(Wait, is there such a thing?)
    Sure looks like you had a great time in America with your sweetheart. I like that vat of liver!

  5. Winston my luvs! Oh the pictures of you barking outs the window being a protector is so sweet. I don't know whys parents don't understand its hee hee. I hope you slept all day. Mom left for works and came home and found me in the same bed and sound asleep still Mondays! We all had so much fun!


  6. Hi Winston
    I just love all those photos.. it makes me feel like i was right there with you.
    So many cutie faces.... and the puggy in the wheel chair is like a puggy my moms used to have. She had a chair like that too.
    I am happy for you that you got to be with Tuni again,,,, HAPPY DAYS!

  7. hi winston!
    oh what a wonderful time you had at the party with sequoia and tuni!

    we love all of your photos and that you met another puggy named winston!

    how perfect!

    m & e


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