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"I am a happy pug therefore.... I am a smiling pug"! My mum is called Smilingpug... after me! Because of her love of animals and nature, she is a Buddhist and a vegetarian (thank god). She is most inspired by the Dalai Lama. We live on the West Coast of Canada and I share my home with my two older feline sisters Tika and Kizzy and my NEW little brother Sam Cooper who... is all the way from MidSouth Pug Rescue in Tennessee!! I am 11 and I don't walk to well anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't get around! Welcome to my blog.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Decorating for 2008

YIPEE! we decorated for Christmas today! I got very excited as you can see from one of my pictures of me jumping up toward mum as she took the pic. Kizzy and Tika got into it too. They especially like the box that the christmas tree comes out of. So the lights are up, the pawkings are hung, advent calendar displayed, tree erected, now all that is left to do is have mum write up Wish Lists for Santa Paws and to be on our best "good kitty and pug behavior", which means no climbing the tree or peeing on it and no playing with the decorations that are on the tree, until the big day!
The pawkings were hung by the "glowing warmer" in hopes that Santa Paws will visit!
Here I am very excited about the decorating!

Whimper, woof I had an Ouch!

Ok I am a little bit growlie about this entry. I had a sore swell up on my paw and that white coated lady (who has the habit of sticking sticks in my bum!!!!!!) wrapped my paw up for a few days. Well, the nerve of those ladies at the "pet clinic" (as mummy calls it) using HOT PINK. Don't they realize I am a boy! To make matters worse I had a flea hitch a ride and I am super hypersensitive to those little bugger's bites. Well my bum had to be shaved in order for mum to see where to apply my skin cream for the flea bites, needless to say my back end was very drafty. The good news is my fur is coming back. Mum shaved my bum to begin with but she did the most appalling job that the "vet clinic" had to tidy it up. I am all better now and I am sticking with the story that "shaving your bum is what all the pugs in New York are doing" so..... I am carrying on with the fashion trend. Below are my embarrassing photos of my "Ouch Week". PLEASE NO LAUGHING PS I won't even mention the "walking outside with the plastic bag over my bandage to keep it dry" incidents, hot pink is embarrassing enough!!

Oh..... How we can lounge, Part 2

All 3 of us agree on one thing..... WE ARE SO DARN CUTE!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Introducing DICKENS...... My Best Pug Pal

This is Dickens. We met at a pug gathering and have been pug pals ever since. We have loads in common, including the fact that he is only about a month younger than me. We meet regularly for walkies and swimming and just to hang out while our humans have coffee. He loves to chase squirrels, this is something I am learning from him and in return I am teaching him that skateboards and roller blades need to be barked and chased after. Aside from having lots in common we also look a lot alike with the only difference that he looks like he shrunk in the dry cycle! So here are some pics we have of my pal. From one handsome pug to another I like to say!

A day at Buntzen Lake with my Pug group

One of my funnest adventures was Buntzen Lake this past summer 2008. I got really good at swimming with my life jacket and I hung out with my friends too! Mum really likes it there as the beach area is nice and sandy for my feet and hers and the area is fenced in for us puggies. I have attached some photos from our last gathering before the wintery weather had hit. Brrr now we are in the cold rainy season which kind of sucks big time as it means shorter days and crappy weather and less time outside playing "chuckit" Here I am running with the pack!

Count down until our Mum's Birthday!

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata Cat tickers

Count down to Winston's Birthday

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata Dog tickers

Count down to Kizzy & Tika's Birthday

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata Cat tickers