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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feline Friday 5th Edition - Health Issues

Hello Everykitty,

TIka heres. Well we have hads a crazy weeks. We both wents to the VET in Mondays. I gots my teeth cleaned! I gots my blood checked and yearly exam and I scored a perfect A for a perfect princess.

When I gots home I was a little groggy so I settled downs with the remote and channel surfed just like Dad does.

The not so good news is my sister Kizzy. She isn't well right nows. She gots her blood checked and she has very high thyroid levels, she has Hyperthyroid disease. Mum thoughts something wasn't right cuz she says that some of Kizzy's habits have changed slightly. Mums been stressing all weeks.

After lots of phone calls Mum says, now Kizzy has to goes to a "kitty spa" for 6 days to gets special treatments.
Dr Karen (our cat vet) told us not to worrys that Kizzy will be just fine after her treatment.
Kizzy will be going to Northwest Nuclear Medicine.
After her treatment she will no longer have the high thyroid and will be fine for the rest of her life.
I wanted to go with Kizzy to the "spa" but Mum says no, only Kizzy can goes. Mum says it is expensive.

I talked to Winston abouts this. I am super worried. I have never been apart from Kizzy for my whole life and now she will be gones for 6 days!!! She leaves on this Wednesday! What am I goings to do?

WInston told me nots to worry. That he will be heres and Kizzy will be backs in no time.
I can't believe I am saying this buts...... sometimes Winstons can be a great pug brother.

Anywho, Kizzy is lounging right nows so I thinks I will go and joins her.
I will keep you posted on the week to come.
I just have to gets Mum to stop stressing! otherwise she will starts to loose her hair soon!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I celebrates Earth Day, every day (this ones for you Stubby!)

Hello everypuggy,

Winston here. I am dedicating this posts to my friend Stubby.
This is how we participate in Earth Day, everyday, at my house.

Kizzy and I checks out the new laundry detergent Mum is trying outs. It is called Attitude.
Ecco friendly, biodegradables, made in Canada, and all that other positive earth friendly stuffs.
Mum says it is quite goods..... I will let you know what I thinks after my blankets are washed this weekend.

Here is where we keeps the new garbage can and recycling stuffs.
In the carport.

Notes about our Garbage:  The city picks up limited items for recycle.
The new garbage can is special.... the system is now automated. The truck picks up the can with a mechanical arms (Tika always growls when she hears the truck coming!)
Mum had a choice of Smalls, Medium or Larges. Mum choose Smalls. She says not only do we gets a discount in property taxes but it encourages us to make less garbage.
If it don't fits in the can they won't picks it up!

Here is Kizzy and me helping Mum sorts the recycle stuffs

Here is the recycle truck picking ups

For stuffs that the city won't picks up. Well, Mum and me takes that to the City's recycling centre.
The location is so close, only 5 minutes by car!
Here I am helpings with sorting the returnable drinking containers, and gathering ups the plastic bags.
We gets money backs for returning the drinking containers! WhoHoo more money for treats and toys!!!!

(notes here: some of the bags are the ones Mum used for her luggage packing when she went to Mexico, see.... we now recycle thems)

Here we are at the City's recycle location. We can recycle lots heres. Paint cans, batteries, old appliances, electronics, plastics of all kinds, paper and tons more stuffs.

Just finished dropping of the plastic bags

There is even an area for composting.
Here I am dropping off our yard clippings

Coming soons, the city will be supplying our townhouse complex with yard waste containers for weekly pick ups.
Mum is super excited as we won't needs to takes it to the centre ourselves!

So after all that work Mum tooks me to the beach.

I played "stick fetch" in the water

Here I am chillin outs. Looks at my sandy pugger nose!

Mum couldn't resist this pic, looks at my ear!
I waited for her to wash her hands and when she came outs I had somehow flipped my ear backs!

Well I am super tireds after all that activity.
Until next times.....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sexy Whip Cream Sunday..... Here is to you Penny!

Hello everypuggy

Todays I got my friend Dickens and went for a nice long walk through Central Park.
After, we headed over to Starbucks.
Dickens' Dad went in and ordered our drinks and the extra whip.

After quiet thoughts and dedication we devoured our whip.
It was super tasty. The people at Starbucks even served it to us on a plate!! 

Here are the pictures......

Waiting while the drinks are ordered (me in the back, Dickens in front)

Mum ordered a Venti Mocha with Whip! Here it is!

Extra Whip for Dickens and me.
(Please take a moment here to reflect upon Penny.)

Cheers Penny! Yum Yum Yum!
(me on the left, Dickens on the right)

Close up of Dickens

Close ups of me. BOL looks at my Whip Moustache!

Dickens has Whip Muzzle! BOL

MMMM licking my lips, that was goods

A drink of water to finish it offs!

A nice sunny day, a nice long walks, hanging with my pal Dickens, what a great days,
ending at Starbucks with Whip.

In memory of Beefy Sexy Penny
April 16, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A sexy celebration of life with whip cream. I officially declare..... Sexy Whip Cream Day

Hi everypuggy,

I am sads today.

But I ask you this......
Is she really no longer with us?
Her little heart has ceased to beat but I know that her pug body served as just a shell.
Her spirit and her soul is everywhere around us and always will be.
Although we can not physically see or touch her any longer, she is, without a doubt, still amongst us.

We cry and feel sads. It is hard to smiles. It is hard knowing that we won't be able to physically sees her again.
She would want us to continue to smiles, and right now this seems so hard to do.

But.... She is still with us in spirit and is asking us one thing.....
Celebrate her memory.

So with this I request and declare that this Sunday April 18th to be "Sexy Whip Cream Day", Penny style of course!
Go on.... get your pawrents to leash you up get to a Starbucks (or your closest coffee shop). Order that Venti Mocha full of calories and tastiness and ask for extra whip cream. Sit down and enjoy the whip cream as it touches your lips and creates happiness in your mouth. Then paws to think of Penny and celebrate her life.

 Make sure you posts about it afterwards, take pictures!

Sexy Beefy Penny Pug
June 30, 2004 - April 16, 2010

Dana.... our deepest condolences during this time of your loss.
We are all here for you.

Winston xoxo

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Feline Fridays 3rd edition

Hi everykitty,

Kizzy heres. Tika is curled up sleeping right nows.

We are super glad Mum is homes from her disappearance. She was gone so longs. Looks what we gots from Mum when she came home. New feeding dishes!! She gots us each one but they are both the same pattern so there is no bickering.

Aren't they pretty?

Here is me dining from my new dish!

After supper I went out with Mum into the garden to help her with gardening.
I thought I did a super job of helping Mum with the plastic lid by preventing it from blowing aways.

(mum's note: there was not a trace of wind blowing tonight!)

This is what we are growings

I helped Mum prep this container for snap peas. I was very diligent about watching Mum sow the seeds. I thought I was a good helper.

(Mum's note: I am not quite sure how watching translates into "helping", I mean I had the dirty hands, while Kizzy was spotless)

This concludes this weeks Feline Friday. See you next time.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back Home..... Mexico Post card anyone?

Hello everypuggy!

I am backs! Well Mum is backs which means I am backs on the computer. Phew what a long weeks I hads. Dad and I did some great stuffs. Mum even commented on how the house wasn't too much of a man-cave upon her returns! I went on walks with Dad and spent the night at my pug pal, Dickens', home. Dad had school and had study so I spent time lounging while thinking of my Tuni.

Before I go any furthers.... if you are interested in a post cards from me, Mum brought some backs for me to send to my blog friends. Email me you address if you wants one, or leave me a comments.

I now forgive mum for going aways when I saw that she returned with some Mexican snacks for me.
Here I am having my new snacks, Barky's Beef strips, while mum has coffee from her new mug she gots.

This is a picture of the place Mum stayed at. It is one of the few pictures she has as this was taken on her blackberry and not her camera. (see note below)

Mum went to a town called Bucerais. She luved it there. There is a place there called Sandrina's, (You gotta check out their website!) that Mum luved to eats at. The owners are originally from Victoria BC..... Anyways they had a pug named Rosie! And the owner's sister had two pugs as well!

This is Rosie with her brother Jimmy!
Naturally Mum was all over the pugs and luved seeing them all.

Dad and I went to get Mum last nights from the Plane place. Here I am waitings for her.

Here I am in the car heading homes. At first Mum put me in the back seat but later I insisted on sitting on her lap insteads.

One last picture of Mum..... My auntie gave Mum a pug card while they were in Mexico.
Look at what Mum did with its! Mum is funnys.

that is all for nows.

The sad news is that at the check in at the Puerto Vallarta airport, the procedure is to manually have your luggage inspected by check in employees, before it is weighed and sent on the conveyor belt to the planes. Mum was very suspicious of the guy that inspected the luggage, when he enquired if there were any electronics, cash or jewellery in the luggage. Mum has been to Mexico many times and never had this question before. They also thought it odd that he insisted on taking the luggage to the check in counter and that he specifically insisted on a certain counter. Once Mum gots home she noticed that her camera had been removed from the camera case that was in her luggage. It is now realized that the check in guy and the baggage checker were working togethers in stealing from luggage! They stole her camera and all her pictures that were on it.... are now gones! She is now in the process of submitting a claims to West Jet loss prevention regarding the incident.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday at the Beach

Hello Everypuggy!

Happy Easter!

Today the weather held off as far as rains and strong wind.It was cloudy with suns today, so after my liverlicious egg hunt, we went on a short road trips. I went to Belcarra Provincial Park. Here are the pictures from my visit. I luved the beach and gots loads of attention from the kids that were on the dock.

Yeah Beach time!

Brrr a little chilly at first!

Looks what I discovered!

seaweed! okay maybe not yummy! Very salty.

Fetching my stick.

Hey were did the rock go! Mum stop throwing rocks they are just sinkings!

Posing with style!

Dad and I head down to the dock

Sitting on the dock just chillin!

Hurry up Mum! I gotta see what the view is likes on the top pier

Taking a peek at the view! WOW super cools

On the pier hanging with Mum
(note: I kinda gots into trouble here. I tried to eat the goose poop that I discovered under the bench)

On last pose on the beach, before we headed homes.

Hope you all hads a good Easter weekend. I sure did!

On that notes, you all must check out this picture of my luvs, Tuni.
Sequoia posted it on her Sundays with Sequoia.

Isn't Tuni just the cutest thing you have ever seens?
We all luved this picture we had to spread the word.

The bad news is Mum leaves for Mexico on Tuesday, so I won't be able to blogs until she is back 1 week laters.

(another notes: I am totally growly mads as I will miss Tuni Tuesday!)

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