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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Feline Fridays 3rd edition

Hi everykitty,

Kizzy heres. Tika is curled up sleeping right nows.

We are super glad Mum is homes from her disappearance. She was gone so longs. Looks what we gots from Mum when she came home. New feeding dishes!! She gots us each one but they are both the same pattern so there is no bickering.

Aren't they pretty?

Here is me dining from my new dish!

After supper I went out with Mum into the garden to help her with gardening.
I thought I did a super job of helping Mum with the plastic lid by preventing it from blowing aways.

(mum's note: there was not a trace of wind blowing tonight!)

This is what we are growings

I helped Mum prep this container for snap peas. I was very diligent about watching Mum sow the seeds. I thought I was a good helper.

(Mum's note: I am not quite sure how watching translates into "helping", I mean I had the dirty hands, while Kizzy was spotless)

This concludes this weeks Feline Friday. See you next time.


  1. Winston, where are you? Did the cats (aliens) lock you away in their time warp again? Come back pugger... come back!


  2. Oooh, your new bowl is so pretty!

  3. Oh Kizzy how sweets of yous to help your Mommy garden. We really like your new bowls too.
    Daddy and Mommy are both off today so they are doing yard works. They are going to plant some flowers. I am going to try to help. I loves to help too. Too bads we don't live closer. I don't have a lot of little kitty friends.

  4. Those dishes are lovely! Fit for royalty!


  5. Hey Girls! Sequoia here. Love the new authentic. I thinks you did a great job holding that plastic thing down. Way to helps!


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