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"I am a happy pug therefore.... I am a smiling pug"! My mum is called Smilingpug... after me! Because of her love of animals and nature, she is a Buddhist and a vegetarian (thank god). She is most inspired by the Dalai Lama. We live on the West Coast of Canada and I share my home with my two older feline sisters Tika and Kizzy and my NEW little brother Sam Cooper who... is all the way from MidSouth Pug Rescue in Tennessee!! I am 11 and I don't walk to well anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't get around! Welcome to my blog.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

I am enlightened by His Holiness!

This past Sunday the house was a flutter of excitement. Yup, that guy in the burgundy robe was back in town again, the wise and noble one they call "Dalai Lama". The alarm went off at 6:3o Sunday morning and boy was I not thrilled about being woken up at that hour. After all I had a busy day on Saturday and was tired. But Dad, Mum and I piled into the car and went to collect Granny from her house. We arrived out at UBC (University of BC)around 8 am. Then Mum and Granny got out and did not take me with them! She said that pugs were not allowed. I was wondering if it was because I am a Chinese pug and there are some issues with this "Lama" and China. Mum said not at all and that this "Lama" is kind to all beings, it is just unfortunate his country is being occupied by China. This doesn't mean he doesn't like China and Chinese beings, pugs can't go because pets aren't allowed! PFT! Pets not allowed! I was growly about this. Anyway, they went to see this guy in the robes, this "Lama", as he was here in Vancouver for a Peace Summit. Mum was very moved by the whole event and even sneaked in some photos at the end.
Here is the pic Mum captured on her blackberry. This was at the end of the talks.
The whole point to my post is that when Dad and I went to pick up Mum and Granny, after the event, we found them outside the building on the grassy hill waiting for something. I greeted Mum and then got loads of attention from others that were standing around. We then all waited and waited and waited (this was tough as I could smell Mum's sandwich in her snack bag, which she did not offer me any) and after about 30 minutes Dad scooped me up in his arms so I could see above the people to see just what this waiting and sudden excitement was all about. Then I turned my head and saw this "Lama" in the burgundy robes. He exited the building and walked toward the waiting car. I was in awe! I felt a sudden calmness surround me, and then I felt a sense of enlightenment. He looked at me then put his hands together in prayer and bowed toward me! I could not believe my little puggy eyes...... that I saw His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in person! I now understand why Mum was so excited to see him talk at this event. I really wished I could tell him that they really should have let us pugs attend the event. Us pugs could really teach humans about peace and compassion. Maybe next time he visits he will consider us puggies!
Me on the grassy hill outside the Chan Centre. Here is where we waited and waited and I got some attention from some media folk.
Scooped up and in Dad's arms while we wait. I was starting to get sleepy!
Wait.... some action is happening at the doorway. I can't see anything yet but I hear them.
Oh my here they come... bodyguards and all. Oh look there is His Holiness (he is the second monk facing away from the camera).
There he is coming toward the car, I can see him now and he seems to be smiling or laughing.
Getting closer to us now. He is just about near the crowd of us. But we had to keep back on the grass we weren't allowed to get too close. (Again he is the second monk not the first one)
And here it is! The picture of him looking directly at me. Hands in prayer then he bowed toward me and acknowledged me! What a lucky puggy I was.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The "Walrus Pug"

A strange discovery has been made. An individual walking along the sandy beaches of a quiet out of the way beach in BC, came across a strange sight. A large creature was lounging on the rocks by the shoreline. The individual, whom wishes to remain anonymous, was stunned by what they saw. "It was lounging in the sun on them there rocks over yonder and when it saw me it, snorted, launched itself into the water, and came wriggling right up onto the beach toward me." When we asked if the individual was frightened they replied "no, not once I realized that it was really only interested in sharing my sandwich with me. Once it had a couple of mouthfuls, which it begged intensely, it found a stick and wanted to play fetch. I wasn't about to go into the sea to play with it so then it turned around and disappeared back into the ocean and back to the rock over there." The creature is described as being a large walrus like mammal but the odd thing is the face was that of a pug! Apparently several people have now spotted the creature and it seems very friendly and tends to go up to people that are in possession of food items. The creature has been spotted hanging out with the group of local walrus' within the area. Of the people that have encountered it they describe it as "walrus like with the face of a pug and the personality very much like a pug. The first individual to spot it managed to capture it on film as they were taking beach pictures when they encountered the "walrus pug". The local town has named him "winston, the walrus pug".

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A long distance Car Ride and a little history lesson

Me and mum
Wow I am pooped! Today mum said "car trip" and we piled into the car and headed to a small town called Hope BC. Mum said something about a movie called "Rambo' being filmed there in the 80's but I am not allowed to watch movies so I don't know that movie besides it was way before my pug-time. We traveled about 1 hour and 30 minutes to a place just outside of this "Hope BC" which is called Othello. I had so much fun there. We parked the car and walked the trail to these tunnels that at one time were part of an old railway line that was part of the Kettle Valley Railway. I walked through 3 tunnels and across 2 bridges. The tunnels were dark but I was not scared for a minute. I stayed right by mum's side so I could find where she was in the dark. We climbed down the rocks and played in the river. I got very excited and dug a hole under this overhanging rock. After it was all over we drove the long drive back home and boy was I a tired little boy! Check out my pictures and some video footage.
On mum's lap on the ride up there
Me at the entrance to the 2nd tunnel
Me on one of the bridges
Pawsing to check out the big drop down to the river. So pretty.
Me and Dad entering the 3rd tunnel
At the entrance to the 1st tunnel. This tunnel was the longest and darkest.
Posing for the camera
Posing on a rock overlooking the beach were I played in the sand.
This was so much fun. I dug a hole here and played in the sand.
My cute pug butt as I madly dig away.
A view of the river from the beach area.
On the way home, I crashed out on the floor of the car. This is just before I fell asleep.
Stopping for a Wee Wee break and to help Dad gas up.
I am so excited..... CAR RIDE!
Stopping to grab a drink. It was a hot day.
Mum climbed this rock and took a picture of me.... then I climbed the rock.
More view of the river.
Leaving the tunnels to head home.
Leaving the trail to the car. Bye Bye tunnels it was fun!
Mum caught me on video as I was snoring in the car. I fell asleep on the floor of the car and I had no idea she was filming me!!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pita Pata

Mum wants to post again! Jeeze this is my blog and all she thinks about is her and her posts! Well she wants to let everyone know about this pitapata site where she had sooooo much fun creating tickers for our blog. Scroll down to the bottom and see our count downs until our birthdays!

Count down until our Mum's Birthday!

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Count down to Winston's Birthday

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Count down to Kizzy & Tika's Birthday

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