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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fire Hydrant Clubhouse

Hi Boys thanks for meeting me heres. Okay has everyone arrived?
Ok follow me I will show you the way to our newly built clubhouse.

Oh and keep your eyes peeled for GIRLS!

Ok follow me down this short private roadway.....

Ok everyone we takes this gravel path that was on our right  and goes right to the end.....
Come on keep ups.......

 Ok so we take this path thru the archway.....

 into the woods along this boardwalk......

Look for the break in the trees and take the dirt path on the left......
Are you still with me? almost theres....
 When you get to the bridge.... go underneath and take the very short trail to the right.....

The overgrown bushes give way to this clearing.....

 Ok see on the left theres?
See the tree and the low shrubs.......
We will head toward that and just around the corner in front of the tree is our new clubhouse!
Follow me.......
Tad dah! heres we are!

WAIT A MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!
Well this is a bit disturbing? How did the girls know where the clubhouse was?

**boys all shuffle into the clubhouse**

Ok Sluggo has a power point presentation on the spying he did at the girls  Ice Cream Social back in April.
Here is the report......
Well that explains how they found our new clubhouse and planted those sunflowers....
That is okays we will get our revenge just them waits!

Ok before we wrap this up and go out and enjoy the sunset view from our patio I want to remind you all that coming in September is our annual boys retreat.
 Any ideas and suggestions for activites can be submitted before Aug 20th,
We can also plan out our next spy tactic at that retreat!

** boys shuffle outside**
Gorgeous view and sunset tonight!

Does anyone need a map to get back to the parking lot?

Until our next meeting...
Keep marking em boys!
**Spy Filters Deactivated**
Winston Wilbur

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our First Harvest..... A Green Stubby Report

Hi everykitty. Today it is us girls only!
Yup we felines are taking control of the Green Stubby Report!

(okay Tika insert the logo now.....)
(good job Tika)

Okay so what is this months report all about?
It is about harvesting your own food at home!

As many of you know we started growing our veggies in the spring.
Well, we were out in the garden on the weekend and low and behold.......
we had our first harvest.

So Tika and I started off by checking out our catnip.
Growing it at home means that you don't have waste.
Even though we recycle most packaging.......
Mum knows what happens when we PRINT the packaging.
Those inks and chemicals aren't good for the environment.

Next we checked in on our beans. Now you may remember that we originally planted them in the garden but had Slug issues so we moved the beans to the patio.
(just in time I might add!)

Look at them now!!!!!
I see flowers!

Tika found this harvesting exhausting so she stopped for a rest.
I kept going as Mum needed me to get the harvesting bowl.

Here it is! Cute huh?

 Now over to the peas.
Uh oh.... slug damage.
We rescued the peas from the original spot in the garden and they sprang back to life. But it looks like some slugs have managed to find our peas on the patio!
Look at the slug damage!!
Ah ha!
And look who Mum found in the soil!
Good bye Mr Slug... outta our peas!
(Mum placed him out back in the green belt behind the fence)

It is a small harvest but it is a start.
A few pea pods, some cilantro, sage and rosemary.
Beans, tomatos and cucumbers aren't ready yet.

While we were in the garden... 
Mum checked out the Jasmine plant.
As it isn't native to our environment Mum and I had to make sure it got correct winter care. We had it indoors and Mum thought at one point is wasn't gonna make it! (too dry and cool, not enough sun.)

But look at it! It just all of a sudden went wild!

And Mum pointed out..... 
lots of little flowers are budding!!!!
Mmmmm it is gonna smell super nice when it blooms!

Wow Tika is right...
all this harvesting and gardening is hard work.
I think I will just sit here and enjoy the smell of the cilantro in our herb mug.

Well I guess that concludes this month's Green Stubby Report.

We were wondering.... 
what have you been harvesting in your gardens this summer.
Just think how much you are helping the environment by simply gardening at home!

Cheek Kisses
Kizzy and Tika

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Case Number #0004
Date: 19th July, 2011
Investigating CSI - Agent Smiling Pug
Location - The home of two cats and a Pug in Burnaby

On the above listed date Agent SP was called out again, to the above address.
The 911 call went as follows...

  • Operator: 911 Police, Fire or Ambulance
  • Caller: Chicken bones on carpet! Upstairs hallway!
  • Operator: Mam, slow down, I need to know who to send.
  • Caller: Oh um yes.... I NEED AGENT SP! Hurry stain setting in!
  • Operator: Does it look like the bones have been eaten?
  • Caller: OMP who..... no just the meat picked away
  • Operator: Ok that is good that no one has eaten the bones.
Agent SP arrived on the scene to be greeted by the gray cat of the residence, Kizzy. She
 let in the agent and called for the others. Agent SP wasted no time.
The questioning got underway.

Agent: "Did anyone touch or walk near the crime?"
Mum: "No this time I remembered not to let anyone near it"

The Mum led the agent to the crime scene. 
Crime Scene taped off and residents told to wait down in the kitchen
Photo A
The chicken bone. 
Official name - "hot wing"

Photo B
 Close up of "hot wing".
Agent SP confirmed that no bones had been eaten just the meat.
Agent SP noted the stain in carpet.
(Additional comment......... that will be one Bi@#! of a stain to remove)

Photo C
"hot wing" measurements documented
Agent SP noted the object is small and still some meat left on bone.

Photo D
"hot wing" - Exhibit 3
  "stain" - Exhibit 2
After the photos Agent SP stood up and brushed fur from clothes (don"t these people vacuum!?) making mental note to 
bring lint roller next time!

The evidence was bagged, tagged and sent to the lab for analysis.

Back down to the kitchen to further question the Mum.
Apparently the Dad made the said "hot wings" for supper the night before and left the remainders here on the stove.

Photo E
"hot wings" in dish on stove - Exhibit 4

Next, Agent SP dusted for prints
Back to questioning the residents.

Once again it was
from the furry residents so the agent relied on the Mum for the questioning.

The wing was found by Mum as she got outta bed that morning.
Wings were from the meal last night.

Agent SP - Where was Winston throughout the night?
Mum - On the bed sleeping. I know cuz his snoring kept waking me throughout the night.

Agent SP - How about Tika's whereabouts?
Mum - On the bed with me.... actually sprawled across my face so I had trouble breathing.

Agent SP - Where was Kizzy on the night in question?
Mum - Well she was in the upstairs hallway, then I thought I heard her playing then it was super quiet. I figured she has crashed on the cat tree.

Agent SP then tried to get DNA samples of each resident.
Mouths clamped shut!
(Noted here they all commented: something about reminding them of a vet visit dental check up)

With no time to get a warrent for DNA, the agent proceeded on with the investigation.
How did the "hot wing" get upstairs?

Photo F
Relation of "wings" to the ground
Documented for the file: Distance is about 2-3 feet

Now the Agent recalls from past investigations that only certain residents of the household possess the ability to jump this distance.

Noted in this report is Case 0001 "the cutlet"

Photo G
Pictures from that report (0001) show that the pug is definitely
NOT capable of jumping 2-3 feet onto a counter.
(if the pug had eaten it..... all that would be left would be a stain and a huge vet bill)

All investigation halted when the lab called the
Agent on the Cell Phone with the "hot wing" test results
Feline teeth marks
Feline Saliva
Feline paw prints
Feline Gray Fur

The Mum was informed of the findings. She was quoted as saying...
"oh my well I guess it makes sense. Winston can't possibly get up on that counter. Tika is fussy when it comes to food even if she did jump up. But my Kizzy luvs to eat and luvs chicken."

(the agent notes for the record.. it would have been so helpful to the case if the Mum had offered this tid bit of info about Kizzy "luving" chicken at the start of the case!!)

The Mum then produced this photo... 

Photo H
Documented photo of Kizzy drinking water.

Agent SP noted that the Mum commented on how Kizzy was so thirsty that morning.
"she kept drinking water like her mouth was on fire"
Agent Smilingpug has concluded that Kizzy jumped up grabbed the "hot wing" dragged it upstairs and consummed some meat before realizing it was "spicy hot". She left it on the carpet and caused the stain.
 Agent SP went to make the arrest but was informed by the Mum that all furry residents had disappeared!
All the agent found was a poster CAMP SUNFLOWER 2011 
and map in the sock mockey bed
(mum said pug's spy equipment bag was also missing)

Another poster will be distributed by Agent SP......

Agent SP wrapped up the case by telling the Mum to find herself a
good carpet cleaning company but.......

(once Kizzy is located, she will be under house arrest working her butt off for allowence monies to pay for carpet cleaning. You do the crime you PAY for the crime!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Silhouettes and Shadows

Winston heres.
Just got backs from a walk on Burnaby Mountain.

But before you see the pics we gotta thank Urban Hounds for our very first.....
Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks Guys!
(We could tell yous a bit about us but at the moment time is short so we have to save thats for the future.)

On the Mountain....

Mum and me watching the raven dive bomb us!!




Me and my shadow

Hey Kizzy gets the door.
Who is it?

Uh oh....
Agent Smilingpug has arrived..... 
I wonder if it has something to do with the incident with the...
uh oh....
gotta run!
stay tuned

Winston Wilbur

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