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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cartwheels at the Pug Meet!

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres.


If you don't follow me on facebooks, you haven't seen the picture of my new set of wheels.
(You also might not knows that recently I have lost some mobility in my back legs. I went to a neurologist who suggested an MRI to confirm what is going ons. Until we get that done, I have my new wheels to helps me get about.)

I gots them last Monday, had two test runs in the house then did a test runs outsides.

Mum & Dad worried how I was gonna be outsides... naturally, I was fines. Worry-warts!!!

This pic from My first test run outsides on Friday

Anywho, I tooks my wheels to my pug meet on Saturday, and here are some pics from our gathering.

Posing in my new wheels!

Just hanging with the group

I thinks I will pass on the swim today.

Look at those crazy pugs!!

So I am still getting used to the wheels and lots of treats are handed outs!
I could totally get used to this!

For anypug wondering about my wheels, I wents out to Handicapped Pets Canada in Abbottsford BC. They do most of their business onlines but you can go out to their office too! 

They carry a large selection of items for us dogs!
They gots, splints, harnesses, wheels, ramps... the list goes on.
We are very pleased with the wheels!

I will be getting used to the wheels for the next little whiles, but so far so goods!

Keep on rolling my furiends!

Winston Wilbur

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Tuni Talk Memorial Post

In memory of my forever luv Tuni,
I dedicate this Tuesday Tuni memorial post to her.

I post this picture of me lounging in my bed.
Tuni, I knows you are watching from above and are probably lounging on a cloud!

This one is for you...

I have also done up a memorial slide show of Tuni.

I hopes Tuni's Momma enjoys this slide shows.

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I miss you Tuni,

Winston Wilbur

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Up Close and Personal

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres.
The other day while helping Mum in the garden, she snapped this close ups of me.

Looks at my grey face.
OMP I am totally going greys. I means I knows I am 10 1/2 but really!!!
I thinks I need some Miss Clairol or somethings!

On another note...
My friend Asha is staying with me til Friday.
Mum couldn't gets either one of us outta bed yesterday mornings!

Asha, all tucked ins.

Me all stretched outs
I told Mum it is cuz we were up most of the nights tossing and turnings.

The room was smok'in hots Mum! It was so hards to sleeps!

Mum saids "yah I know Winston, you two kept me up all night!"

Stay cool my friends

Reminder - July 17 Tuni Tributes!

Winston Wilbur

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Tuni Tribute reminder

Just a reminder that the tribute is Tuesday July 17. Make sure to post your best picture of you lounging in your bed!

Friday, July 06, 2012

My Tuni Tribute Announcement

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres

I want to tell you all abouts my idea for the Tuni Tribute.

  Here goes...   

On Tuesday July 17. 2012  I will doing my Tribute to Tuni.

Tuni was known for her many beds around the house. She luved her beds.

So for her tribute I am posting a picture of myself lounging in my bed.

If you want to pawticipates, It is really easy.

1) All you gotta do is post on your blog or facebook page a picture of you lounging in your bed.
(If you have a snazzy outfit you wanna pose in, put it on. Tuni had many many outfits that she always wore while lounging in her bed.)

2) Post your picture on Tuesday July 17. Include the title "Tuni Tuesday Tribute"
I have chosen Tuesday as this was not only the day of the week she crossed the bridge but, because I want to celebrate her memory of Tuesday Tuni Talk.

I knows her momma will be watching and reading all the tributes.

Will you help me?
Will you pose in your bed in memory of Tuni?

Spread the words and get lounging!

Winston Wilbur

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Tuni in the sky on Canada Day

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres.
Today is Canada Day. Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends.

Although it is a day to celebrates I am still sad over the loss of my Tuni.
Here is this picture from last years where I looks over my shoulder to the Canada Flag.

Today that picture has new meanings.
I look over my shoulder beyond the flag to the sky where Tuni watches down on me.
(It was my friend Rita with her pug Molly. that suggested the new meaning.)

Anyways, can you see her, can you see Tuni? She is watching over me, smiling.

I have had troubles getting onto the blog lately as I have been so sads.
Time will slowly heals this sadness.
To help make me feel betters I want to do a tribute to Tuni.
Will you help me?

In a few days I will post my idea and the details, in hopes that all my friends will pawticipate in honouring Tuni.

In the meantime I send luv and hugs to Tuni's momma and her family.

Petunia (Tuni-woons)
June 26, 2012
Until our paws and heart join agains,

Luv always,

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