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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The 2010 Halloween Costume and Wilma's Party

I am just posting my picture of my Halloween Costume for Wilma's Halloween Party.

I hopes to see you all at the party. I can't waits! Just look for the bulldozer!!!

Spook out

Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 Pug-O-Ween Event

Hello everypuggy,

Well yesterdays Hamlet and Babette picked us up in the "pug taxi" and then we picked up Dickens then it was offs to the border crossing to head into Washing mashings state for the Bellingham Pug Group pug-o-ween.

Here is a pic of us boys in the back.
Girls were in the fronts and boys in the backs!

We gots there right at 2pm and if you click on overs to Tuni and Sequoia's blog you will see their Mom did a nice shout outs abouts the Pooch Palace where the event was helds.

There were lots of pugs, peeps and snacks. Mmmmm snacks, oh the snacks they were goods.
Oh sorry.... distracted theres for a minute.... now on to the pics!

Grab some poppycorns, there are lots of pictures.

Dickens in his Canada shirt

Me and Dickens

action shot. there were lots of running pugs

whispering a secret

Hamlet is done with his costume

Wanda the devil

OMD it's Tuni, she has arrived. Babette dressed as a pig) and Dickens say hellos

Tuni just chillin, isn't she gorgeous!

I follow Tuni

I show off my costume

Babette and me with a blurry pic of Sequoia in her chicken hat



Nice close up. this pug was dressed like alien with google eye antenna.... but we can't remember his name.

Dickens and Faye

Ohhh more snacks!

Mmmmm snacks

Me just chillin

My favourite picture.... Tuni with her mom and me. Looks at Tuni's paw, she was touching my shoulder. Ahhh I was in heavens.

Sequoia and her Mom with Dickens (that is Oliver in the background)

Dickens just chillin

Tuni made her rounds to everyone's lap! Here she is with Hamlet and Babette and their Mom and the group organizer.

Sequoia telling her Mom how much fun the party is.
(PFT whatever...... I really think she is talking about Anakin again!)

Me and a little Faye
(I thinks she thinks I am sitting on her snacks!)

Mia isn't she cutes! She is from Canada too!

Mum loves this pic of Sequoia and her Momma

This is Fiona, she is from Canada too.
(Looks at the floor..... can you see all the pug furs!)

Tuni scores another lap!

Me, Fiona and Tuni just chillin

Close ups of me and Fiona

Here is another pic that Mum likes. Me and Dickens chillin with Tuni and Sequoia's Dad. 
(we were talking boy stuffs, you know sports and girls)

The car rides home. Looks at Babette, aren't you tired yet girl?????

Look at Hamlet, someone is pooped out!

That was super funs. Can't wait for next years.

To end the posts a picture of me at the garden centre a few weeks ago.

Winston Wilburs

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Halloween Costume!

Hi Everypuggy,

here is a sneak peak at my Bulldozer costume.

I am ready for Pug-o-ween tomorrow in Washingmachines state.

Tomorrow morning the Pug Taxi will arrive with Hamlet and Babette. We then swing on by to get Dickens then head to the border.

We will hook up with Tuni and Sequoia at pug-o-ween!

Can't waits!

How do I looks?

We will take pics of the party and posts abouts it afterwards.

Howl at the moon....

Monday, October 18, 2010

Green Stubby Report - Bottles and Plastic

Hello everypuggy,

Today is that time again for my Green Stubby Reports.
Let's make Stubby proud today by discussing bottles and plastic.
I was snoozing away in my bed when all of a sudden Mum dropped this bag near my bed and woke me ups announcing it was time to go to the recycling depot here in Burnaby.

We keep all things that can be recycled and every so often when we have lots we takes a trip to drop it off.
Today we tooks our accumulated collection of plastic bags and our drinking containers.

Ok Mum load up the car.....  I am ready to goes!

The first stop is the "return-it" place for our drinking containers.
We pulled up and unloaded our stuff from the trunk and went insides.

Here I am out f ront with our blue bag filled with containers.

Inside we have to use red plastic cartons to separate the different types of drinking containers. The lady that works there is really nice and I got a few pets in! 
I was in charge of sorting the juice cartons.
Anything under 1 litre in size you gets a 5 cents back and if it is over 1 litre you
gets 20 cents back.

(This amount is what yous is charged for when you initially buy the beverage. When you return the container yous gets that money backs.)

Let me check the bag.... yup, that is it we returned them alls. We gots $3.90 back for returning them all.
(Mmmmmm treat money! BOL)

Then it was down the street to the Burnaby Recycling Station to drop of the plastic bags.

(we don't get any money for returning plastic bags, we just gets "peace of mind" knowing we didn't put them in the landfill)

We aproach the site.

Oh there it is!
(Nothing fancy just a big dusty lot with tons of containers.)

Into the big container goes our bags. Look at all the bags people have dropped offs. Mum has to lift me up so I can reach as I am too shorts.

I check outs around the big dumpster to see how to turn it ons.
Mum says the workers do that when the container is full. They press the button and it compacts all the bags. Kinda likes a garbage truck.

Today we only dropped of plastic bags but you can drop off lots of other stuffs like: fridges, paint cans, paper, metal, used cooking oils, car batteries. The list is endless. 

Well I think my work is done heres.
Let's go home for some lunch nows, Mum..... all this recyling has worked up my appetite!

Remember, being a "Green Stubby" makes the world a greener, healthier place.


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