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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Winston Wordless Wednesday

Ok... so it isn't entirely wordless....
Can you see my pink tongue sticking outs?

Winston Wilbur

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dark Clouds on the Mountain

On Friday night we tooks an evening drive to Cypress Mountain.
It was a little on the cool side but no rain.......
or so we thoughts!

In the car, I sat on Mum's lap and away we wents.

Cypress Mountain is popular for skiing buts it has a cool lookout.
The lookout is where we were headed.

Dad commented on how "black" the sky looked over the mountain.

Checks this outs....

At the lookout a big dark cloud loomed overhead.
Mum popped me up on the wall for a photo with the city of Vancouver behind me.

Can you see the rain and cloud in the background?

 Um guys..... I thinks it is gonna open up and pours on us!!

Yup it did.... it just poured and poured rains.

I got smarts and headed under a tree to stay dry.

Here is the rain storm.
And it quickly ended our trip to the lookout.

Back into the car and home we wents.

Winston Wilbur

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cat Chat with Kizzy

Oh Hi everyone!
Kizzy here today

I have taken control of the computer. Winston is off planning and preparing for the next Fire Hydrant Club for Boys meeting. Tika is off spying trying to get info on what was in Sluggo's report.

So today I am here to Cat Chat about Catnip gardens.

Tika and I have a catnip garden specially designed for us.

(Mum here.......  Ok... hold on Kizzy...... tell them how you got this garden!!)

Oh yah right.... I wouldn't stop rolling on and flattening the plants in that section of the garden, so after numerous plant deaths and lots of "KIZZY NOOOO!"  Mum fenced off a special area for me us.

Today I decided to stroll on out and lounge around in the garden.

Ahhh I luv to feel the sun on my belly.

All I need now is a cool drink with one of those umbrellas in it.

Right next to the catnip garden is Mum's NEW lavender garden.
(used to be the veggies, we will post about that disaster some other time)
So while I lounge and roll around on catnip with the sun on me I also experience the scent of lavender.

It is so very relaxing that
I then sauntered over to the patio for some relaxing back rolls

 Roll to the right.....

Then roll to the left.....

Throw in a nice stretch and a bit of a wash......

Yup life is great when you are a cat with a catnip garden!

Do any of you cats out there have a catnip garden?

Cheek Kisses

Thursday, May 19, 2011

In the Maple Tree...... Intruders

Hi everyones, Winston heres.
 So I guess yous is all wondering abouts what got the girls all excited? Well before I tells you I want to say that lots of yous commented on your shampoo for bath times. Oatmeal seems to be very populars.

Ok so the tree......

The girls luvs to go outs into the garden. They just likes to sit and gaze around or roll around in the catnip garden. Well the other day Mum went to check ups on them from the upstairs bedroom window.  As you may remember.... this is what Mum saw....

Mum ran down to the livingroom window to gets a better view.

 I was wondering, where the heck Kizzy was!!!!

From the livingroom view.......
Oh look there is Kizzy, she luvs to sit under this tree. But what is she watching?

looks in the maple above Tika...... SQUIRREL!
He is hidding in the branches.

Tika says enoughs is enoughs, I am bored of this.
(Mum says Tika is a terrible stalker anyways, I mean she sits right out in the opens, bolt upright swishing her tail, right up in front of the squirrel.... not much camouflage if you asks me!)

Kizzy on the other hand is a fabulous stalker!
Looks at her technique, low to the ground, silent, no swishing tail, hidden under tree and not moving a muscle except for her eyes.

Oh looks,
the squirrel has come down from the tree. I guess it figured all is good now that Tika has left.

Oh now it moves to the grass. Looking for the fallen bird seeds

Hey what is that rustling aboves?
OMP looks 2 more squirrels!!!!

Oh looks now.... one of the squirrel pals has joined his buddy in the search for seeds

Oh this is very exciting for Kizzy!

she crouches even lower

The two pals investigates further into the grass

Hey look at him goes... getting closer to Kizzy!
Wait.... he spots Kizzy!

"Run away, Run away" he yells... "quick retreats, retreats".... "all squirrels back into the tree NOW!"
Hey what is that noise?
Mum is tapping on the window!
Mum blew its for Kizzy.
That tapping scared the squirrels aways!

(Mum says that she won't allow Kizzy to catch anything, Years ago..... Kizzy cornered a squirrel once, in the yard, between the bushes but Mum intervened and it gots away. Oh boy was Kizzy mads!)
Well Kizzy is mad that Mum just tapped on the windows! 
 Kizzy came inside and gave mum a **raspberry**

 Kizzy complains that it isn't often she gets a chance to practice stalking and Mum has to ruin it alls!!!!!

Mum says....."really Kizzy, thinks about it..... what would you have done if you had cornered 3 squirrels?"

Winston Wilburs
PEE S - 
**Triple spy filters activated**
For all the boys out theres.... I just received Sluggo's report on the Sunflower Social. We will review it this weekend.
** Triple spy filters de-activated**

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Green Stubby Report.... Bath Time

Good Day everyones!
Winston heres to talk about this month's Green Stubby Report.
Well I will start offs with...... 

Stubby. It was his 14th Birfday yesterdays!
Happy Birthday buddy!
(Visit Tiffy to see how they celebrated in Memory of Stubby)

Ok so this is how the report all started.....

Dad tooks me to pick up Mum from her exercise class. While waiting in the car I enjoyed some head scratches and ear rubs.

Mum gots into the car and Dad said.....
"hmmm Winston smells like dog, he is a little smelly"

Well that did its!
 (thanks Dad!!!)
Mum whisked me home and into the dreaded bath!!!!

Mum gots the tub filled and prepared my blue towel, treats and Shampoo.

Let's talks Canine Shampoo today!

I use Earthbath.
It is earth friendly.
The company does NOT test on animals.

Mum gets me the one for Light Coloured furs.

 This is what they say abouts their product.....

We blended a special selection of natural minerals (known as optical brighteners) with the essence of lavender. This wonderfully aromatic and mild shampoo naturally brightens the coats of any dog or cat with light colored markings or highlights. Additionally, it is safe for any colored coat and will leave your best friend's coat shiny, soft, plush, and smelling naturally fresh. Will not wash off topical flea applications. Safe for all animals over 6 weeks. Soap free.

If you wants more info abouts their great earth friendly products please stop and visit their website

Once I am ins the tub...
(this is a huge efforts on Mum's part as I weight 38 lbs and Mum has to lifts me in.
We don't use the people bathtub anymore on account that my furs clogged the drain! This being very expensives cuz it meant a call to the Plumber!)

Mum wets up my furs....

Then she lathers in the shampoo being carefuls not to gets anything in my eyes or ears.

(Note: see the shampoo lathers just a littles not too much which is goods for me and the environment)

I gets a massage, then it is time to rinse.
In between processes I gets snacks and lots of "good boy"

After the rinse cycle I am ready to gets out.....
um, another treat first Mum?

Oh hold ons... I have to gets my ears cleaned first
out comes the cotton pads and warm water...
(this part is kinda gross, close yer eyes if you don't like dirty ear wax!)


ok here it is!

my ear cleaning!

Gross eh?

Mum then takes this cloth...
you may remember these from my Green Stubby reports a while backs
 ( Click heres if you want to reads abouts that report)

She gives me what she calls..... "the face and wrinkle wash"

I hates this part  the most!!!!!!
Do any of you out there hate it too?

Okays, now I can gets out and towel dried offs
I get overly excited and run in circles and try to bites the towel.

Mum dishes outs the last of the treats and more "good boy"

Look who is one handsome fresh smelling pugger!!!!!

I was curious, what kind of shampoo you use for bath time?

Well I have to wraps it ups now.....

This concludes this months edition of
The Green Stubby Report

Keep it Green everypuggy!

Mum has just madly sprinted downstairs to attend to the girls
They have been outside for a long times.....
Mum just tooks this picture

What is going ons?
Stay tuned for our next post....
What has got Tika so enthralled with the maple tree?

Winston Wilbur

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Sunflower Social Recap & FHC for Boys updates

Hello everyone,
Kizzy here!

A little meowy at Mum for having us post the girls and boys club in one post!
All cuz of work!
 **insert raspberry here**


Tika and I got back late on Sunday night from our fabulous weekend with the Sunflower Sisters. We arrived home in style.....  hot air balloon style.
We got totally inspected and interrogated by our sausagey brother but......
he got nothing outta us!

Us girls managed to unveil the new secret hide out for the FHC! Those fire hose boys are gonna be so surprised when they see Sunflowers growing outside their clubhouse!
Thanks again to Wilma for hosting the party of the year!
We were lacking sleep...... and still are!
so back to lounging we go.

Cheek Kisses
T & K



Pssst boys 

Quiet everyones, don't let them girls hear us! 

Ok first offs....
New Member! 

Welcome Archie to the club!
He is our yougest member to date so please everyone help show him the ropes.

Next meeting will be held at our new location.
The clubhouse was completed last week.
Nice and hidden, this clubhouse location is!!
Come see me, Sluggo or Anakin after the meeting for the directions and map

At ou meeting next week, we will get the update from Sluggo on what exactly went down at the social  them Cornflower (good description for them, thanks Anakin) girls hads last weekend! 

Over and outs
Winston Wiburs
Keep mark'in em boys


Friday, May 06, 2011


Shesh, Mum has been so busy with works this week that we feel neglected! She says that blogging will have to waits til the weekend..... 


I am so growly at Mum cuz I haven't been by to leave comments for my friends either, specially my Tuni-woons!!!!!

Mum saids...
"cool your jets Winston.... more hours of works means more money for toys and snacks"

Maybe if I give Mum my super "feel sorry for me super duper sad face" she will cave in.

NOPE! she just went out the door to works!

Winston Wilburs and the girls!

Count down until our Mum's Birthday!

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