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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Recovery

Hello everypuggy and hope everyone had a good Christmas.

This week I have a guest, Dickens. He is staying with me until next weekend. His Dad went to Mexico, without him I mights add. I told him not to worry, Mum goes there lots withouts me!!

Anyways withouts further delay heres........ Dickens!

Hi me Dickens here. Winston has let me recap Christmas as I am the house guest this week.

Lets start with Christmas Eve. I arrived with my bags filled with toys, presents, food, towel, dog bed.... well you get the picture.

After Winston's Mum got back from Church we helped with last minute wrapping.

Winston picked the paper and I was in charge of bows

Tika oversaw the entire procedure

Here I am checking a bow

Whoops, hang on... one went under the bed. I'll get it guys.

After a good sleep we woke to Christmas morning and "the Christmas Hat"

Winston in the hat

Me in the hat, Hey Dad.... how cute am I???

Winston could not contain himself and got in trouble several times for attacking the gifts before breakfast.
Finally we got the go ahead to commence opening!

Winston started with this big box..... he said it was from Tuni and Sequoia

Here is WInston and his Dad. See that toy there.... that is what Tuni gave him and he went nuts with it for hours!

(Tuni.... Winston heres, thanks for the duck, I just luv luv luv it!!! XO)

Me and Winston's Mum

Winston hogging the toys. That is my stocking on the floor by his feet.

TIka arrives to open her presents

OMP Winston got a sock monkey chew toy!!!!!!!

I guard the sock monkey toy from the girls.... they may fight over the monkey bed but the toy is for us pugs!

I take 5 by the tree and play with a Christmas toy
(sorry pic is a little dark.... someone forgot to turn on the flash!)

Look at what Winston put on my head!!! Squeeze me I squeak! BOL
(funny joke WInston.... just you wait til you see my joke to Winston!)

Tika inspects the room and decides it is too messy and chaotic for her.
She told Kizzy not to bother getting up outta the sock monkey bed!
Tika left to join her sister.

The room after the present opening.
It was still morning and it was just us two pugs and the two pawrents.
no wonder Tika and Kizzy stayed upstairs!

[PST...... The Mum here, let's make it clear that Winston made most of this mess!]

The guests all arrived and we had a huge dinner.
After dinner we hung out by the fire relaxing

Here we are again getting back scritches from Uncle Martin

And finally after the long day and hours of playing with the new toy from Tuni...... 
Winston crashed!

BOL.... I took that last pic of my buddy totally out colds!
(Sorry Winston I just could not resist showing this one off.
Let's just say pay back for the "squeeze me" sticker!)

Anyway that is a wrap! BOL get it! A wrap!!! as in wrapping paper!!! BOL

Winston heres..... ok that's enough Dickens, that isn't funny it is silly, pft it is a wrap, whatever!!

Until the next post

House Guest Dickens with buddy Winston
over and out

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve and Santa Letters

Hi everypuggy, well we gots our letters written. We hope that Santa delivers! Mum said the letters should be short and simple as Santa has many letters to read. Here is what we wrotes.

 Mum says what is this "as always" bit!!!! Tika doesn't needs to be so "modest", and Mum wants to points out that she means it with heavy sarcasm! 

In regards to my letter, Mum commented that she felts I was a bit too greedy and needs to thinks of something other than my stomach. WHATEVER!!!!

Mum says that Kizzy kinda missed the point, short and simple doesn't mean it needs to be rude. Kizzy says whatever, why beat around the bush, "straight to the point" is her motto and YES he is a fat man in her opinion. I wonder...... will she gets a lump of coal?

Mum mailed the letters regardless. We sure hope Santa comes through.

We are all prepared for Christmas.
My pug pal Dickens is arriving tonights for a 7 day sleep over WHOO  WHOO!

Just wanted to wish all our friends a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Pee-S Mum apologizes for not commenting a lot on your blogs. We have been very busy this season.

WInston Wilburs

Monday, December 20, 2010

All Mum wants for Christmas is.......

Hello everypuggy

Me, Tika and Kizzy are going to be writing out letters to Santa tonight! Mum says she is thinkings of writing one too. She says her letter would go something like this.

Dear Santa,

I will make this short and to the point. I am asking for one of two options here!

The only thing I ask for this year is....... 2 MORE SOCK MONKEY BEDS!

I know this is last minute and may not be possible. I would appreciate a huge effort on your part in seeing that you exhaust all efforts of getting us those 2 beds before we resort to option 2.

This is option 2
Since there will be no additional sock monkey beds delivered on Dec. 24, I will leave our current sock monkey bed by the fireplace. Once the stockings are filled I would appreciate you taking that sock monkey bed with you.

Santa, the situation in our house is this........

the addition of the 2 beds to our household would forever save my sanity from bickering felines and a pug over who gets to sleep in the sock monkey bed. If we can't get 2 more then having none will also stop the bickering as... THERE WON'T BE ONE!

I am sure you know understand my dilemma and look forward to seeing 2 new sock monkey beds under the tree on Christmas morning.

The Mum

PEE-S Choose your option wisely Jolly Red Man. Do you really want us to have NO sock monkey beds?

Now in case this doesn't convince Santa that Mum's request is legit here are pics to prove the point.

Good Luck Santa

WInston Wilburs

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Green Stubby Report - The Kitchen Cloth

Hello everykitty, Kizzy heres, with Winston.

Today we decided to do our Green Stubby Report.

(Winston wanted to post abouts the Winter Pug Party pics from last Sunday but Mum says it is that time for the Green Stubby Report so.......... the Pug Party pics will haves to waits to next times.)

Ok so this months we talks about Kitchen Cloths. Today I have Winston to assist me in this discussion.

You all know it..... if yous have a kitchen and food bowls you alls have ones..... 
yup that gross wet dirty bacteria luving Kitchen Cloth!

Well the other day while Mum was grocery shopping at the Real Canadian Superstore, she founds this!

(No... not the gray cat with the black twist tie by her foot!)

Vileda Naturals Kitchen Cloths.
In fact, Vileda has a whole line of "green products" click here to see more.

Inside the package you get two heavy duty cloths. Mum says the package costs somethings like $3 (canadian)

What is cool about the cloths???

Takes a look.... they are made from "renewable resources"

Here is what one looks like. Winston double checks the packaging and he says "they are very earth friendly"".

Here is the back of the package.
Click to biggify if needed.

Now Mum liked this idea as they are large and durable, machine washable, made from RENEWABLE SOURCES and unlikes traditional kitchen cloths..... they dry quickly when left to hang.
(This last part is great news as Mum hates soggy cold bacteria filled dishcloths.)

Winston models with one to shows us once more, what they looks like.....

Mum only found them in the white and green pattern.

Here they are in action......

Mum using one to clean my "princess placemat"

Mum using one to clean Winston's water dish.

We have already machine washed one (after Mum spilled coffee on the rug.... she doesn't want to talks about it!) [But I did score a cool twist tie outta that terrible accident!]
The cloth really holds up well and is stain free after washing!!!

Yup, we gives this product 2 dew claws up!

Now off I go to play with my new black twist tie
(from our new carpet cleaner machine..... again.....
Mum doesn't want to talks about it right nows!)

And that concludes this months editions of
The Green Stubby Reports.

Tune in next month when we discuss Earth Friendly Pet Spa Products.

Purrs out
Kizzy and her assistant Winston

Monday, December 13, 2010

Contest Winners

Hello everypuggy,

Today is the big announcement. Who won the Christmas ornaments.

Oks but first the list of bloggers who pawticipated.
Below is the list, just click on their name and you can view the decorations post.

(These pugs have been waiting and waiting and waiting under their tree for Santa claws)

(because they are "naughty" thay aren't allowed a tree with ornaments. They decorated their cat tree with a Christmas pickle instead. See the pictures and it will explain why they aren't allow a tree!!)

(we were wondering if Pearl has christened the tree skirt yet!)

Now pics of us drawing the names.

Kizzy secured the area so there was no interference during the official draw

A list of all the names Mum had to cut up

Tika assisted by helping attach the salmon treat to the ballot of each entry

What are the salmon treats for, you may be wondering......
take a looks below......

There they all are in the basket, now for the fun

I gots to pick two ballots! The treats help me pick the ballots out of the basket.

Pics are a bit blurry as there was a lot of excitement going on!

nom nom nom give me the treats.......

•• pick 2 Winston ••
What Mum...... I can't hears you with my head in the basket......

Got one.... what! Oh I need to gets another one...... okays hang ons......

Mmmmm smells goods!

There yous goes Mum, I picked 2..... Now can I eats the treats?

Gotta run and get the treats, Tika takes over for me

Tika inspects and says it is official, here are the two winners......

The Slimmer Pugs and The Creek Cats!
Congratulations to you!

Tika is satisfied that 2 winners have been chosen and has given permission for Winston to eat the remainder of the treats.

Ok so nows we needs the two winners mailing addresses please
So we can pop your ornament in the mail to you!


We will be doing another give away contest for this!

A cute box of delicious Truffle Pig chocolates from a locally owned and operated Chocolate Company.
This box contains 4 different flavoured bars that are in the shape of PIGS!!!!

Here is a clue for the upcoming contest........

Get yous thinking caps dusted off and stay tuned!

Winston Wilbur

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