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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Double Booked at the V-E-T for check up & vacations!

Hello everypuggy.

This is the final day for our Christmas Decorating Contest. Contest ends tonight. If you plan on entering and haven't let us know yet....... Hurry Hurry, time is running outs!

Tomorrow night I will draw two names for the prizes! I will post the winners on Monday.

Ok now onto today's event.

Today was "THAT" day..... you dogs knows what I am talking bouts!
The white coat day.

Yups I went to the V-E-T todays. I did not go alones. Dickens and I gots double booked today so we could go togethers for check up and vacations. I sawed a new "white coat guy" today. 

We usually goes all the ways into Vancouver to a really goods but kinda expensive "white coat guy". Dickens Dad is always telling Mum bouts "Dr Daliwal", so........ today we went to meets him. Mum has heard lots of goods stuff bouts this Dr. and he is way cheaper than the other V-E-T and his examining rooms are rights here in Burnaby.

Here we are in the "stay and sit" room. See the paw prints on the floors.... Mum liked them.

Me after my turn on the table. See my tail wag, I was super happy to gets a good bill of health and lots of "good boy" for my vacations. I had to gets all my vacations (specially rabies so I can cross the border).

Here is Dickens after his turn. I went first then Dickens went. See he is happy too!

Dickens and his Dad waiting to pay the bill now.

I wait for Mum to pay my bill. I even gots my 2011 dog licence while I was there.
Score! saves Mum a trip to City Hall!

We gots yummy treats for being really "good dogs" today for our check up and vacations.
We each had 3 needles each!!!!! 3!!! but it was no sweat!

What, what was that Mum...... oh Vaccinations! oh ok gots it now.

Now I am offs to gets ready for my Winter Pug meet up tomorrow. I am heading to Washingmachines State to hook up with my girl and her sister for our Christmas pug party.

Winston Wilbur


  1. Oh I am so glads to hear the VETs went ok Winston. I am busy getting my dress ready and addressing holiday cards tonights. Mom is letting me watch Frosty the Snowman too! I hope you have safe travels to the party.


  2. Wow, we're really proud of you, Winston! All that at the vet's, and you were such a good boy.
    Have fun in Washingmachines!

  3. Winston you are such a cutie. We are so glad you got a good bill of health! Nice you were able to go with a pal.

  4. Good boy, Winston!!!! You gentlemen got a LOT accomplished at your appointment!

    We love the pics of you and your buddy, Dickens! You're both so handsome!


  5. That vet office looks very nice! Glad your checkups went great :)
    Maddy and Owen

  6. Ya'll were so good at your vet visit! Glad all went well!

  7. Winston, it's a good thing that you went to get your vacations....erm, um... so you can take a vacation! To Washingmachines! Glad you got a clean bill of health!!

  8. Good day at the vets, not so bad??? A healthy pug is a hungry pug!!!!

    Have fun at your Christmas Party meetup!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  9. my comment yesterday , did not stay,,,
    i am back,
    i think your both so brave to go to the doctors... it was nice to take a friend along for support,,, right?
    you both look mighty cute in your photos


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