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Friday, July 30, 2010


I am calling an emergency meeting for the Boys Club.

Ok gather round boys. We is busted big times.

The snooping and sneaking of this club camps out....

It was not a success. All the spy equipments, and camouflage did not keep us hidden. We gots caught BIG TIMES.

We were so near and yet so far.

{a new inspirational poster for our clubhouse wall}

Many of us were seen around the camps. The girls got winds of the various sightings {and I don't mean fart winds}. They chased our tails outta there real quick.

The concern now is them girls are plotting. What, we don't knows. Sluggo is trying to keep us informed and Anakin has warned us too.

I am looking into hiring these guys....

A world wide company called General Security.
They will be hired on contracts for the next few meetings until this whole thing blows overs.


Meeting adjourned for nows.
{I gotta get backs to the beach, mum is waiting}


your chairpug, Winston

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Get your spy gear on...

Pst boys...... Ok let's get back at those girls for spying on us boys

{Pst...... Shhhhh......}

as many of yous knows...... {Shhhh quiets please}

the Sunflower Girls Club is having a camp outs.

{Shhhh keep it downs boys. They might hears us.}

Okay so here is the scoops.......

I organized several of these for all the boys in the Firehydrant Club

We have them parked under some shrubs abouts a block downs.

{everypuggy quiets please...... Anakin, quiet backs there}

We are creeping around the camps right nows. We are all camouflaged rights now. Hidings in the bushes.
(I also organized us all with gear.)

{Psst....... Boys yous gotta keeps it down......SSHHHHH.... otherwise they will catch us... Anakin stop talking}

Let's do our gear check
{Murphy, Duke quiet... they might hears you SHHHH}

Walkie Talkie - Check
Night Vision Goggles - Check
Camouflage Back Pack filled with supplies - Check
Listening Devices - Check

Ok boys...... spreads out but PLEASE be QUIETS about it. Team up in your assigned pairs.

Report backs here in an hour. Let's see what is going on at the girls camp outs!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Felines in the garden..... with a pug

Hi Everypuggy, oh and everykitty!

Well we have been very busy in the gardens. Mum has been going super crazy with the camera and she has lots of pictures of us and the flowers.

Let us starts with Kizzy and the catnip. Mum had to separates the catnips from the rest of the herb garden on account Kizzy crushed and killed the sweet basil and garlic and almost killed the valerian. The girls now have their own special section where they can roll to their hearts content and crush and kill their own catnip plants without killing any other herbs. Mum has fenced it off nicely as you will sees from the pictures below of Kizzy and Tika enjoying the new catnips garden.

Mum hads this cool fake rock thingy in the house and thought it would be perfects for their catnip gardens. The girls luved it!

Next are the pictures Mum tooks of the flowers in the garden. Mum just gots a new flashy flashy camera and she went crazy trying it outs. She specially commented on how she liked the close ups feature on the camera.

Can you sees the wasp on the water plants? Takes a close looks!

Mum gots another rose bush. Now we have a deep red one and this yellow one. Mum luvs roses. She says she wants to get a purple one next.

While Mum was taking all the pictures I gots a little bored

I started to nods off....

I just couldn't keeps my eyes open or my head ups....

Finally I decided I needed to stretch outs and have a nap, this picture stuff was going to takes a long boring times!

I perked ups when Mum decided to have a garden photo shoots with us.

Tika went first....

Then Kizzy had her photo shoot....

Mum says Tika is a bit shy, Kizzy is a natural and I am just plain handsome.....

It was such a funs day in the garden.

Later that night Mum got wind of this event taking place in Septembers

It is the Seattle Pug Rescue Pug - n - Brew. Guess whats? We are goings to it.

Ok then I gots excited cuz that means I am going down to America again, and guess who lives south of me in America!

{Mum, we gotta let Tuni knows I am coming her ways. I hopes to possibly meets her! Ok Ok I know it is a ways off yets. Okay we will talks about it laters.}

Anywho....... hope you liked the pictures today. Pug you later.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fire Hydrant Club for Boys - Members Meeting

Hi everypuggy,

I call to order the 2nd official meetings of the boys clubs. Please everyone takes a seat.

I want to starts off by saying "welcomes" to our newest members of the group, Murphy and Duke.
Welcome boys.

Now today I want to talks about "best pals". Being a boy we all now how nice it is to have that male companion to hang out withs. You know the friend, the one that offers advice on girls, plays rough with you, joins you for walks and is generally just there for yous.

I am sure you all have one of those "best pals" in your life. I will talk today about my best pal, Dickens.

We do so much togethers. We are almost the same age only one month apart. Both our pawrents are pug fanatics. He comes over for sleep overs, we go for long walks, swimming and just to hang out and watch peoples at starbucks.

I have taught Dickens that skateboards are thing to bark and chase. He has taught me that squirrel chasing is great fun. Here are some pics of my pal.

We met at a pug meet up about 1 1/2 years ago and have been pals ever since.

So I ask you all this fellow members....... Who is your bestest pal? How long have you been pals?

Meeting is now adjourned. Until our next gathering........

 Oh and let's try to keep the girls out from spying on us! Security we need you to keeps yours eyes open. If anyone is looking to help out with volunteer security at our meetings, let me knows. We have to watch them girls they are very sneaky!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wind Warning = A Kite

Today there was a "wind warning" in the forecast.

(NO NOT WIND AS IN FARTS! Sheesh..... go away Tika and Kizzy!)

We packed up the kite and headed to an area called Steveston.
Before I show you pictures, let us talk about this "kite". Mum wanted a kite for soooooo long. One day when she was downtown she stumbled across a kite store. She went in and came out with a kite. The kite is for beginners, which is what Mum is. Trust me I know this as she has dragged me out to the field by our house on a non-windy day to try and get the kite up!!!!

Here is the kite.

Told you it was for beginners (more like kids, but don't tell Mum that!)

So here we are flying the kite. Mum managed to get it up in the air after tripping on something on the ground and 2 attempts, but presto there it is high in the sky.

Here is Mum flying the kite

So high up in the sky

Dad had a turn, look how he can fly a kite laying downs!

Mum called me over to have a turns

She told me to holds on real tights

Look at me I am flying the kite too. Now Mum could you get something a little more masculine, I can't be seen flying a ladybird kite!

I also got a chance to play some chuck-it

Then I watched Dad reel in the kite

It is coming downs now, time to go homes

I stopped at the watering hole for some drinky before getting back in the car.

Here is the video Mum managed to gets when we were reeling the kite back in.

Heading homes for dinner

Count down until our Mum's Birthday!

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata Cat tickers

Count down to Winston's Birthday

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata Dog tickers

Count down to Kizzy & Tika's Birthday

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata Cat tickers