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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Monthly Contest Giveaway - Take a tour around the lake

Hello everypuggy,

It is that times again! Our monthly "Discover Canada Eh!" Contest giveaway.

This month's question is abouts Canadian Cities.

and this is the prize this month
 holds 36 4x6 photos....
a Charles Wysocki photo holder

Our question is at the end of this post.

You haves to takes a tour around the lake with Mum

So..... yous probably all knows that I had some surgeries a week agos. I had some molars taken outs and a cyst removed from my paw. I am all betters now and have to takes it easy for another week.

Mum decided to let me rest......

while she gots out her bike and rode around the lake near our house.

Here are her photos.
The trail around the lake is 10km (abouts 7 miles).

On the way to the lake Mum passed these cool metal bird sculptures near our City Hall

Starting the trail

Mum noticed Spring is springing!

Mum stopped to takes a break on the boardwalk

View of the lake from the boardwalk

Skunk Cabbage is starting to grows

Mum stopped to takes this photo, 
fungus growing on a tree

another shot of the big lake

water break
Cool eh?

A shot from the river that flows into the lake

Turtles lives there along with lots of other animals and birds
I have seen these turtles once!

The bridge at the end of the 10km trail

Mum left the lake and rode along a little street that had these cool
metal bird sculptures
Cool how they are flying thru the fence!

The little street she rode along is named this
 Dad says that this "Joe Sakic" played hockeys.

Okay so that is the tour of the lake.....

Now the contest question.....

The clue is "Canadian Cities"

What Canadian city is listed as the best run city in Canada?

(Clue: the lake Mum biked around... shares the same name)

(Ok and the last picture is another clue!)
 (ok one more clue.... I am very prouds of this city!)

Leave us a comment with your answer and we will enter you into the draw for the giveaway.

Contest cut off is Wednesday March 30 7pm PST

We will do the draw the next day.

Good lucks everyones

PS there is a huge party happening at Wilma's.
Make sure you stop ins to celebrates it will be wild and funs

Winston Wilburs

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dental and paw Update

No pictures today unfortunately

Winston is resting now after two hours of surgery to remove 3 molars and the cyst on his paw. Good news is the cyst was nothing to worry about and is gone for good. This is great after numerous various vets and test to finally find a vet who knew about the problem with his paw. The surgery of the removal of the molars is a little uncomfortable as he has some small stitches in his gum. The molars roots were rotting and had to be removed completely. Pain meds and antibiotics for the next 7 days and a wrapped up paw that must stay dry in this west coast wet weather! He is very sleepy from the meds but in a few days he should be up and more active. Good news is..... there is no loss of appetite! What a surprise!! LOL

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Visit to Tuni's with an added surprise!

Hi everypuggy,
Winston heres.

Just gots back from Washing-machines state and
my visit to Tuni and Sequoia's new house.

Mum and I droves down there this mornings and gots there at lunchtimes.

We found the house no problems and parked in the driveways.

Tuni's momma cames out with and Tuni and Sequoia, thens......... 
someone else appeared.....

OMP I couldn't believes my eyes when I sawed whos it was!!!!!

It was Stubby's momma!!!! There she was greeting me and petting me.

I felt so honoured to meets her in pugson.

I am sad since the passing of my friend Stubby.
 I never gots to meets him in pugson, buts
meeting his Momma oh.... that is totallys the next best things!

We went insides and I gots totally exciteds and started checking outs all their toys.
Mum tooks photos, here they ares.

Here is Tuni in one of her many beds!

BOL looks at Sequoia!!
and that is Tuni hiding behinds her.

Sequoia and me in the kitchen. We are ever hopeful for a drop of foods.
Tuni's mom mades vegetarian chilli and mum said it was so yummys.
(PFT of course I wouldn't know that mum as you did not shares with me or Sequoia....
 sometings abouts farts in the car! Whatever!)

Here is Tuni and me in the kitchen. 
I thinks we makes a cutes couple!

Michele even gaves us a gift!
Looks at the bag, it is made from plastic bottles. Mum thoughts it was very cool.
And earth friendly tea towls plus a nice card and petsmart gift cards.
 Thank you for the very nice gifts.

I now leaves you with a short video of me and the girls! 
(you sees that toy I am playing withs, the one making the noise? Well Tuni's mom lets me have it to keeps. When I gots home I pulled it from my bag of stuffs and ran around the house with its. I just luv it so much.) 

I was so happy to meet Michele. Thanks Tuni's momma for inviting us overs.

Winston Wilburs

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our 217th post!

Hi everypuggy,

There is really nothing specials abouts 217!
I pugsonally thinks that celebratings 200 or 215 is a much betters idea then
Mum deciding to pick 217.

 she couldn't waits til 220
NO.... she decided to posts about 217!

We just wanted to posts this really cute picture of me and Dickens and well,
Mum didn't have much to say along with the photo......
So whats does Mum do? she decides "let's announce our 217th"

(she couldn't have just done a Wordless Thursday????!!!)

Anyways as 217 isn't really a significant numbers...
I nows end this post with a pair of cute bookends.

(really Mum! this is the most bizarre post we have ever dones. Bookends and 217th post!!!!
peeps are gonna thinks we have lost its!)

Um..... that is all for now folks

(shesh... my Mum is odd sometimes)

Winston Wilburs

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Toast to Tap Water - The Green Stubby Report

Welcome to this month's edition of The Green Stubby Report.
 Today we talks about Water.
You knows that clear, calorie free, fresh cold tastes of  Tap Water.

Yes, I did say "Tap Water".

Mum was reading the local community newspaper called

and saw an article abouts this....

Students at a Burnaby high school have started a campaign to stop the sale of bottle waters in their school.

If you click heres, you can read more abouts this short article.

Anyways this gots Mum thinkings, when she saw the photo in the paper.....
(Stubby would be horrified, as was Mum!)

Looks at all those empty bottles!

The questions here is.....
Do we really needs to buy bottled water?

Looks at the waste it produces!
What abouts the impact it has on the environment to manufacture bottled water?

You see those labels on the bottles?
Well.....  Mum knows all abouts labels.
She works in the label printing industry.
You would not believes the effect that printing a label has on our environment!!!
Bet no one thinks of that!
We only focus on the empty plastic bottles!

What happened to good ol' Tap Water?

Mum says......
"We are more fortunate than many, many other peoples.
We have fresh clean drinking waters".

So whats do North Americans do?
BUY BOTTLED water instead!!!!!!!!

Mum says....... Not us! No way!

Here is pictures of our water from the TAP!

Kizzy and Tika prefer their Tap Water from an elegant crown shaped bowl

Me on the other paw....

I go for my Tap Water in a more masculine style, metal water dish

Mum's choice is of the clear glass variety

There is times when we are out and about.... 
for examples, Pug Meet.

You can't bring the sink and tap alongs with yous so.....
Mum brings the water alongs in our reusables water bottle.

(we have 3 bottles, but this is Mum's fav!
She gots it from Karmavore the vegan store)

So the next times yous is feeling a little "parched" in the throat,
reach for the Tap and turns it on.

Let's keep it Green Peeps & Pets

This concludes this months Green Stubby Report.

Winston Wilbur

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Visitor!

Hi Everypuggy.
I have been busy this weekend. My pal Dickens is visiting while his pawrents are in some place where there is lots of casinos and gamblings. I tinks Mum said it is called Los Veggies.

Here is some pictures and videos of what we have been doing these past two days.

Waiting for Mum to get readys for the beach

At the beach playing chuck-it 
It sure was windys todays.

Mum beings all creatives with the camera!
Ok Mum enoughs let's go homes we are tired!

Nows yous may want to grabs some poppy corns...... here is a video.

I gots in to a bit of trouble for digging so many holes and not coverings them back ups. Mum said sometings abouts someone tripping.

(if you listen closely at the start of the movie, you can hear
Dad singing/saying "Dickens" BOL)


Winston Wilburs

Saturday, March 05, 2011

CSI - Burnaby

Case Number #0002
Date: 4th March, 2011
Investigating CSI - Agent Smilingpug

Location - The home of two cats and a Pug in Burnaby

Smilingpug was called into the said location early Friday morning on the date listed above. A horrifying discovery was found by one of the homeowners. "Dried Poop" was found in the basement right outside of the litter box.

Upon Agent SP's arrival on scene the report is stated as follows.

07:00 hours... homeowner "Mum" got out of bed and proceeded to the basement for the first chore of the day, scooping the cat litter boxes.

Upon her arrival in the basement she discovered Kizzy sitting in front of the boxes meowing. 

Mum's Statement  - "something was definitely wrong when I approached and saw Kizzy sitting there. She appeared to be examining something on the floor and was in distress that it was in her way.

Homeowner Mum provided Agent SP with the following picture.

Agent SP examined the photo and surmised that in the photo Kizzy had been exiting the litter box and was irritated and distressed over the fact something was in her path.

A 2nd photo was handed over to Agent SP.

This one contained an image of the beige fat pug named Winston.
Winston claims that he arrived to see what the meowing was about and investigated the objects.

Unfortunately, residents had disturbed the evidence slightly by uncovering it.

Originally found like this.......

However, Mum, lifted back the carpet for closer look.

Agent SP has concluded that it appears to be dried POOP and
someone had taken liberty to try and sweep it under the carpet.

Agent SP proceeded to rope off the area and asked all residents to
remove themselves from the area.

Agent SP then proceeded to collect samples and document objects and their location.

Agent SP with gloved hand collected evidence to send off to the lab.

 Evidence bagged and tagged waiting for pick up to the lab.

Agent SP then proceeded to question the suspects individually. All Agent SP was able to get was Woof and Meow, so he turned to the homeowner Mum, for enquiries.

Suspect A
Winston Wilbur
9 yr old fawn pug
38 lbs
(Agent SP notes for the record that 
Winston Wilbur has gained 3lbs since the last CSI investigation.)

According to Mum, suspect last pooped in the house over 8 yrs ago when he was 7 months old. He insists on going outside in the neighbourhood to do his business. He rarely ventures into the basement. He only enters basement on "bath time" days, as the big sink is in there. Because of this "event"..... he stays far away from that area at all costs!
NOTE for the record: Agent SP has also determined that the dried poop is much too small for something a big fat beige pug would produce.
the lab results came in: Poop is feline.

Suspect A has been ruled out immediately.

Suspect B
Kizzy Willow
11.5 yr old Grey Tabby
12 lbs

(Agent SP notes for the record that 
Kizzy Willow has gained 1lb since the last CSI investigation.) 

 According to Mum, it is possible but highly unlikely that this suspect "took a crap" outside the box. "Yes, Kizzy is a bit of a slob, but never has she ever done anything like this, she has no reason too!" 
Agent SP did note that it was Kizzy that did discover the evidence. In the photo's taken one can see the trail of litter tracked out of the box right near Kizzy's hind leg. This does demonstrate that she was tracking litter as she was exiting the box.

Enlargement of the exhibit A photo clearly shows the litter trail.
Agent SP concluded that this litter trail demonstrates that Kizzy was exiting the litter box AFTER having done her business when she found the dried Poop.
There is no way she could have left this evidence of poop if she had already done her business in the box.

Suspect B has been eliminated from the suspect list

Suspect C
Tika Daisy
11.5 yr old Calico cat
9.5 lbs
(Agent SP notes: that although this suspect has not gained any weight, she has recently taken control of the new snoopy bed)

This suspect was no where to be found when called in for questioning.
The Mum did provide some interesting information that came late in the case.
This information helped to break the case open.

Apparently this suspect has had a history of pooping outside the litter box on numerous occasions. Agent SP enquired with the Mum why this would happen.
The Mum reported that if the litter box is not cleaned first thing in the morning the said suspect will proceed to bathroom and poop in bathtub.

Agent SP did note that the Mum was in the process of coming to clean the boxes upon awakening so this could not have been the cause.

Homeowner Mum then produced this photo.

In this exhibit B photo it shows number 1. - 3 arrows.
These 3 arrows demonstrate where the litter boxes usually are situated.
The number 2. single arrow shows that the middle box is empty.

According to the Mum, she decided to rotate the litter boxes 45 degrees when cleaning them. She then ran out of litter to refill the middle box.

Agent SP surmised that this was the cause of suspect C pooping outside the box.
She was angry over the relocation of the 3 boxes, the day before, and.....
that one was now empty. 
(Apparently this suspect is sensitive to change.)

Agent SP has concluded to this turn of events:

Litter boxes were discovered moved 45 degrees by Tika and OMG one was empty. This caused stress to this highly sensitive feline. The protest.... was to poop on floor and try to cover up the poop with the carpet.

Agent SP went to make the arrest. Tika was tracked down to where she was hiding out.... in "her" snoopy bed

Book Her, agent Smilingpug!

Tika is serving housework duty for 1 month.

Count down until our Mum's Birthday!

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata Cat tickers

Count down to Winston's Birthday

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata Dog tickers

Count down to Kizzy & Tika's Birthday

PitaPata - Personal picturePitaPata Cat tickers