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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Monthly Contest Giveaway - Take a tour around the lake

Hello everypuggy,

It is that times again! Our monthly "Discover Canada Eh!" Contest giveaway.

This month's question is abouts Canadian Cities.

and this is the prize this month
 holds 36 4x6 photos....
a Charles Wysocki photo holder

Our question is at the end of this post.

You haves to takes a tour around the lake with Mum

So..... yous probably all knows that I had some surgeries a week agos. I had some molars taken outs and a cyst removed from my paw. I am all betters now and have to takes it easy for another week.

Mum decided to let me rest......

while she gots out her bike and rode around the lake near our house.

Here are her photos.
The trail around the lake is 10km (abouts 7 miles).

On the way to the lake Mum passed these cool metal bird sculptures near our City Hall

Starting the trail

Mum noticed Spring is springing!

Mum stopped to takes a break on the boardwalk

View of the lake from the boardwalk

Skunk Cabbage is starting to grows

Mum stopped to takes this photo, 
fungus growing on a tree

another shot of the big lake

water break
Cool eh?

A shot from the river that flows into the lake

Turtles lives there along with lots of other animals and birds
I have seen these turtles once!

The bridge at the end of the 10km trail

Mum left the lake and rode along a little street that had these cool
metal bird sculptures
Cool how they are flying thru the fence!

The little street she rode along is named this
 Dad says that this "Joe Sakic" played hockeys.

Okay so that is the tour of the lake.....

Now the contest question.....

The clue is "Canadian Cities"

What Canadian city is listed as the best run city in Canada?

(Clue: the lake Mum biked around... shares the same name)

(Ok and the last picture is another clue!)
 (ok one more clue.... I am very prouds of this city!)

Leave us a comment with your answer and we will enter you into the draw for the giveaway.

Contest cut off is Wednesday March 30 7pm PST

We will do the draw the next day.

Good lucks everyones

PS there is a huge party happening at Wilma's.
Make sure you stop ins to celebrates it will be wild and funs

Winston Wilburs


  1. Mom thinks she read in Macleans that the best run city is Burnaby, and you seem to love it there too, so that's our answer. Hope yous all having a great weekend, eh.

    Grins and Kisses,
    Ying and Yang

  2. Cool contest Winston!
    We is glad that you are resting and hope that you will be feeling your old self again soon! :)

    Oisín x

  3. Great photos! It makes us want to get out and go to the park. Oh, except it's still a deep freeze here.

    Is the city...Burnaby?

    The Joe Sakic street makes us laugh. (especially because Daddy just finishing watching his taped Hockey Night in Canada a few minutes ago. Don Cherry was wearing a very understated jacket heehee)

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  4. Oooo Ooooo *raises hand* ... Burnaby? That's where Joe Sakic was born!

    <--knows a thing or two about hockey! :)

  5. Winston your back! Oh you look so peaceful sleepings....hope those sisters are leaving you alones.


  6. We think you are bragging on Burnaby!

  7. Anonymous19:07

    My guess is Burnaby, BC. Google-mapped the lake. What an interesting shape it is.


  8. What a wonderful lake to live on! Our guess is Burnaby.

    Glad your feeling better. We are disappointed here as Chloe had her dental last year and teeth removed and at her checkup vet said she had plaque and could use another cleaning?????

    PS Did I ever tell you I was part Canadian?

  9. Oh Winston, dental stitches sound awful! Get well quick our little buddy!

    The Smushies

  10. Jeepers.
    I am always too late for everything.
    Oh well.... I wanted to look at all the photos of your moms bike ride. We have some skunky cabbage growing too! I love that lake and I think how fun it would be to walk around it. It looks so peaceful to me. The boardwalk,, well I would run as fast as I could,, and then leap into the air!
    I am happy Windton is feeling betters...kissys to you Winston,, and thank you for sharing the beauty.


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