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Friday, March 18, 2011

My Visit to Tuni's with an added surprise!

Hi everypuggy,
Winston heres.

Just gots back from Washing-machines state and
my visit to Tuni and Sequoia's new house.

Mum and I droves down there this mornings and gots there at lunchtimes.

We found the house no problems and parked in the driveways.

Tuni's momma cames out with and Tuni and Sequoia, thens......... 
someone else appeared.....

OMP I couldn't believes my eyes when I sawed whos it was!!!!!

It was Stubby's momma!!!! There she was greeting me and petting me.

I felt so honoured to meets her in pugson.

I am sad since the passing of my friend Stubby.
 I never gots to meets him in pugson, buts
meeting his Momma oh.... that is totallys the next best things!

We went insides and I gots totally exciteds and started checking outs all their toys.
Mum tooks photos, here they ares.

Here is Tuni in one of her many beds!

BOL looks at Sequoia!!
and that is Tuni hiding behinds her.

Sequoia and me in the kitchen. We are ever hopeful for a drop of foods.
Tuni's mom mades vegetarian chilli and mum said it was so yummys.
(PFT of course I wouldn't know that mum as you did not shares with me or Sequoia....
 sometings abouts farts in the car! Whatever!)

Here is Tuni and me in the kitchen. 
I thinks we makes a cutes couple!

Michele even gaves us a gift!
Looks at the bag, it is made from plastic bottles. Mum thoughts it was very cool.
And earth friendly tea towls plus a nice card and petsmart gift cards.
 Thank you for the very nice gifts.

I now leaves you with a short video of me and the girls! 
(you sees that toy I am playing withs, the one making the noise? Well Tuni's mom lets me have it to keeps. When I gots home I pulled it from my bag of stuffs and ran around the house with its. I just luv it so much.) 

I was so happy to meet Michele. Thanks Tuni's momma for inviting us overs.

Winston Wilburs


  1. Awwww you and Tuni make the cutest couple!!!


  2. Isn't Tuni's tongue so cute?

  3. Winston, you are one very lucky puggie to spend the afternoon with Tuni (and Sequoia) and get to meet Stubby's mom! You guys sure look like you had a wonderful time! You knows, I can just hears the border guard at the crossing .... "you're coming here to visit with your girlfriend? well of course Mr. Winston!"

    Thanks for sharing your visit!!

  4. What an awesome, special visit!


  5. What an awesome visit!


  6. Oh Winston!!
    You and little Tuni are so adorable together!!
    I know how excited you were to go to Washingmachines state and be able to see Tuni and Sequoias new home.. And all of their toys and beds! You really had a great day- didn't you- especially since Stubbys mom- Michele was there! You are right,,, it was a special moment.
    Hummm, i wonder what other surprises are in stote for this weekend!
    I keep looking at how adorable you are Winston!
    Your too cute
    Happy Days! Good times! Happy memories!

  7. Yous looks like yous had a very fun day! Tuni and you are a cute couple!!

    Wes goes down to Washington state too! It is just 200 metros behind our house!

  8. Hi sweet Winston woons! I hope you are enjoying the toy hee hee! Don't drive your Mum too crazy oks. We had so mcuh fun visiting yesterday....Sequoia was even happy to be our third wheel on our date :) Can you believe my Mom didn't take any pictures...I gotta get her on her bout thats. I had s fun yesterday and I hopes you have fun today at your meet up!

    Tuni Woons

  9. WOW! Sounds like a such a wonderful meeting! Ya'll look so cute together!

  10. What a wonderful and fun day!! Stubby's mom is wonderful isn't she!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  11. hi winston!
    oh what a fabulous weekend you had filled with fun, love and surprises!
    it is so wonderful to see all of you together!

  12. It looks like you had a wonderful visit!

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy


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