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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Meet up and Beach times

Things have beens kinda quiets for us.
This past week we spent time reminiscing about Emmitt.
We miss him lots.

I did goes to two pug meets two weekends ago.
Here are picture recaps from the gatherings.

Here I am in the cars, waiting go to the Burnaby Pug Meet.
It was super nice and sunny.
A little cool but not cool enough to stop Mum
putting down the top on the car!

 Mum says I was super excited at this meet ups.
Wanna knows why?
Cuz it is one of the first sunny days in a while for playing chuck-it outsides!

Here I am jumping for my chuck-it.
Ok well it was a little jump, I don't jump very highs.

 I dug so many holes that day, Mum hads to gets a picture of my chuck-it ball.
Looks gross eh? Yah I kinda gots a bit dirty that day.

Here I am running after my ball.
That is one of my friends running behinds me.

 Mum caughts me digging again!
I got into a bits of trouble for leaving all these holes in the grass.
 Oh that is another one of my friends check outs my digging technique.

Then the next days I went to Ferndale Washingmachines to the Bellingham Pug Meet.
We drove down with our friends Hamlet and Babette. Dickens also wents too!

 When I gots there I went straight for my favourite toy. Mr. Greeny.
I played tugs of wars with my friend.

 Then I played the toy against Mum's leg.
She doesn't likes this too much as the toy is all gross and soggy by this times.
But I likes her leg as it gives me support for chewing Mr. Greeny.

Dickens arrived with his Dad and it was Dickens' 9th birthday so we gots liver cake!!!!!
Here is Dickens watching his Dad cuts the cakes up.

nom nom nom nom mmmmm liver cakes.
I am on the rights, my friend Babette is on the lefts.
Mum says I gets a little pushy when food is being served.
(I will tells you that my friend Babette is even pushier!!)

We gathers around for cake handouts.
I am the one sitting downs.

The weather here has been pretty strange.
Mum says that someone forgots to tell Mother Natures that it is now March!
We had snowfall warning and gots about 3 inches of snows.
That is a lot for the west coast of Canada.

The next days I wents to the beach to play.

Takes a looks if you don't believes me!

 I had Mum helps me do this in the snows.

(Tuni + Winston)
Tuni and Sequoia weren't ables to makes it to our Ferndales Pug Meet
because of this..... I was thinking lots about Tuni when I was at the beach.
(I really missed her at the meet up.)

I climbed a small hill and Mum gots this picture of me. 
(This one is for you Tuni!)

Nows to leaves you with a video Mum tooks
of me at the snowy beach displaying my chuck-it skills!

PEE S - Mum and I have just about finished packaging up and addressing all the gift prizes for the sweater day event.
(We are just waiting to receive the last two missing addresses)
On Saturday we will goes to the post office to posts thems.

Winston Wilbur


  1. Hola Winston!!
    You are pawsome at chuck-it!! It look you had fun at your meetup, to bad Tuni-toons was not able to go.
    Spongy & Licky

  2. dear winston!
    oh look at all the fun you are having with your mom, friends and toys!
    your post made us smile from ear to ear!
    love you!

  3. You were a very busy Pug! Are you scared to ride in the car machine with the top gone? I would be....
    We always love to see pictures of our puggie friends and their friends, too..

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    PeeS: You are a handsome dude!

  4. Yous Has lots of fun at the meetups!
    Me wonders what would happen at a siamese cat meet?

  5. It sure looked like you had a lot of fun at those pug meets. Yay! I need to talk my Mommy into going to a pug meet or two. I need to be more involved with MY KIND.
    Love Noodles
    The snow predicted for my town never came so I am waiting to taste my first snowflake.

  6. Anonymous10:17

    You are so lucky to have two Pug groups so close by!
    That liver cake sure sounds yummy.

    I got your Chinese New Year postcard in the mail yesterday. Thank you for such a pretty giveaway.


  7. Hello Winston! We got your post card in the mail th other days...thank you so much for sending us one :) Oh and Mom says I will get to see you soons at my house...omp I need to find a good toy for you to play with when you visit!

    Tuni Woons


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