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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bellingham Pugs!

Winston heres,

Here I am sporting my new cap!

I am gonna get right to it today and just say...

Enjoy the photos from my trip across the border to visit my furiends!

Tuni and George

Gator, who is owned by Toni our facebook friend

Lulu (black) and my Burnbay Pug group pal, Mika

A totally sexy Emma

Another Canadian furiend, Kona

Lulu agains

Emma, Chaz and Tuni. Chaz was the pug mentioned on facebook, Pug Sluts, that Toni rescued from Portland

My girl, Tuni

PJ and Tuni

Me with my stick

Here is Chaz... he is totally cutes
Tuni and me in our hats!

Total hightlight here... Toni hands outs Pug In The Kitchen treats. OMP so delicious!

After the meet up we droves over to Whidby Islands to Deception Pass

Mum's view from the bridge

My view from the bridge

A really nice beach you can walk down to
Me on one of the trails.
I had such a good times in Washingmachine state.

Mum saids that she is going to order me some Pugs In The Kitchen treats. Oh I can't waits to get them.

Winston Wilbur

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pug Meet with Asha!

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres,

Today was our monthly Burnaby Pug Meet.

Mum tooks me and Asha.

The turn out was huge!

Here are the photos...

I get a hug from a fan!

Mum says there is always a few in the group that heads into the muddy area!

My friend, Mika

This big guy is a regular walker in the park. We meet him all the times.

My pal Gus. The only other pug that is a big pug likes me.

Me and Asha. We are pretty tight pals now.

Asha showing of her cuteness!

Group pug! There was a good Black Pug turn outs today.

There were over 20 pugs ... Mum lost track of everypugs name. She can't remember who this is!!

A gathering of pugs!

This is Champ. He is a new member to our group. He is also another big boy.

New member, Lola

That is me, on the left, with my pals.

Can't believe Mum tooks this one... that is me, on the right... um kinda... begging for treats!                            (how embarassing)

It turned outs to be a nice sunny day, so later in the afternoon we wents to the riverbank for a walk roll in the pugmobile.

what a great view of the river from the lookouts

Yup... it was a crazy busy day today.

Here is a picture of us coming home from the walk roll...

totally pooped!

Asha goes home tonights but I sure enjoyed her visit. Mum and Dad are totally gonna miss her.

I thinks I need a naps now.

Winston Wilbur

Thursday, March 15, 2012

4x4ing with Asha!

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres.
I have a house guest for a week.
Her name is Asha and she is a member of our Burnaby Pug Group.

This is her heres.

Asha just lounging on our daybed!

Asha is 8, a little younger than me.

Today Mum thoughts it was nice enough for a walks.

Off we went with me in my pugmobile and Asha walkings.

Mum likes long walks and well... Asha gots kind of tired half way throughs.

Mum saids to me "shove over Winston".

I shared my ride with Asha when she gots tired.

Now because we were getting tired, Mum decided to takes the short cut homes.

The short cut through the trail!

All of a sudden we were 4x4ing through the muds, shrubs and bark mulch!
Check it outs!

No pug fell outs and we are now homes playing with our stuffies.

I will leave you with a picture of what our livingroom has been looking like all week!

Toys, toys and more toys!
Winston Wilbur

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let's make that Doghouse BULGE!!

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres.

I was gonna post abouts my friend Asha who is staying for a weeks but that has to waits....

I need you all to stop over at Wilma's blog.

OMP she is the best!

Look at her "Stuff my Doghouse" challenge she gots going ons.

We need to pull together and helps make that doghouse BULGE and BUST at the seams!

Tell her Winston sent yous!


Winston Wilbur

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I spy with my pug eye...

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres.

I went birdwatching yesterdays.
Not just any bird, I saw snowy owls!!

Every 5 years they gather right heres near my house at an area called Boundry Bay.

This year I gots to check them out!

First stop was the look out at the end of this trail

It was a lot of stairs to climbs but totally worths it!

We saw tons and I mean tons of eagles! (This one is kind of blurry.)

Knock Knock... anyone homes?!       

It was super windy but I had lots of fun at the lookouts.

 Next we got in the car and headed to the dyke.
I had to go in my pugmobile to see the owls.

Here we are!

It was such a nice day even though it was windy, I took in some rays....

Wait, what is that.... MUM GETS MY BINOCULARS.... QUICKS
Yup just what I thoughs.... Snowy Owls!!
Here is a pair of them.
 Mum just luved the way the owls turned their heads
Can you see the white one is facing the camera!
A close ups of them.

Oh my pug... the bigger one... he turned his head to looks at me!

This is just way too cools!

OMP another big one looking at me!

And another one!
Holy pugs.... look what is coming down the dyke!

Horses! And the owls didn't seem to mind!

That was such a pawsome experience. I am so glads I went to see the snowy owls.

Hoot Hoot

Winston Wilbur

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