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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fire Hydrant Club for Boys - Our first Discussion; flowers and birfdays

Hi Guys, Welcomes to the first meeting um ur I guess discussion for our clubs.

Hang ons..... What was that mum..... a birfday..... oh yeah right......

Befores we starts lets throw outs a birthday wish to someone special. Anakin's sweetie is 4 today. Happy Birfday to Sequoia (whatevers). She is the ones on the left. That is my luv's on the right.

Now today's topic will kinda tie into to her birfday.

What I wants to ask you guys out there is..... What type of flowers would you buy your pug luvs?

It could be for a special occasions like a birfday (are you paying attention Anakin?), anniversary, valentine's day. You gets the picture, right! Or it could be cuz yous is in the dog house (literally BOL) due to arguement, forgetting birthday (this is really bads, are yous still paying attention Anakin?). It could be for a 'just cuz I pug you" or as a house warming gifts (Tuni BOL).

So with that's to thinks about (pic of me, above, deep in thoughts over this) , this is what I would gets my luvs', Tuni. You probably all know she is moving soons to a new home (way closer to me!). My luvs is pictured here, below. Gosh isn't she sooooo darn cutes! Anywho, for a house warming bouquet I would pick these for her. 

Naturally I would choose pinks with a bit of some purple ones to make it vibrant.

Now I bets you boys are wondering why I would pick this type of flowers. Let me explains.
While at the garden centre with mum, I happen to spot this outta the corner of my puggy eye.

Read it closely! Are you all paying attention heres? See what they are called?

Yup..... PETUNIA! That is the name of my luvs! I especially liked the names of this types as one is called "supertunia" and the other is "sweet pleasure". What two perfectly great ways to describes my luvs!
Not only is she a "proven winner" but she has "royalty" in her too.

So on that notes.... I ask yous boys what you would pick to put in your bouquet to sends to your pug luvs.Um (Anakin, make sure you picks a flower and nots a Sequoia Sapling, remember she is moving she won't wants to deal with a tree until she is settled in.)

That wraps ups the first meeting of the Fire Hydrant Club for Boys.
Now backs to napping...... where was I?


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mountain Pug

There are so many things we needs to post abouts! Mum gots a new camera and boy that flashy flashy thing has been going off non stops! Today I will posts the pictures from my mountain top excursion.

We drove up the mountain the other evening. Yups, I went in the cars and we drove to the tops of a mountain. I wents to a mountain called Mt. Seymour. In winters it is were all the ski addicts go (mum is not a ski addicts so we goes in the summer when it is used for hikings). We drove ups in the convertible car with the tops down. Um.... it was okays until we gots near the tops. It was kinda cold up there and all mum had on was t-shirt and shorts, all I had on was my collar!!!!! MUM next time brings my sweater vest!!!!

Mum had me pose for this shot near the chair lifts. It has the city of Vancouver in the backgrounds.

Can you see the snows behind me?

Gosh it is chilly up heres!

This drive to the mountain was Dad's idea. After suppers we piled into the convertible and drove there. It is only about 30 minutes from our house. Yups, it is real close to mes. One minutes I can lounge on the beach in the suns and within half an hours I can be freezing my tail offs on a mountain. Okay it wasn't freezing but it was only abouts 8C. There was still bits of snows around on the ground!!!!

Looks at what we saw!

This was the most exciting parts, when rounded the bend on our ways back down. Looks at the pictures Mum gots. Yup it was right out on the roads and didn't runs away. Not scared at alls! And I got lots of "good boy Winston" from Mum cuz I didn't even bark or growl at its. (PFT! Mum I am way too mature for thats, I gots a girl friend, I am eights years old.... I don't behave like thats anymores).

Next I have uploaded my pictures from my our pug group meet up last weekends. Mum has now taken over running another pug group. We do 2 nows, one in Burnaby where we lives and the other is in North Vancouver where we go for walks a lot (by the ways... Mt. Seymour is located in North Vancouver). Yups I am a busy puggers!

Here is some of the gang

This is me and Tessa. Mum always goes on about how Tessa reminds her of Tuni. Tessa is tiny. Tessa really likes me buts I told her that I already have a girlfriend in America.

Here is my friend Babette. She was at my birthday party in January.

Me agains! Kinda embarrassed abouts this one as Mum caughts me begging!!!! There is Tessa beside me. She knows I am not single, she is still my friend though.

Us boys stop for a water break from the fresh running water. It comes all the ways down from Burnaby Mountain.

That's it for nows!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


We did our draw for the caption contest.


We need you address Lilo, so we can sends you your prize. YUMMY says Mummy!

Here is the official drawing of the name, I helped.

It was so much funs Mum said we will have to do thats again!

Here are the captions submitted.

Daisy said...

"I SWEAR I wasn't about to whap you with my paw!"

jacquilyn said...

"stay still winston...i cant complete your full back massage if you keep checking to see if my paws are clean !"

the casbah kitten said...

"Move along now, this is a no parking zone."

The Creek Cats said...

"Lift paw. Smack pug."

Sorry Winston, we know all about how those calicos can be. They are so full of that tortitude, just like our Maggie May.

Sequoia & Petunia said...

"What is on my paw...eeeww! Lick it off Winston!"

"What...are you crazy? Get that thing away from me pronto!"

Jessica Lynne said...

"Go ahead kitty-cat... make my day..."

the photo is too cute!

Punchbugpug said...

Keep your paws to yourself!

Yoda & Brutus said...

"What do you mean this isn't a litter box?"

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

What? I was going to scratch you behind the ears. Honest!

Wilma said...

"Look, you can threaten me all you want. I told you, I don't have any pull in the Sunflower Club. If you want cats to be allowed, you're going to have to talk to Wilma"

agent99 said...

"Step back my feline friend, or it's world or hurt......."

Ying and Yang said...

"Go ahead, Make My Day!"

Ying and Yang said...

"No, no, it goes...You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out, you do the hokey-pokey...."

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

I've warned you about getting to close to my catnip pug!! Next time it's the claw for you!!!!

Pearl said...

Winston: "I know just how I will get the girls to evacuate their secret Sunflower Sister clubhouse!"

*Winston toots into the clubhouse*

Kizzy makes a swift evacuation in order to escape the toxic pug fart! SUCCESS!!!!!

Those Elgin Pugs said...

~Can't you pick up your poops!!~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Contest time; for the pawrents has been extended!

I have extended this until Thursday June 17th 8pm PST. So, if you only just got the chance to see our post.... you can still submit a caption to get your name entered into the draw.

Ok so we WERE gonna posts about Felines in the garden but..... Mum snapped this great photo and just had to post a contest.

Here is the contest.
Put on your thinking caps every pawrent. Time to gets creative.
1) Come up with a caption to go alongs with the picture shown below.
2) Post your caption to our comments.
3) Once the closing date is reached Mum will put all names of bloggers who submitted a caption, into box and draw a name.
4) That person will win a fabulous prize (see details of the prize, below).
5) We will post to announce the winner and we will list all the captions submitted. 

You may submit as many captions as you wish however only one entry per blogger will be placed into the draw box.


delivered to your home via regular postal system.

Now, like we mention in the title of this post, this is a contest for your pawrents. Chocolates is not for puggies. It is your pawrents that have to be creative here.
These are very delicious chocolates, just ask Betty, Gunther and Stella's momma!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pearl's Quiz... pass it on

Hi everypuggy, I saw Pearl did a fun "get to know your pug friends more" quiz and I gots super excited about participating. I have been waiting and waiting all day for Mum to come home from work so she can turn on the computer for me.

So here it goes....

Name: Winston (When I am in trouble Mum uses my first and middle name.... WINSTON WILBUR)

Age: I am 8 1/2

Breed: Gigantic Pug

Nicknames: Small Guy, the french equivalent; Petite Guy (it kinda is funny as I am nowhere near smalls!)

Where was I borns: I comes from a small town, in the interior of BC, called Grand Forks. It is an 8 hour drives from my home in Burnaby. Mum gots to see the whole family when I got delivered. I was first on the drop offs to our new homes so Mum gots to see my parents, Sam and Lily, and my 7 siblings. I was the biggest in the litter and I look like my dad.

Favourite toy: My chuck-it mini. I goes crazy for it. I luvs to fetch the ball.

Favourite Snack: whatever Mum is eating must be good, right? Well okay if I had to pick just one thing..... LIVER! Mum makes wicked liver snacks from scratch.

Human Person: Hmmmmm tough one. I luv Mum and Dad. Dad thinks it is Mum, though.

Worst Habit: Digging holes where I shouldn't! Especially in our backyard.

Most embarrassing moment: when I was at Mum's work and I ran right into the glass doors! I didn't knows they were glass, hey I thoughts the door was opens. How reds my face gots!  Actually I did this 2 times, once at my grandpawma's apartment building too!

Family Dynamic: Well I hates to admit this but Kizzy is the alpha. Yup.... you don't mess with hers. Tika is the "sensitive one", Mum is always fussing over her. Mum says she is high maintenance, she is also the cuddler. I am in the middles, I luv to be with Mum and hang outs with her all the times, I follow Mum everywheres Mum says I am spoiled... whatever!

What my Mum luvs most abouts me? Mum says I am perfect. She likes that I am bigs and have a medium sized dog's bark. Mum luvs that I am super laid backs and just goes with the flow. Mum says her world revolves around us 3, but I thinks mostly me! Hee Hee.

Thanks Pearl, that was fun.

Now to end the post, how abouts a nice picture of..... ME!

Monday, June 07, 2010

A club for us Boys

Hello everypuggy!

There is this new club called the Sunflower Club. It was started by Wilma.

My Tuni is a member and because she is in it, naturally I wanted to join. Mum, however, says I can't join the Sunflower Club because it is for girls only. Mum says that girls need their special club away from boys so they can discuss girl stuffs.

Soooo, on my walk the other day, I gots to thinkings. I was so deep in thoughts that I did not even notice Mum taking my picture!

This picture was taken at the very moment I cames up with a great ideas. 

I thinks us Boys need a club. I mean, we need to discuss boy things just like the girls do!

I decided to form The Fire Hydrant Club.

Take a copy of the club logo and place it proudly in the side bar of your blog.
 Welcome to the Boys Club.

Winston xoxo

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Saturday in the garden with fishes

Hello everypuggy..... oh and everykitty too!

WInston heres.  Today being Saturday means an at home day for mum. So we all helped out in the garden this morning. We helped cuts back some herbs and a small shrub, then did some planting. Naturally our helping meant lounging around watching mum clip and telling her when she missed a spot. Here are our pictures.

Firsts of alls we came outside as saw this first!

Mum likes spiders she isn't scared of them at alls, mum is so braves. Dad on the other hand gets creeped out by them, something abouts the legs on em!.

After we looked at Mr Spider we had to feed our NEW fish. Yup we gots 5 fish for our fish pond. They are called Shubunkin goldfish and can grows to be about 12 inches longs. Right nows they are just little squirts!

Here you can see all 5. If you biggy-fy the picture you can sees them betters.

They always hid when they sense us coming near the pond.

Mum then started trimming up stuffs and the 3 of us wondered the yard and directed mum on where to cuts.
At one point I heard a scuttle behind me and when I looked I saw Tika and Kizzy arguing over the catnips.

Tika tried to get in there, but there is only room for one cat and Kizzy wasn't about to moves.

Tika tried another approach...

no such luck! Then she tried once mores....

no go, Kizzy is just a hog! Mum go mads when the "paw swatting" started. That was it..... they gots a time outs in the house.

After the catnip incident we completed trimming and set to planting the tomatoes and peppers that we started indoors many weeks ago.

Here are the tomatoes

Here is me directing mum on how deep to digs

Kizzy helped mum plants this. It is a jasmine vine. Mum just loves the smell of the little white flowers. We placed it right by our front door so you smell it when you come in and out. Oh check outs the pug statue!! Cool eh! Dickens' mum gave it to us.

Kizzy found it very tiring with all the planting so she stop for refreshment from the small fountain.

Mum was busy raking up the clippings so I took a nap. Mum turned around and found me likes this...
passed outs cold and snoring super louds! She tooks this picture.

She called me to come insides but I refused to gets up. I worked hard and was tired. The sun sure felt good on my furs!

Next post will be abouts the flowers that are blooming!

that's all for nows.
WInston, Tika and Kizzy

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

MMMM, I am a chocolate chip cookie!

Hello everypuggy, oh a special hellos to my Tuni.

Today something specials arrived. We have been waitings for it since the Seattle Pug Gala. Mum came home and found this at the doors.

It was a package for me! Mum showed me that something had come for me, then I set about to opening it right aways. I was super excited.

(Ohhhh Tuni, looks to the right on the tables.... see its! Yup..... it is your picture!)

OMD is it what I think it is...... OMD it is, it is. I gots my very own sweater vest from Melissa. I so very much liked Emmitt's that I wanted one of my very own.

Here I am posing in my new vest. Mum picked out the "chocolate chip cookie" design. I sure luvs it and especially since it is named after a food! BOL

(Mum says she ordered me the biggest size Melissa makes. Good things too, it JUST fits me. I am a very big pug. I mean REALLY big, not fats, just plain big. We never met a pug as big a me before. Some have come close but not the same size as me. I am 14 inches tall from toe to shoulder. People sometimes thinks I am a small bull dog I am so bigs for a pug.)

Looks, it is tongue licking goods! BOL!

Until next times.....
Winston Wilbur

Count down until our Mum's Birthday!

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