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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mountain Pug

There are so many things we needs to post abouts! Mum gots a new camera and boy that flashy flashy thing has been going off non stops! Today I will posts the pictures from my mountain top excursion.

We drove up the mountain the other evening. Yups, I went in the cars and we drove to the tops of a mountain. I wents to a mountain called Mt. Seymour. In winters it is were all the ski addicts go (mum is not a ski addicts so we goes in the summer when it is used for hikings). We drove ups in the convertible car with the tops down. Um.... it was okays until we gots near the tops. It was kinda cold up there and all mum had on was t-shirt and shorts, all I had on was my collar!!!!! MUM next time brings my sweater vest!!!!

Mum had me pose for this shot near the chair lifts. It has the city of Vancouver in the backgrounds.

Can you see the snows behind me?

Gosh it is chilly up heres!

This drive to the mountain was Dad's idea. After suppers we piled into the convertible and drove there. It is only about 30 minutes from our house. Yups, it is real close to mes. One minutes I can lounge on the beach in the suns and within half an hours I can be freezing my tail offs on a mountain. Okay it wasn't freezing but it was only abouts 8C. There was still bits of snows around on the ground!!!!

Looks at what we saw!

This was the most exciting parts, when rounded the bend on our ways back down. Looks at the pictures Mum gots. Yup it was right out on the roads and didn't runs away. Not scared at alls! And I got lots of "good boy Winston" from Mum cuz I didn't even bark or growl at its. (PFT! Mum I am way too mature for thats, I gots a girl friend, I am eights years old.... I don't behave like thats anymores).

Next I have uploaded my pictures from my our pug group meet up last weekends. Mum has now taken over running another pug group. We do 2 nows, one in Burnaby where we lives and the other is in North Vancouver where we go for walks a lot (by the ways... Mt. Seymour is located in North Vancouver). Yups I am a busy puggers!

Here is some of the gang

This is me and Tessa. Mum always goes on about how Tessa reminds her of Tuni. Tessa is tiny. Tessa really likes me buts I told her that I already have a girlfriend in America.

Here is my friend Babette. She was at my birthday party in January.

Me agains! Kinda embarrassed abouts this one as Mum caughts me begging!!!! There is Tessa beside me. She knows I am not single, she is still my friend though.

Us boys stop for a water break from the fresh running water. It comes all the ways down from Burnaby Mountain.

That's it for nows!


  1. How beautifuls. It must be nice to have mountains and beaches. All we have is grass or concrete...we choose the grasses. We donts have a pug group...we thinks there is one in Wichita...a nearby city...buts its kinda big and we kinda small town and like to be the centers of attention...we donts like to share...ok...minus little man and George.
    -The Slimmer Puggums

  2. Winston, you know how much we loves you, right? So maybe you won't take this the wrong way... but with all your pug flubber, how could you possibly get cold? Our momma loves pug flubber so she'd take you home in a smush face second!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  3. Winston
    I loved your moutain trip.
    I could feel that cool breeze blowing on my face.
    And all your friends,,, it was so nice to meet them.
    I know your just friends with them, so I am sure your little girly friend won't be jeaulous.
    But,,,,,,,, they were mighty cute- for sure!
    That cold water from the mountain looked so fresh and good.
    thank you for sharing your adventure

  4. Anonymous22:56

    You certainly ARE a busy puggie! That trip up the mountain looks like fun, and how cool to see a deer up close. AND a trip to the beach? FUN!!!

  5. hi winston!
    oh what wonderful pictures your mom took of both of your adventures!
    we love seeing you!
    have a wonderful weekend!
    m & e

  6. Such cool pics of you up on the mountain! We love the wildlife pictures :)

    That pug meetup on the beach looks pawsome - it's so much fun visiting with friends isn't it!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  7. OMD Winston you go on some many adventures! I never do anything that funs here. Maybe because its a million billion degrees here and I would melt. That will change when we move home soon! I like Tessa, she seems like a sweet gal. I trust you will keep your paws to your self hehe! I think I could be a good friend to Tess we have lots in common. Sequoia says hi to the girls and I hopes you have a fun weekend!


  8. Hi Winston! That's so cool that you get to go to the beach and the mountains all in one day. I think I need to move up to Burnaby so that I can hang out with you!

    Stubby xoxo

  9. Hi Winston!!!! Hellooooo it is me, Coco! I hope you remember me. I have been disconnected for a very long time. I wanted to ask you if I can still be a part of the boys club? we are trying to add the button on my blog, but I notice blogger has changed and it is not letting me do it, or maybe we don't know how to do it anymore?
    Well, hopefully I will be able to visit more often now
    hugs buddy

  10. Hi Winston!

    You are one busy pug. Your mountain adventure
    and pug meet-up look super fun. That's so cool your mom got a new camera. Now she can take more
    sexy photos of you, and post them to your

    Daisy and I hope you have a great weekend!

    -Dana & Daisy

  11. Hi Winston! You are such a handsome mountain-pug!

    Your meet-up looks so fun too! It's sooo pretty where you live!!!

  12. Hey Winstons!!!!!

    Such great adventures yous had!!!!

    We's wanna plays too!!!

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man :@)


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