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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Saturday in the garden with fishes

Hello everypuggy..... oh and everykitty too!

WInston heres.  Today being Saturday means an at home day for mum. So we all helped out in the garden this morning. We helped cuts back some herbs and a small shrub, then did some planting. Naturally our helping meant lounging around watching mum clip and telling her when she missed a spot. Here are our pictures.

Firsts of alls we came outside as saw this first!

Mum likes spiders she isn't scared of them at alls, mum is so braves. Dad on the other hand gets creeped out by them, something abouts the legs on em!.

After we looked at Mr Spider we had to feed our NEW fish. Yup we gots 5 fish for our fish pond. They are called Shubunkin goldfish and can grows to be about 12 inches longs. Right nows they are just little squirts!

Here you can see all 5. If you biggy-fy the picture you can sees them betters.

They always hid when they sense us coming near the pond.

Mum then started trimming up stuffs and the 3 of us wondered the yard and directed mum on where to cuts.
At one point I heard a scuttle behind me and when I looked I saw Tika and Kizzy arguing over the catnips.

Tika tried to get in there, but there is only room for one cat and Kizzy wasn't about to moves.

Tika tried another approach...

no such luck! Then she tried once mores....

no go, Kizzy is just a hog! Mum go mads when the "paw swatting" started. That was it..... they gots a time outs in the house.

After the catnip incident we completed trimming and set to planting the tomatoes and peppers that we started indoors many weeks ago.

Here are the tomatoes

Here is me directing mum on how deep to digs

Kizzy helped mum plants this. It is a jasmine vine. Mum just loves the smell of the little white flowers. We placed it right by our front door so you smell it when you come in and out. Oh check outs the pug statue!! Cool eh! Dickens' mum gave it to us.

Kizzy found it very tiring with all the planting so she stop for refreshment from the small fountain.

Mum was busy raking up the clippings so I took a nap. Mum turned around and found me likes this...
passed outs cold and snoring super louds! She tooks this picture.

She called me to come insides but I refused to gets up. I worked hard and was tired. The sun sure felt good on my furs!

Next post will be abouts the flowers that are blooming!

that's all for nows.
WInston, Tika and Kizzy


  1. Winston, you look absolutely comfy laying there in the sun. How in the world could your mom expect you to come inside?

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  2. hi winston, tika and kizzy!
    oh what a fabulous day you all had with your mum!
    the garden is beyond beautiful and we LOVE the new fishies!
    how magical!
    m & e

  3. hi winston, tika and kizzy!
    you are all such good helpers to your mama in the garden. She could not get it all done without you.
    I love your fishies and I am so happy you had some nice sun rays to enjoy

  4. Anonymous00:25

    Hi Winston & girls! We love your new fishies!! And your whole garden is looking lovely. But you really need to have TWO catnip spots so there won't be any feelings hurt, or any smacky paw going on.

  5. Wow that is a big garden you all have going on in the backyard. Girls you need not fights for a spot!



    Hi Winston! You look so cutes laying out sun bathing yourselfs and taking naps. That is my favorite activity!


  6. Hi Winston,
    What a great supervisor you make. I guess it's really exausting having to stay on top of all that hard work. What lovely fishies you have. Sure hope those kittens don't get to them!

  7. Winston,
    You look sooo cute napping in the sun! You are a great helper to your mom!!!

  8. Oh's Winston and Tika and Kizzy too!!!
    Wow what fun you haves and your garden and fishys are soooooo cool!!

    One of my nick names is fishy because I's like waters!! You guys are always working hard and making Mum proud too!!

    Your Pal,
    Anakin Man


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