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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pearl's Quiz... pass it on

Hi everypuggy, I saw Pearl did a fun "get to know your pug friends more" quiz and I gots super excited about participating. I have been waiting and waiting all day for Mum to come home from work so she can turn on the computer for me.

So here it goes....

Name: Winston (When I am in trouble Mum uses my first and middle name.... WINSTON WILBUR)

Age: I am 8 1/2

Breed: Gigantic Pug

Nicknames: Small Guy, the french equivalent; Petite Guy (it kinda is funny as I am nowhere near smalls!)

Where was I borns: I comes from a small town, in the interior of BC, called Grand Forks. It is an 8 hour drives from my home in Burnaby. Mum gots to see the whole family when I got delivered. I was first on the drop offs to our new homes so Mum gots to see my parents, Sam and Lily, and my 7 siblings. I was the biggest in the litter and I look like my dad.

Favourite toy: My chuck-it mini. I goes crazy for it. I luvs to fetch the ball.

Favourite Snack: whatever Mum is eating must be good, right? Well okay if I had to pick just one thing..... LIVER! Mum makes wicked liver snacks from scratch.

Human Person: Hmmmmm tough one. I luv Mum and Dad. Dad thinks it is Mum, though.

Worst Habit: Digging holes where I shouldn't! Especially in our backyard.

Most embarrassing moment: when I was at Mum's work and I ran right into the glass doors! I didn't knows they were glass, hey I thoughts the door was opens. How reds my face gots!  Actually I did this 2 times, once at my grandpawma's apartment building too!

Family Dynamic: Well I hates to admit this but Kizzy is the alpha. Yup.... you don't mess with hers. Tika is the "sensitive one", Mum is always fussing over her. Mum says she is high maintenance, she is also the cuddler. I am in the middles, I luv to be with Mum and hang outs with her all the times, I follow Mum everywheres Mum says I am spoiled... whatever!

What my Mum luvs most abouts me? Mum says I am perfect. She likes that I am bigs and have a medium sized dog's bark. Mum luvs that I am super laid backs and just goes with the flow. Mum says her world revolves around us 3, but I thinks mostly me! Hee Hee.

Thanks Pearl, that was fun.

Now to end the post, how abouts a nice picture of..... ME!


  1. Anonymous03:18

    That was fun to get to know you a little bit more Winston! Great quiz.

  2. Hello's Winstons!!

    Oh boys!! We's just loves reading alls 'bouts yous!!
    Wasn't Pearlys quiz funs!!
    Oh's...yous rans into 'da glass doors....oops!!
    Don't worrys...we's always doing things like 'dats. Izzy falls off 'da couch. I's get me heads stuck in Mommy's purse, Josie gets lost in her own backyards (hu hu's). See...It's 'cuz we drinks right? No...we's just have 'da root beers!!

    Great picture of yous too!!
    Laters Fire Hydrant Fellows!!
    Anakin Man

  3. Hellos Winston!

    Yous a "gigantic pug" that is funnies, I must be a "mini pug" thens! You knows I like that you are laid back and enjoys the finer things in life. I don't play fetch, but I will be happy to watch yous have fun fetchings with your favorite toy. You knows we move super soons! I need to start packing my toys...I packed all my clothes...I think my carrot will go in the car for the trip cross country!


  4. Mmmmmm, your mommy makes you liver treats from scratch. I would like my mom to do that.Maybe you could ask her to post the recipe. What's that mom? You hate liver, and you don't want to smell or touch it? So. Don't mind her. I willmake her do it, with my mind.

  5. Great to get to know you better! We have the same worst habit, although I don't see anything wrong with it.


  6. Wow, winston, i didn't know you were 8. You look really good for your age! It must be all that fresh Canadian air! Bol! Hope you have a great weekend! Love, Arlo.

  7. Sweet Winston,

    Thank you soo much for doing my quizzy! I loved reading about you 3! And I LOVE that picture of you at the end! Tuni will just faint at how handsome you are!!!!!



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