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"I am a happy pug therefore.... I am a smiling pug"! My mum is called Smilingpug... after me! Because of her love of animals and nature, she is a Buddhist and a vegetarian (thank god). She is most inspired by the Dalai Lama. We live on the West Coast of Canada and I share my home with my two older feline sisters Tika and Kizzy and my NEW little brother Sam Cooper who... is all the way from MidSouth Pug Rescue in Tennessee!! I am 11 and I don't walk to well anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't get around! Welcome to my blog.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day Gift Opening 2008

Here are some videos of me from Christmas day. I had so many gifts to open!

WOW what a "whitemare", Holy snow!

Hi everyone it is Tika here. I am blogging this one as I was witness to mum's adventure outside. We have had so much snow that it came up to my mummy's knees! She went out in our yard to take photos. She was talking about having double the amount of snow in one season all in less than a week. She took lots of photos while I sat at the door and meowed at her to come back in out of the white stuff. I did not dare step one little paw out the door, I hate cold, wet and anything foreign touching my immaculately clean fur. Here are some photos of the snow and a cute one of me!
This one is taken from the base of the Japanese Maple tree look how high the snow level is!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa, I have been a good puglet this year. I tried really hard to share my chuck-it toy with others. When out in public I have tried really hard to listen to mum when she tells me to heal and stop. On rainy days I didn't give mum a hard time by refusing to go outside when I was all cozy in my bed. I shared my treats with my cat sister, Kizzy (this was a tough one). I even tried not to hog the bed at night and not to snore too loud. I hope that you feel my behaviour has been extra good this year and that I have a Grinch-Free Christmas. I am hoping to find the following in my pawking this year: Three Dog Bakery Peanut Mutter Cookies Some new Chuck-it balls A new squeaky toy ( I promise not to destroy this new one in less than 5 minutes) A small size Greenie Lots of treats! Snorts and Licks Winston P.awS. I promise to leave you a fresh bowl of water and some milk bones to fill your tummy on your busy night.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yipee a Snow Day!

Today was a winter wonderland snow day. Here I am all tucked in and cozy after playing in the snow earlier in the day. I love snow days as mummy doesn't leave the house and I get to spend the day with her.
Here is the house lit up in the snow
Hee Hee, I even love to dig in the snow

Monday, December 08, 2008

Picture Monday

Here are some shots mum FINALLY downloaded from her blackberry! Took me a while of constant nagging but here they are.
Here I am looking very cute in the car on the way home from the Dog Beach. It was a great day full of chuck-it and digging.
This one is of me in the bathtub having my flea bath. I used to have the baths in the laundry room sink but Mum now prefers the tub as she says "I am such a sausage that you are too heavy to lift". I also prefer the tub as Mum will get in with me and I like being closer to the ground, I have height issues. The only downside she's says is that my course fur clogs the drain!
This one is my "don't pet me or talk to me I am in begging mode" picture. I think I was begging for a cookie. This is very serious business, I even stop chuck-it for a bite of food.

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