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Thursday, August 25, 2011

I've got (e-)mail!

Hello everypuggy,

I got my very own email today!
(this is a pic from my archives.... a letter from Tuni
thought it was appropriate for today's Email post!)

 Mum opened the email and found this letter was addressed to ME!!!.

"Hello Winston,

I have enjoyed reading all about your adventures on your blog website.  You are one busy pug.  If you ever have a free moment come check me out at:

The Misadventures of Riggs the Pug –

I would love to have you as a follower if you find my blog worthwhile.

Wow! eh!

I immediately kicked Mum of the computer and went right on over to Riggs' blog.

Isn't he super cute??????
This is my newest friend..... Riggs

Why not stop on over at his blog and tell him "Winston sent yous"

Winston Wilbur

Monday, August 22, 2011

Crisis in the Garden again...... Slugs 2 - Mum 1

Hi everypuggy,

Well Mum had another crisis in the garden again.
Last time it was cuz the slugs were eating the newly planted veggies.

This time it was this.....

Mum found these when she was raking up the leaves yesterday.

We didn't knows what it was so we rans in and googled it.

Guess what these are?

SLUG EGGS!!!!!!!
Mum had a fit!
Slugs like to lay their 30 some odd eggs in a dark covered area in the garden and that is exactly where we founds them!

Mum scooped them ups and got rid of thems pretty darn quick.

This is why Mum doesn't wants slugs in the garden.....
see our fennel?
Looks at the slug damage!!

Mum has picked out many little slugs from the plants this years.

There is one plant though, that they don't likes and that is this one heres.

It is right next to the fennel
(which is where the marigolds used to be before the slugs ate the marigolds!).

The slugs haven't slimmed their ways near this plant at alls.
Mum can't remember what this plant is called, we will have to look it ups.

It has little white flowers in the July/August.

You can guess which plant Mum is putting in the "high risk slug areas" next years!!

See this?
This is called the Hanover Slug Guard and Mum is looking into getting something likes it for next years
It goes around the garden like this so slugs can't gets in.

On another notes...... our beans are looking fantastics,
(which is a lot more than what I can say abouts our slug slimed peas!!)

After all the gardening Mum checked the tide schedule and thought it saids "low tide" at 5pm. She thoughts what a great ideas it would be to head to the beach.

Unfortunately, Mum can't read a tide schedule to save her life!!
It was not low tide!

I had funs anyways....

Mum tried to gets a picture of her and me but I ended ups licking her ear...... big time!
It was super funny!

After another try we gots a good picture.

Notice how the water is NOT way outs there but close to the shore.

Next times I read the schedule Mum!!

Winston Wilbur

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pugs at the Beach

Ok everypuggy,
This post contains tons of images loaded with pugs.
Grab some snacks and sit back and enjoy.

The alarm went off at 6:30am.
What the pug!!!!
It is Saturday Mum!!!

Oh yeah,
pug meet and we gotta be there at 9 for low tide and.....
we gotta eat breakfast.....
get my stuffs ready.....
plus drive there!
so yah, right, I gotta gets up now.

 [Mum's note -  Our group assistant suggested Spanish Banks Off Leash Dog Beach in Vancouver on the Burrard Inlet. It was low tide. It was a pawesome idea!]

We have arrived and so have many others! 

Ohhhh a new member!
 6 month old Charlie girl

 Me getting settled in on the beach with Hamlet and Mika 

My friend Babette

Hey everypuggy, Xena has just arrived

Mika checks out Hamlet's stinky toes!

Oh look the tide is heading out..... let's go out theres

Dickens on the beach

Here I am styl'in and profil'in for the camera

 Nero poses for a pic

Babatte agains

Oh my pugness here comes Henry!

Dickens ventures out further

Dickens says.... throw the ball already Dad!

Still waiting for the ball!

I play fetch for a bit

Mika takes 5

 Xena chills on the sand

Hey it is our friend "one eyed" Stewie!
His tail never really curls up

Dickens sporting his life jacket

Henry in action.... digging that is. Looks at the ball bottom left!
He dug it right out from under himself

Ok looks like the tide is super way outs now. Let's walk out into the Burrard Inlet!
Follow me everypuggy

See way out theres... that is where we are headed

Keep ups!
and please don't looks at my dirty butt!

we gotta cross thru a small tide pool

Looks Dickens and Stewie are coming too

Looks at Stewie in the tide pool


Me and Dickens

Ok let's keep going we aren't half way theres yet

Come on guys let's goes!

 Wait a minute what is this?

Olivia has found somethings

Henry looks out on the water while Olivia digs it ups

Where is it? It keeps sinking! A little helps here peoples!

Mum looks what Olivia found. A clamshell.
I have an idea for this would you hold on to this for me?
I wanna takes it home.

Wow long way to go still. Look at the sand!

Thru another tide pool and further outs we go!

MUM wait for me please!!!!

Shesh Mum don't get so far ahead!

 Over half way outs now

Mum had to helps me thru this last tide pool it was a little deeps for me

Oh not as deep as I thoughts!

Looks I am standing way out into the Burrard Inlet!!!!!
See all the sail boats?

See that arrow? That is the beach where are chairs and stuff is!
If I was a big dog I could go even further outs into the deeper tide pools.

Me in a tide pool in the Inlet... way outs there!!

and my pug pal Dickens too!

 Tons of these on the sand... Sand Pipers

Back at the log on the beach. I am getting a looks at the distance we walked.

Hamlet and Babette are tired from all the walking

Another Charlie. This time a Charlie boy.
He is 3 years old
Oh in case yous was wondering.... that is me on the right!

Dickens waiting on the grass.
He says it is time for us to go home and gets lunch now.

After that morning I was pretty tired outs!
I slept all afternoon.

And now I leave you with a short video clip of us in the middle of the inlet!
I must tells you that during that meet up, Mum tooks 159 pictures.
These are only a portion of them!!!!!

Winston Wilbur

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