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Monday, August 22, 2011

Crisis in the Garden again...... Slugs 2 - Mum 1

Hi everypuggy,

Well Mum had another crisis in the garden again.
Last time it was cuz the slugs were eating the newly planted veggies.

This time it was this.....

Mum found these when she was raking up the leaves yesterday.

We didn't knows what it was so we rans in and googled it.

Guess what these are?

SLUG EGGS!!!!!!!
Mum had a fit!
Slugs like to lay their 30 some odd eggs in a dark covered area in the garden and that is exactly where we founds them!

Mum scooped them ups and got rid of thems pretty darn quick.

This is why Mum doesn't wants slugs in the garden.....
see our fennel?
Looks at the slug damage!!

Mum has picked out many little slugs from the plants this years.

There is one plant though, that they don't likes and that is this one heres.

It is right next to the fennel
(which is where the marigolds used to be before the slugs ate the marigolds!).

The slugs haven't slimmed their ways near this plant at alls.
Mum can't remember what this plant is called, we will have to look it ups.

It has little white flowers in the July/August.

You can guess which plant Mum is putting in the "high risk slug areas" next years!!

See this?
This is called the Hanover Slug Guard and Mum is looking into getting something likes it for next years
It goes around the garden like this so slugs can't gets in.

On another notes...... our beans are looking fantastics,
(which is a lot more than what I can say abouts our slug slimed peas!!)

After all the gardening Mum checked the tide schedule and thought it saids "low tide" at 5pm. She thoughts what a great ideas it would be to head to the beach.

Unfortunately, Mum can't read a tide schedule to save her life!!
It was not low tide!

I had funs anyways....

Mum tried to gets a picture of her and me but I ended ups licking her ear...... big time!
It was super funny!

After another try we gots a good picture.

Notice how the water is NOT way outs there but close to the shore.

Next times I read the schedule Mum!!

Winston Wilbur


  1. Hoal Winston!!!
    Ohh La Mamam hate those Horrible Slugs too!!
    but never seen the egg thingy!! eeeewwwww!! Great Pciture of you and Mom!!
    Spongy & Licky

  2. Holy crap! Slug caviar!!!!! That is insane!!!!

    DId you tell mom that you licked her ear because you saw a SLUG in it?? (hahahahahaaa)


  3. Winston, when our human was growing up her mom used to put saucers of beer out in the garden to get rid of the slugs. (2 huge gardens on 2+ acres of property at the time.) That seemed to work, but maybe it's just an old wives tale?

    We're glad you got to have fun at the beach, even if your mum can't read the schedule properly. LOL.

  4. How horrible that the slugs not only invaded but left their babies...glad you found them before it was too late! Yep, you'll have to get those guards and plant that one they don't like around the border of the beds. Good luck! I wish we lived close to a beach - you and your mom look like you both were have a great time!

  5. Eeeew slugs

    We love that pic of you and mom, nothing beats those pug teethies

  6. Anonymous10:31

    Slug eggs??? EWWWWWWWW! GROSS!

    Agreed with Spongy and Licky - great photo of you and your Mum!

  7. Your poor plants!!! I hope your momma can beat those slugs!! How dare they invade your garden!! You and your momma look so sweet together!! =)



  8. Winston, buddy.....I know whutcha mean about moms readin' schedules an' maps an' stuff. Hail, if it wasn't fer me navigatin', we woulda NEVER made it tuh St. Looee an' Oklahomer!

    Let us know how that slug guard thingy works out fer ya!

  9. EWWW ... slugs! No one wants them! Love the beach picture! And hopefully you got to eat some of those green beans!

  10. I sure hope your mom can whip those nasty slugs! And even though your mom can't read the tide schedule, it looks like you had a good time! :)


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