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Saturday, August 06, 2011

At the beach with Hazel

Hi everypuggy,

In keeping you up to date on the latest news on our house guest.
I bring you.....
starring me of course.

We piled into the car and headed to my favourite beach.

We stopped for some take out foodables at the popular White Spot.
MMMMMM hamburgers

After a delicious lunch we carried on to the beach

 Right outta the car.... we bump into another pug!
This is Hank on the right, with me. 
I am doing my best high five to get a treat!

 Here I am again on the beach. It was a great afternoon for some chuck-it

And here is Hazel. I made sure we had extra balls so she could play too.

We went in the water and ran on the beach.
Okay I went in the water.
Hazel didn't like the water much.

Here I am crossing to the other side of the beach.

Um... a little helps here please Mum! I can't get across it is too deeps!

And here we are after playing.
Rest time!
 And Mum had to take this picture. I am in the back snoring away but Hazel....
well, she insisted on sleeping around Mum's neck!

Now before I leave you.... I have a short video to show of us at the beach.
I would like to take this opportunity to tells you that this young Hazel is wild!
She has likes 6x more energy than I EVER DID!
I can't keep ups!

For me, I like to think of myself as "laid-back". 

A brief description :
laid-back - adjective informal: relaxed, easygoing, free and easy, casual, nonchalant, unexcitable, imperturbable, unruffled, blasé, cool, equable, even-tempered, low-maintenance, insouciant, calm, unperturbed, unflustered, unflappable, unworried, unconcerned, unbothered; leisurely, unhurried. 

That is right folks... you look that up in the dictionary and my picture is right there!

Now for Hazel these things do not apply.
She is go go go, a real busy body.
Always gotta see what is going down, and gotta be in the know....

And boy can she ever NAG!
Here is proof.......

Don't get me wrong I still likes her, she is a pawsome friend......
Just stop Nagging me girl!

Winston Wilbur


  1. Hey Winston! I think that you and Hazel are so cute playing on the beach. And that picture of Hazel with her leg draped down your mum's shoulder is just hilarious! Glad you are having a wonderful weekend.

  2. Anonymous03:48

    OMP, Hazel - I LOVE YOU!!! Keep nagging, girl, and keep up that energy! When you get to be my age (6), maybe you'll calm down a bit. Love that you do the Pug Parrot thing, too. Sisters!

  3. What a great video-Hazel is adorable

  4. OMP OMP Mom can't stop laughing at sleeping Hazel around your Mom's neck! She is too funny. Crazy young pugs I tell ya. I'm glad we are old fogies Winston. Hazel is kinda super cute with that ball in her mouth though.

    Tuni Woons

  5. Hi Winston! I couldn't see your movie on the iPad, I have to make Mom boot up the pc. But boy o boy, it looks like you had a ball, no pun intended, at the beach. I miss the beach already. I got much more comfortable going in the water this year, and Brigitte actually swam! That old goat. Anyway, Mom is cracking up at that Hazel, draped around your Mums neck like a stole. Hahaha, maybe she is campaining for a winter visit. She will sure keep her warm!

  6. Super cute photos of you and Hazel - we have to agree that she is alot like Ellie. We can't seem to get her to quiet down - she is always yapping about something!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus


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