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Monday, August 30, 2010

My date with Tuni.... & My wish came true!!!!!

Hi Everypuggy! Winston heres. Well here are the pictures from my date with Tuni. Let me start by saying that she is even cuter and hotter in pugson!!!! We hit it offs right away and we both like each others.

Yesterday morning Mum gots me up and packed up my things and we gots in the car. I look a little nervous here. I was so nervous. But everypuggy was right...... there was nothing  to be nervous abouts!

We then drove to grandma's house to get her. She came with us. We drove down to the borders and crossed over in no time at alls. Then we were on our way to the park.

When I gots there, Tuni was already there with Sequoia and her pawrents. I saw Tuni in the play area and my heart skipped double times. I went right in and introduced myself. Here is one of the first pictures of us togethers. Doesn't she look great in her pink outfit. I even gots her a pink rose bouquet to give her!

She then played a tricks on me by pretending to faints at my handsomeness! BOL looks at her!

I was thirsty from the drive so I stopped to gets some water. Tuni showed me her strawberry bowl which was near all the other bowls. We shared a drink from her dish. She has a very nice travel dish.

She noticed my chuck-it ball and checked it outs. She then asked me to show her how I play chuck-its so I asked  Mum to throws it so I could show her.

Here I am running back with my chuck-it ball. You may needs to bigify its to see me betters.

I found another ball like mine and we chatted about the chuck-it technique I use. I let her try my orange ball but she just wanted to examine its, she told me she would rather watch me play.

She gots really concerned abouts my paw. I have had this sore that I have been seeing the vet about. Nothing too serious but Tuni was concerned none the less. She was so sweet.

We then mingled with the other pugs. Tuni had met some of them before so she introduced me.

Then someone brought out the treats, so we all gathered around.

 Hey Anakin..... take a look who it is!!! Who is that on their hind legs!!!!!! Yup that is your girl Sequoia!
She is kind of nice, I can see why you likes her.

Sequoia is such a lap pug! Here she is with my grandma!

Then she cuddled with Mum.

Tuni showed me how she gets belly rubs. What is that Mum?

Mum asked me to pose beside Tuni. Here we are!

We talked and talked. We had lots to talk abouts. Both our Mum's kept flashing those flashy things in our faces so we moved off to a quiet spots to talk some more.

It was about that time that I heard Sequoia's Mum say "Time out Sequoia". I won't say anymores.... She just needed a "time outs" for a few minutes from the pugs she was hanging with.

Sequoia in her time outs - Mum tooks this picture for Anakin cuz Mum thoughts it was cutes (whatever!)

(don't worry Anakin, she didn't gets into big trouble)

A picture of me just hanging by the fence

A nice close ups of Tuni. Cute eh?

Here we are hanging with Tuni's Mum, just before going homes. She was talking to me saying how it was nice to meets and we will see each other agains.

Then my Mum said they had to goes cuz Tuni was getting chilly as the tempurature was getting cooler and it was getting past dinner time.

We said our good-byes. There aren't any pictures of that as it is kinda privates.

This is what Tuni gave to me when I got there

A flossie for the car ride home

And this card.

Looks what she puts on the back of the envelope!

On the way to the border Mum stopped at Walmarts to get me some dog crunchies. I was super hungry from all the excitement and it was a long wait at the border crossing back into Canada.

While we waited at the crossing we watched the sun goes down. Mum gots this picture. We was at the crossing that is surrounded by farms. We could hear the cows mooing.

It was a great days. And guess what...... WISHES DO COME TRUE!
Remember my wish a little while ago?

Well my wish was that when I actually met Tuni in pugson, that we would still really likes each other and hit it of. 

It was great to finally meet yous my sweet. Oh and Mum says how cool it was to meet your pawrents and Sequoia (whatever) too. Mum luved Sequoia just as much as she luved meeting you.

Until our next meeting...


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hello everypuggy

Well I thinks I am ready for tomorrow. Bellingham Pug Play.

Passport - Check

My neck scarf washed - Check

Got my leather collar polished - Check

Biodegradable poop bags - Check

Travel water dish - Check

My home made liver treats - Check

Mum's camera - Check

Chuck-it - Check

All stuff loaded into my backpack - Check
My red ball pouch with extra chuck-it balls - Check

My bed, blanket and pillow for lounging in the car (taxi) ride down there - Check

Bathed and groomed - Check

Car.... I mean... Pug Taxi organized - Check (thanks for driving Mum!)

Yup I think that completes the list...... I am ready.... what is that Mum?

Oh yeah one more little thing....

A little something for Tuni. I can't shows it now....... I don't want her to see the surprise!

One more sleep. Mum says she will takes lots of pictures.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Funny

Hi Everypuggy

Mum and I laughed so hard when we saw this that we just had to share it!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am a jumble of nerves and the walk didn't helps

Hello everypuggy, Winston heres.

If you have checked out Sequoia and Tuni's blog, you probably knows that this Sunday is the big day for us.

If you don't know whats I am talkings about zip on overs to their blog and check it outs.
I am such a bundle of nerves this weeks and all I can think abouts is Tuni. Kizzy says it is becoming too much!!

 I am attending this on Sunday

I can't waits for it. I am super NERVOUS and excited all at the same times.
I guess that I was kinda driving everyone nuts with my going on and on abouts meeting Tuni in pugson that Mum said "oh Winston don't worry it will be like a walk in the park, it will be stress free"

Hmmm I thoughts about this and decided to takes a walk in the park to see how it compares. I went off to Deer Lake a nice park just minutes from my house (I have been going to this park since I was a puppy). Here are pictures from my de-stressing walk.

So here is the view from the start of the trail at the top of the hill. Hmmm, I kind of felt relaxed.... I guess.

Ah looks at the pretty flowers. I would luv to give them to Tuni in a bouquet. Uh Oh thought about Tuni again. My mind is wandering backs to this Sunday.

Yup a nice open meadow to help clear the mind and de-stress

Oh look, bull rushes, oh wow they looks like a straight pug tail, same colour as a pug........ Tuni has a tail like thats. Ummm stress level went ups as I thoughts about Tuni and her tail. Mind wandered back to Sunday again.

A nice walk on the path helps ease the mind of stress and worry

Panoramic shoot, nice and soothing. Hmmmm I thinks Tuni would luv it heres. Uh Oh, I thoughts about Tuni and then I thoughts abouts meeting her for the first times in pugson. Stress and worry level up again.

Ah the sunset. OMD Tuni would probably luv to sit here and watch the sun set with me. Ummm this doesn't seem to be workings I keep stressing and worrying about Sunday. I have to makes a good impression!!! I have to make sure I looks good!!!!

Ok let's try some cardio exercise up the hill it should helps clear the worry thoughts aways.

Um Mum, I hates to say this but your advice did not helps me to clear my mind and relax!!!!! Meeting Tuni is kind of like a walk in the park.... both events make me thinks of her and I am stressed and worried agains. I have so much to prepare for Sunday and I want to be at my best! I hopes she likes me in pugson!

On Saturday I will post all abouts my preparation for the big events! In the meantime I will try not to worry too much and let my nerves gets the best of me. Maybe I will try a walk at the beach..... hmmm it might helps.


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