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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FHC Emergency Meeting

Ok boys settle down,
I am now calling to order the emergency meeting.

First I would likes to welcome two new members...
Sponge Bob and Licko.
They were recommended to the group by their cousins Licky and Spongy.
I will admit guys.....  I was suspicious until they sent a picture of themselves.

Welcome boys.

I have had two suggestions for new club house locations.
I am looking into thems and we will votes on the locations in an upcoming meeting.

I just confirmed the rumour.....
my feline sisters have officially joined the Sunflower Club!


This has me very stressed!
(and I thought watching Canucks Hockey was stressfuls!)

This means we must be cautious.
I can't let them get any of our club secrets.
We all remember Pearl  A.K.A.  Arpel!


Now, I heards that the girls are having a huge party this weekends.

Let's get out the spy gear, dust it offs and start planning!
Oh and boys..... 
watch your backs, they are sneaky, those girls are!

Until our next meeting,
we will now adjourn.

Keep mark'in em!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Green Stubby Report..... Celebrating

Hi Everypuggy!

Well this months we were holding off a number of days so we could do our
Green Stubby Report on the Earth Day Weekend.

(I means... hellos!! makes sense rights?)

Ok so this month's report is all about....

To start withs I would like to do a shout outs to our angel in the sky, Stubby.
Stubby I know you are watching from up theres. I hope you liked how everyone celebrated the Earth this weekend!

This is how we celebrated......

Well to kick off our weekend Mum and me wents on an evening walk around Deer Lake.

Here is a shot of me sitting on the beach.
It was dusk.
• We watch the bats fly around above the water trying to catch bugs.
• We listened to frogs croak.
• We watched the ducks swim past.

Then we sat down on a bench and looked out on the lake.
• We thought about how peaceful it is here.
• How all the insects, birds and animals are connected to this lake.

Then it got darks quick!
Come on Mum time to go homes!
I can hardly see the boardwalk!!

The Next Day was Earth Day.
We celebrated by working in our garden.
Our garden connects us so closely to the Earth.

This year we have created a veggie garden where the herb garden used to be.
(The herbs have been relocated.)

This is our first time at an actual "veggie garden"

This was a number of weeks back
We started the seeds indoors

Looks at them now!
They are ready to go outsides.

Here is the prepped garden bed.
(We have kept the chives, onion and fennel in the this area.)

Kizzy assists with planting and inspecting.
She said Mum dids a good job.

Now to feed them their food.
Did someone say FOOD?
 Mum said "No Winston not food for you, it is special for the plants"

Let me see Mum! I wanna make sures! 
Oh ok....yup not for me!
 (see how dirty Mum got her hands? She says that it makes you feel more connected to the earth when you get your hands in the soil)

I helped Mum plant the food stakes then we watered the veggies.

Here they are...
all planted
 We have carrots, sugar snap peas, alaska snow peas, beans and tomatos.
Cucumber isn't ready for planting yet.
(We planted them a little later.
When they are ready they will go into a container near this garden.)

Now we cross our fingers and hope for the best!

Next on our list...
cleaning the birdbath

Mum scrubbed all the dirt and algea from it and filled it with fresh water.
(yes, that is Kizzy's butt on the far right! She is checking out the path behind the gate!)

We then filled up our bird feeder and hung it ups
Within seconds the chickadees were onto it snacking away!

Just as we were heading in to wash ups Kizzy founds a cool bug hanging outs on a pot.

Kizzy wanted to plays with it but Mum said.... NO WAY!
Mum said that playing with it would annoy it and make it angry.
It will sting Kizzy and that would hurt and cause swelling.

Mum tooks her kneeling pad and the bug walked onto it
then she tooks it out of the yard to the greenbelt.
The bug then flew aways.
Most people would swat and try to kills it.
We don't do that. Everything on earth has it's purpose.

In the house Mum washed her hands.
She then dried them on this towel.
(Tika was helping Mum wash ups)

Here is a closer looks at our kitchen towel...
We gots these from Michele over at It's Tiffy Time.
We all know her as "Stubby's Momma" but now she is momma to Tiffy.

We luv these towels!
(She also gave us a cool bag made from recycled plastic bottles.
Mum uses it everyday!)
This towel reminds us to help our planet.

Today in the garden was only a small amount of work that we need to do.
It is always ongoing work keeping up the garden....
it is one small part we do in helping our planet stay healthy.

We would luv to hear what you did to celebrate our Earth Day.

This concludes this month's Green Stubby Report.

Keeping it green!

Winston Wilbur

Saturday, April 16, 2011

CSI Burnaby

Case Number #0003
Date: 16th April, 2011
Investigating CSI - Agent Smilingpug
Location - The home of two cats and a Pug in Burnaby

Once again Agent Smilingpug has been assigned
to investigate an incident at this Burnaby location.
It was a sunny afternoon when Agent SP arrived on the scene.

Earlier, the residents had stepped out into the backyard for some gardening.
It was then that they discovered the crime.
An odd object lay on the ground near Catnip Garden.

The Mum took these initial photos, upon discovery

Winston was immediately on the scene barking and growling at the unknown object

Kizzy came over to see what the commotion was about as it was in HER catnip garden

Tika was very scared after she saw Kizzy sniff and run off,
but she took a quick look before running back inside

Agent SP arrived in the yard to witness...
2 frightened cats, 1 very growly pug and 1 shocked Mum, over this discovery.

All residents were removed from the area and told to stand on the patio.

Agent SP commenced the investigation by taping off the area with yellow crime scene tape, starting on the patio as to keep the residents from messing up the evidence even further!

 then the immediate area was taped off

Evidence was then collected, photographed and documented

(Please note for the record that Agent SP has

misplaced the number 1 marker)

Figure 2 here shows an orange orb.
Upon inspection it appears to  be a rubbery substance filled with air.
Agent SP immediately concludes this object to be a hellium ballon.

Figure 3 shows holes and dirt plugs in the grass near the object

Measurements are then taken

It appears the ballon is 27" around.
According to investigation;
this ballon was once filled with more air than it was upon discovery.
(This is based on signs of shrinkage of the object.)

Agent SP prepares to bag the ballon.

Unfortunately it is too large for standard issue evidence bags.

Agent SP improvises with this bag.... compliments of the Mum.

Evidence is then tagged and sent to the lab.

Agent SP then sets upon interviewing the residents.

Based on previous experience Agent SP does not waste time
interviewing the 2 cats and pug.

Agent SP has learned that...
Meow, Woof,  Meow is off no help to the investigation.

The Mum is interviewed....
She is contained to the patio and asked to discribe the turn of events
In her words she describes coming out the sliding door and into the yard.
At first look she thought is was a huge orange.
Winston went over first, followed by Kizzy then Tika.
Mum did not get near it as she ran to get her camera.
She took photos then called the Agent.

No, it never occurred to her to keep everyone away from it so not to tamper with the scene.
(Agent SP noted that this was not to smart of her!)

No, the object was not there the day before.

No, she had never seen it before until today.

Yes, she has seen objects like this one before at past birthday party
events, They were attached to string.

No, I don't think Kizzy, Tika or Winston would put it there.
The girls are very frightened of it and will probably have nightmares from it.
Winston is very angry that a foreign object invaded his yard.

The Mum then pointed out to Agent SP that....
Kizzy, Tika and Winston are not capable of filling this object with air and placing it there as they are not primates and do not posses opposable thumbs, thus making it impossible for them to hold object to fill and tie it!

(Agent SP referenced dictionary for this "opposable" word, definition is as follows....
(of the thumb of a primate) capable of moving toward and touching the other digits on the same hand.)

 Agent SP notes that this ballon had nothing attached to it in the form of "string"
Figure 2 demonstrates this

Agent SP takes photos of the empty garden
(according to the Mum this area is being prepped for a veggie garden)

There is no evidence of any paw or foot prints.

Agent SP jokingly questions if this ballon "fell from the sky" as there is no trace of any
finger, paw, or foot prints, no sign of fur or hair either!

back at the Lab, testing of the ballon came to a grinding halt
when the scientist's experienced a
 After the initial shock of the POP,  scientist's were left with this....
which in turn made testing inconclusive.

Holes in the grass in figure 3
play no role in the how the object got there.
(Holes were made by an aerator which is done every spring in order to keep grass healthy.)
After much investigation Agent Smilingpug has no conclusion as to how this ballon arrived to be in the Catnip Garden.
What it's purpose was and where it came from. 

Agent Smilingpug has boxed and shelved the evidence
This case has been declared part of the....

Friday, April 15, 2011

General Annual Meeting of FHC

Welcome to the Annual Meeting
of the FHC for boys

Hello's boys. 
It is Winston your chairpug heres.

It has been a while since we gots together at the clubhouse.

Tonights meeting agenda is as follows.....
New Members
Let's all give a warms welcome to our 2 newest members.....
Peyton and Webster from
A day in the life of pugs
we are very excited to have them as members.
There Momma was quoted as sayings....
 "they pee on every fire hydrant we pass during walks!"

Let's talk "Retreat"
As our last year retreat at Pug Lake was such a big hit, I am starting to plan our summer 2011 retreat which will takes place in August.

Anyone withs suggestions as to where we should meets for campings and fishings and other boy stuffs let me knows. We will try to accomodates all members in regards to activities.
I need all suggestions to me no later thans the last week of June.

New Clubhouse Location
I think it is times to look at moving the clubhouse.
The Sunflower Sisters have discovered our location and have bugged it twice nows.
We needs a more remote locations.

I thinks sometings along the lines of this is a good locations....

Anyones knows a good location please mention it to me and we can takes a looks at its.

Sunflower Sisters 
 Speaking of the girls club.....
if anyone knows anytings about stuffs they have got planned
let's discuss it sooner than later!
It is times to gets our spy gear outs!

Our member, Sluggo, has connections....
Sluggo... the FHC really appreciates any info yous can gets us,
as you have connections with their leader.

Opening for Assistant/Secretary
Oh one more tings... I am looking for an assistant/secretary.
Any member interested in the position please submit an applications to me.

Well that about wraps ups this meeting tonights.
Until our next meetings.....

Keep marking em fellows!

Good night everyones.

 Winston Wilbur

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