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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FHC Emergency Meeting

Ok boys settle down,
I am now calling to order the emergency meeting.

First I would likes to welcome two new members...
Sponge Bob and Licko.
They were recommended to the group by their cousins Licky and Spongy.
I will admit guys.....  I was suspicious until they sent a picture of themselves.

Welcome boys.

I have had two suggestions for new club house locations.
I am looking into thems and we will votes on the locations in an upcoming meeting.

I just confirmed the rumour.....
my feline sisters have officially joined the Sunflower Club!


This has me very stressed!
(and I thought watching Canucks Hockey was stressfuls!)

This means we must be cautious.
I can't let them get any of our club secrets.
We all remember Pearl  A.K.A.  Arpel!


Now, I heards that the girls are having a huge party this weekends.

Let's get out the spy gear, dust it offs and start planning!
Oh and boys..... 
watch your backs, they are sneaky, those girls are!

Until our next meeting,
we will now adjourn.

Keep mark'in em!


  1. Hello most fearless leader,
    This here is Sluggo. First, welcome Sponge Bob and Licko. It's great to have additional members as these Sunflower Girls are growing in leaps and bounds! I know all about those feline sisters of your joining the group. Wilma nd Brigitte were running around all excited last night crowing about it. Winston, you better keep an eye on those girls, trust me, they will be up to no good before you know it.
    Winston, it is no coincidence that the girls will have a ferris wheel AND hot air baloon rides at their party. See their Sunflower lookouts have not grown tall enough yet to spy on us.
    I am continuing to closely monitor these sneaks, and will update with any secrets I learn!

  2. Winston!!!! I have come up with an ingenious plan! I can't believe it took me this long. The girls are sunflowers, I am a bee. Hence, I can buzz all around the party eaves dropping on the girls and reporting back to the fire hydrant crew! What do you think?

  3. Winston- It's me's here dude!

    Me is super sorrys me late... me has been temporarily detained by a Josie, an IzZY and a TriXie - me nerves!

    Butt me is here and me's got some info--

    Activate - spy filter-
    the sunflowers are infiltrating upon us's and we must put up stronger force field shields- we must look alive-maintain our wits- (dose Sponge Bob and Licko characters look a little suspicious's - we keep our eyeballs on 'dems)

    Now, as for yous feline sissy's- dey are snooping- just like me sissy's- give 'dem no informations-
    check 'dem at 'da door when 'dey come home for any sorts of bugging devices or spy ware-
    me's be back-
    de-acivate spy filter----

    Anakin Man

  4. Hola Winston Hombres Machos!!
    We are so glad you let us be part of your Club!
    Ready for the Meeting!
    see you later Dudes!!
    SpongeBob and Licko

  5. psst - winston- it's me's again- <<<>>

    'dere is funny business going on at 'da sunflower club tonite!! 'da sunshine sisters are masked and lurking about- 'dey are plotting tings- guard 'da icee creams and set up more cameras in area 2.
    over and out! >><< spy << filter>< shield down::

  6. hi winston!
    can i be in the FHC too?
    Archie Poo Pants


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