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Monday, June 07, 2010

A club for us Boys

Hello everypuggy!

There is this new club called the Sunflower Club. It was started by Wilma.

My Tuni is a member and because she is in it, naturally I wanted to join. Mum, however, says I can't join the Sunflower Club because it is for girls only. Mum says that girls need their special club away from boys so they can discuss girl stuffs.

Soooo, on my walk the other day, I gots to thinkings. I was so deep in thoughts that I did not even notice Mum taking my picture!

This picture was taken at the very moment I cames up with a great ideas. 

I thinks us Boys need a club. I mean, we need to discuss boy things just like the girls do!

I decided to form The Fire Hydrant Club.

Take a copy of the club logo and place it proudly in the side bar of your blog.
 Welcome to the Boys Club.

Winston xoxo


  1. Oh boy's Winstons!! Count me in's!! I am 100%
    In Your Fire hydrant clubs!!
    Oh's YEAH BABY!!
    Anakin Man

  2. yay! winston!
    you are a puggy genius!
    i am so happy to be in the club!

  3. Winston, that is a great idea!!! you boys do need a place to get away from it all!!! Hope you have as much fun as the Sunflower Girls!!



  4. Winston,
    Sluggo here:
    Wow, you are great!! I love it. Our own club. We'll show those sisters of mine. They aren't the only ones who could have their own club. Count me in!!!
    Your pal, Sluggo

  5. Marty would be happier being part of the "boys" club...although some days he does have identity issues!

  6. Hi Winston! You are a genius! Those girls think they are so smart with their Sunflower Club. We'll show them! We will do all kinds of cool things and maybe even have a club house. We rock!

    Stubby xoxo

  7. Winston,

    You a great puggy for making a boys club, you guys need your space too! I likes you logo...very smarts!


  8. Wellll alllright! It's about time Winston!

    Snorts and Farts,

  9. Winston
    That is a TERRIFIC idea for you boys.
    Who's will be the guards to keep the girls away in case we try to get your secrets?

  10. Winston, what a great idea!! Count us in :)

  11. Hey Winstons...can I be in da club? My sis Natty is a Sunflower Sissy (hee!) but I'm a tough guy. I can be security and turn dose gurls out on dere curly tails if dey tries to come in! I haves to guard my stuff from Natty all da time anyways. What do you think?

    Your bud, Klausie

  12. What a great idea, Winston! Usually I prefer trees or bushes, but I'm not opposed to a hydrant!


  13. Oh! We want to join. Sluggos's sister Wilma told us about it. Wish us luck in adding the logo. Murphy used to have another blog but we're new at blogspot.
    Murphy and the Duke of Whirl


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