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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fire Hydrant Club for Boys - Members Meeting

Hi everypuggy,

I call to order the 2nd official meetings of the boys clubs. Please everyone takes a seat.

I want to starts off by saying "welcomes" to our newest members of the group, Murphy and Duke.
Welcome boys.

Now today I want to talks about "best pals". Being a boy we all now how nice it is to have that male companion to hang out withs. You know the friend, the one that offers advice on girls, plays rough with you, joins you for walks and is generally just there for yous.

I am sure you all have one of those "best pals" in your life. I will talk today about my best pal, Dickens.

We do so much togethers. We are almost the same age only one month apart. Both our pawrents are pug fanatics. He comes over for sleep overs, we go for long walks, swimming and just to hang out and watch peoples at starbucks.

I have taught Dickens that skateboards are thing to bark and chase. He has taught me that squirrel chasing is great fun. Here are some pics of my pal.

We met at a pug meet up about 1 1/2 years ago and have been pals ever since.

So I ask you all this fellow members....... Who is your bestest pal? How long have you been pals?

Meeting is now adjourned. Until our next gathering........

 Oh and let's try to keep the girls out from spying on us! Security we need you to keeps yours eyes open. If anyone is looking to help out with volunteer security at our meetings, let me knows. We have to watch them girls they are very sneaky!!


  1. Hello's Fellow Fire Hydrant Fellows!!

    Okays.. so me best friend is someone 'dat no one would expects!! Butts me can't helps it's!! This puggie is truly me best friend!! True tic and tins.. true in and outs and twist and shouts..
    Hu Hu's!!
    Okay.. Who it be's....
    Izzy... Sorry.. Guys..I's know..I's sound likes a big dopes or a wimp..butt it's true. My big sister is me best friend in 'da whole wide worlds!!
    Even toes she's a SunFlower Sista.. And a girl..She is a bruiser and one tuff cookie!!

    Your Pal,
    Anakin Man

  2. Hi Winston!

    It's Daisy. I am not sure if a comment posted by
    a lady pug is allowed on this boys club meeting,
    but I wanted to say hello. I also wanted to tell
    you, that I think you and Dickens are two sexy
    man pugs.

    -Daisy and Dana

  3. * peeks in and eavesdrops *


  4. Hello to our fellow Fire Hydrant Club members.

    We used to have two best friends that lived across the street from us until they moved to another state :( They were two doxie boys named Barkley and Bruiser. We were the best of friends and loved to play with them.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  5. *hiding in the corner listening* =)

  6. Hi Winston,
    This is a tough one. I could say my best bud was Murphy, the man of the week over at Wil's blog. And I di love him like a bro,cuz he is a brother to me. A big brother. So I'm gonna have to say that Murphy is my role model, I look up to him and copy everything he does. I know he is always there for me. However, I do have a very special relationship with my pal Oscar. We are real tight. We always have fun together.(and not necessarily in a gay way like Wilma tried to tell everyone)
    So I guess Murphy is my best pug bro and Oscar is my best non-pug pal.

    What? hold on, NO Wilma, you can not butt in on our meeting! It's for boy's only! Pearl is already snoopin around. And I know that Dana and Daisy are trying to act all innocent and schmooze up Winston with compliments. Well you can't fool me. I don't go sneakin' around in your Sunflower business, and I so could if I wanted to. So back off!!

    Oh my gosh Winston, I can't believe I did that! I am really gonna pay for that one. I never stood up to Wilma like that before.But, you know what? it worked. Hmm.

  7. hi winston!
    oh it is so fun to see you and dickens together!
    i am a blessed puggy that i have so many friends, most that i have never met in pug person!
    blogging is such a gift to get to spend time with all of you!
    my good pal bogart is my pug friend that vists me and that i can touch with my nose.
    we missed you while my momma was away lat week. thank you for coming to say hi!
    you always make my day!

  8. tee hee hee
    i think someone is stealing the fire hydrant!
    By the way-I think you and your best friend are adorable.
    So no girl huh?


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